#CMNM: Greedy Nephew Stuffs Uncle’s Balls in his Mouth

While Dino is living his worst nightmare at the hands of Dave and Adrian, young Paolo finally feels he’s free of his oppressive uncle. Now, his horny perversions are being nurtured by a pair of world class sickos, and his fascination with his sexy older uncle can be fully explored.

Dino is still trying to figure a way out of the mess he’s in. Adrian and Dave have blackmail material that could ruin in, so he’s got to play along for a while. They’ve got him naked and they’re stroking his cock. A man of his age should be able to fight the sensation, but his body betrays him and his cock grows thick and stiff. Even when Paolo is instructed to start stroking his shaft, his erection remains growing, despite his anger and disgust.

Adrian and Dave know exactly what to do with this moment of family betrayal. A nephew so eager to debase his uncle and an uncle so reviled at the sexual touch of the younger relative…young Paolo must become the receptacle for his uncle’s genitals!

Paolo is instructed to lie on the floor. Dino is ordered to squat over his face. The older man grunts but can’t resist. His pendulous balls are lowered onto Paolo’s chin and the young pervert eagerly sucks both plums into his mouth at once. Dino’s hard cock rests on his nephew’s face; he can’t look at it, but his shame is like a pain. Paolo doesn’t care. He’s in heaven, being ordered what to do and gaining favour with his sexy new bosses. Dino can’t ever come back form this, but his ordeal with Adrian and Dave is far from over. Will Paolo taste his cum, or will he taste Paolo’s time will tell. Click here to watch this incredibly taboo uncle/nephew ball-sucking scene at CMNM.

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Big-Cock Slave Leo Forced to Spill His Load

Lucky Leo finally gets shown some love and tenderness in this new video from BreederFuckers. He’s terrified, he screams every time Dave or Adrian casts a shadow across him, let alone touches him. His tormentors are going to finally show some kindness and allow him to relieve some of that pent up sexual tension he’s been experiencing.

But it’s going to be a love-fest with a BreederFuckers spin on it obviously. Dave starts by trying to roughly finger Leo’s hole, but the straight slave boy wriggles around so much, Dave can’t get his digit in. So Leo earns himself some punishment, and Dave starts slapping his ass like a pair of bongos. The spanking drives Leo into a frenzy — he screams like a girl, but his wails only make Dave more determined to punish him.

Dave shows off his old timey wooden paddle and Leo wants no part of it. Too bad! Dave starts paddling Leo’s sore, purple bottom and again Leo wails like he’s been shot. The love taps continue, and Leo’s dramatics escalate until Dave sets down the paddle in disgust and resumes his forceful finger-fucking of Leo’s hole.

Leo never stops whimpering, and Adrian arrives soon enough to add to the straight boy’s torment. He picks up the paddle and threatens Leo with a mighty two handed wallop like a cricket batsman might deliver, and Leo dissolves into hysterics. Adrian teases him with tender bum taps with the paddle and Leo screams, always expecting the worst, yet it never comes.

Instead of a terrible corporal punishment session, Dave ends up on his knees with Leo’s cock in his mouth, getting the lad firmer and thicker with each suck. Was Leo finally responding to some conditioning. While Leo’s big dick gets harder, Adrian gets his fingers into Leo’s hole to loosen him up for a hard, uncut cock. While Dave expertly sucks off Leo, Adrian rams his thick cock into Leo’s hole and fucks him deeply. Dave pushes Leo to the point of climax and he unleashes a tremendous amount of cum just before Adrian pulls out and coats his throbbing red ass with his cum. Click here to watch slave boy Leo gratefully cumming after a hard Breeder Fuckers punishment.

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College boy turned out: Kristjan gets punished

Adrian has 18 year old college lad Kristjan in his clutches and after wearing him out in the dungeon for a while, he decides he is going to maximize the lad’s humiliation and start pimpimg him out as a rentboy for any pervy slobs that wish to get a taste of his freshman ass. After forcing Kristjan to make a video for a hookup site, Adrian puts out flyers of him all over local cruising spots, and before long, they get a reply from a local preacher. The slobbering holy man fondles Kristjan’s soft cock while Adrian flogs his backside and probes his hole with a massive dildo. Kristjan endures the gag training and the painful rope bondage but nearly breaks into tears and hysterics when Adrian whips the soles of his feet. Penitence for his sins, intones the priest as he catches Kristjan’s spunk in his hands after Adrian milks the 18 year old lad. Click here to see Kristjan’s full archive of painful, perverted prostitution videos.


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Weekly Roundup 8/16: Italian Uncle Debased by his own Nephew

Welcome to this week’s gay fetish porn roundup, featuring outstanding new kink, humiliation and voyeurism. Adrian and Dave have a handsome older man in their clutches at CMNM, and they humiliate him by having his own nephew touch and suck his turgid cock. Boy Creeper is an intense new stalker fantasy site and this scene features clueless bro Derek getting roughed up and choking on a masked intruder’s throbbing python cock. Finally, the Casting Room has a fresh new stud about to be treated like a real slut when he makes his porn audition tape. So many transgressions, so much violation and domination this week.

CMNM.net — Adrian and Dave enlist their new young player Paolo to humiliate and debase their latest creeper target. Dino Gentilé is rich and powerful, but the lechers have blackmail material hanging over him, and they force him to strip and from there it’s easy to coax a hard on out of the Italian stud. They encourage his nephew Paolo to join in, and before long, Paolo is eagerly sucking Uncle Dino’s balls as the old man is ordered to teabag the young dupe. Totally hot!
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Boy Creeper — Sexy soccer boy Derek Reed is practicing in his backyard, unbeknownst to him, his buff gardener is checking him out the whole time. Later, when Derek’s cooling off in his house he gets a lewd call from some creep. Derek challenges the guy to get inside his house and offers to fuck him if he does. Wrong move slut! Creeper, his gardener in a dark mask, suddenly appears and ties him up. First he teases and sexually tortures the little boytoy for a while then he goes after his tight ass. He hammers Derek’s hole like a machine then gives a gooey facial.
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The Casting Room — It’s clear how new Lukas is to this process because he keeps looking at the camera because he’s so self-conscious about how he looks on video. It’s a shame he shaved his pubes but a hot attribute Lukas has is his sexy thick eyebrows. And thankfully he doesn’t shave those furry cheeks. He’s got that goofy jock look which is so appealing especially as he’s clumsily posing his manly body to try to impress us!
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Bad Lads — Scruffy street trash Damien has a cute look to him and a very plush, thick bum. What did he think when he traded his ass for cash? The spanking is more intense than he expected, but the hot older man groping his ass, fingering his hole and teasing his cock during the punishment made him eager for more discipline.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Blake is the shitheel on the football club…the one guy nobody likes, but he’s too good on the pitch to tell him to fuck off. He’s used to getting away with murder, and he’s had a reputation as a bully of younger players for years. Last week, he filmed himself spanking Bobby’s bare ass and he’s threatening to show the other players if Bobby doesn’t cough up some cash to buy him lunch. Bobby’s broke and Blake is furious. He pulls out his belt and decides that Bobby deserves further punishment for not anticipating his master’s need more accurately.
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CFNMtv — The schoolboys are all terrified of the fearsome new teacher. She seems too stern and bossy that they dare not speak up. As a result they are all stuck in the very uncomfortable position of having to allow the girls to explore their youthful bodies. Now stripped totally naked, they stand their dumbly, hoping that the girls will go easy on them. But the girls aren’t going to pass up an opportunity to examine their subjects in the most intimate way possible. Featuring Straight Hell fave Billy Rubens in classic fetish action.
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CFNM –- Cecil has always been intimidated and picked on by Guy. To see him being humbled and made to submit while fully naked is mind blowing! He can’t stop gawking at the fact Guy’s ass was broken into by assertive Miss Farrow while he stared directly into his eyes. And now he’s pinned to the table with his willy on show why the women shamelessly grope his body!
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Sneaky Peek — Another hidden dorm room camera. This guy is the weirdo everyone avoids, but they suspect him of stealing toiletries in the shared bathroom. His roommates set up a hidden camera to catch his thefts, but instead they catch him with a porno mag wanking his cock. To their surprise, the reject has a massive cock, and he shoots a massive load of spunk on his magazine. Good thing his mates decided to share it with the world!
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#CMNM: Beefy Stud Swallows His Pride To Get His Job

Richard came into his job interview with a debt collection agency acting like a total hard man. But after 15 minutes with the boss, he’s bending over like a bitch and repeating “Whatever it takes” to every filthy and sexually degrading situation suggested by his new boss.

Bent over and naked, Dave asks, what if someone wants to play with your ass? Would you let them to collect a debt? Richard winces and answers yes. What if they wanted to wank your cock and watch you shoot your cum? Would you let them to collect a debt? Again, Richard swallows his pride and answers yes.

Dave is clearly enjoying this job interview. He has Richard naked and bent over, he’s cupping his balls while he sniffs his hairy asscrack. He then has Richard stand up straight and he gets uncomfortably close to his face. He wanks Richard’s uncut cock and stares him in the eye. Richard can’t bare the embarrassment of the situation and has to look at the floor.

Dave keeps up the humiliating questions. Would you sit on someone’s face? Would you let someone stick toys in your ass? Richard’s pain is obvious, and even though he’s clearly feeling the enormous indignity of the situation, he keeps answering yes. Finally Dave relents and walks back to his desk. He’s got a hard case, an overdue debt that he’s bestowing on his newest officer. Richard takes the order with apprehension…what the hell has he gotten himself into? Click here to watch the hairy muscle man fight through his squeamishness while he’s horribly humiliated at CMNM.

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Leo Bunny Screams For Mercy Like a Feeble Cunt

Cab driver Leo is at the tender mercies of cruel sadist Dave in this update from BreederFuckers, but it doesn’t seem like the slave-boy will be shown any mercy any time soon. Dave loves to taunt these straight boys that get ambushed and dragged into the dungeon; he messes with their heterosexual pride and masculine insecurities by groping them, kissing them, rubbing their tender little nipples. Its a hell of a turn on for Dave, and it makes these lads feel disturbed as hell!

After giving Leo his awkward groping examination, Dave moves onto the pain — Leo gets a long serving of painful lashes from Dave’s special leather flogger and he screams and tries to twist away from the whip to no avail. Dave is zeroed in and he pummels Leo’s ass with a series of hard lashes that turn Leo’s back and ass crimson. Leo’s cries are shrill and piercing, and Dave finally gives him a break from the pain, because now the torture is about to get much more penetrating.

Now that Leo’s ass is red and throbbing and hot to the touch, Dave pulls his ass cheeks apart and shoves his middle finger up Leo’s tight asshole. he’s still not used to taking up the ass, and he tries to clench his bum and prevent the attack, but Dave can’t be stopped. He rams his finger deep into Leo’s hole, up to the knuckle and thrusts hard and deep enough to make the tattooed bitch boy cry.

Finally, it’s time for Dave to punish that big cock of Leo’s. Roping it firmly around the base, Dave hands a 15 lb bowling ball off Leo’s dick and lets it swing like a pendulum. Leo is in so much agony he’s almost falling over. Dave orders him to straighten up and increases the pain factor by pinching his nipples and cock with cruel little clothespins. After all of the painful devices are applied, Dave goes back to Leo’s ass and rams a dildo deep inside, splitting Leo wider than he could have ever imagined. Leo is begging for mercy, but his screams of pain are like sweet music to a sadist like Dave. Click here to watch sexy slave Leo whipped, fucked and tortured for Dave’s pleasure at BreederFuckers.com

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Exclusive Preview: Liam Gets a Super Filthy Piss Enema!

How has everyone been over the past 24 hours? Feel like you’ve taken a beating? Or perhaps you feel like a triumphant superman ready to crush a weakling under your bootheel? As always, BreederFuckers is ready with some truly raunchy and fucked up catharsis. You might remember Liam from two weeks ago, when he was ambushed by Dave and Adrian and assfucked in the back of his delivery van. Now, the sadists have driven Liam to their lair and propped his naked ass way up in the air so it’s a nice, big, brown defenceless target. In goes the funnel into his sphincter, and out come Dave and Adrian’s cocks, streaming their hot, disgusting piss deep into Liam’s violated hole.

Liam moans in stressful agony as his asshole is filled with his attackers’ piss. When they’ve filled him up, they plug his hole with a big buttplug and strap an electroshock collar around his balls and order him to sucking cock. Liam struggles to suck Dave’s throbbing member, and every time he’s less than perfectly enthusiastic, Adrian shoots a bolt of electricity through his genitals. Finally, Dave stops trying to choke Liam with his dick and just shoots his horrible jizz all over Liam’s face. They lay him on his back and remove the buttplug. All of the piss shoots out like a jet, and filthy pervert Adrian is ready to start fucking Liam’s wet hole. Liam cries out in pain and shame as Adrian fucks him like a piston. It’s such brutally dominant gay sex! Click here to watch the full Video of Liam getting filled with piss and covered in cum at BreederFuckers!


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