#Classic — Reluctant Darren Wanked and Forced to Eat Cum

Darren has always been a favourite among the classic lads on this site — he has that “real boy” look and natural physique. He looks like the guy next to you on the bus or next to you at a urinal. Sweet and unassuming, and utterly fun to treat as a sexual plaything. In this scene, he is at the mercy of Stan and Terry, and he is bound to a chair, exhausted after being forced through a grueling physical workout. The sneering tops grope and fondle his naked body. The seat’s been cut out of the chair, allowing Terry to slip his finger deep into Darren’s warm, hairy sphincter. Meanwhile, Stan is having lots of fun forcing creepy kisses on Darren, snogging his pursed lips and licking his face. Darren lashes out and calls Stan and Terry a pair of Dirty Queers, and that’s when they start playing rough. They tell Darren they’re going to make him cum, and Darren says he’ll never cum for them. Terry starts zapping the young slave’s soft cock with a cattle prod, and Stan wanks his flaccid shaft. Defying the impossible, they get his penis semi-erect and then push him over the edge, stroking a thick, white stream of ejaculate, right into Terry’s hand. Darren is mortified and hangs his head in embarrassment. Tears are streaming down Darren’s face as Terry forces him to lick all of the cum off his hairy hand. Darren has no choice but to clean off the cum with his tongue. He’s been thoroughly degraded and broken down! Click here to revisit this classic forced arousal humiliation scene from Darren, plus his entire series where he’s passed around like a dirty party favour at BreederFuckers.com.

Classic Straighthell Darren scene 3

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When Mo was a Slave, he drank piss like a fish

I’ve been meaning to put up this update for a few weeks after a commenter reminded me of Mo’s early days as a grovelling slave on Straight Hell. What was so memorable about this scene however, is that it marked the appearance of two johns in Guy Fawkes masks who were treated to the pleasures of Mo’s soft, warm mouth. Who are the anonymous pervs who rented Mo’s mouth for a couple of hours and did their best to drown him in piss? Constable Reuben decides to pimp out his pathetic little sex slave Mo at a neighbourhood dive and a couple of eager but publicity-conscious customers line up to humiliate the naked young jock who’s crawling around on a leash. Mo grovels at their feet and begs to pleasure their cocks. He sucks off the three of them before being ordered to sit up and beg like a dog, and he’s rewarded for his good behaviour with a massive deluge of piss. Quick bonus: check out the uncut cock of one of the masked men…when was the last time you saw a foreskin that long? Mo thanks his masters by greedily licking out their assholes and taking three massive shots of cum in the face. This exceptional dog training fetish video from Straight Hell is still available for viewing at the new BreederFuckers.com. Click here to watch this piss-soaked Straight Hell classic video!


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Weekly Roundup: Will Returns and He’s Got a Mean Streak!

This week in the Roundup, there’s a cornucopia worthy of the Thanksgiving weekend to satisfy every deviant desire! Highlighting the offering are Masters Will and Ross, dressed proudly in their football uniforms and whipping and dominating a worthless slug in the lockerroom; BreederFucker bottom Yuris gets a gentler but creepier exposure to domination and humiliation at CMNM, and newcomer Dale shows off a pair of plums that would be welcome at any holiday dinner I’d like to attend at the Casting Room! Such abundance and deviance!

Brutal Tops — It looks like extended stints as BreederFuckers Bottom boys have turned Ross and Will into bitter bullies. This week at BrutalTops, Will and Ross double team a weak, pathetic sub and give him a dose of cruel and degrading punishment. Lots of hard whipping is in order, as well as a lot of forced rimming. Excellent update if you are missing Will, or if you are a fan of lads in sports kit, as Ross and Will are performing their deviant ritual in cleats and tall football socks. You can practically smell the sweat and grime on these hateful, heartless young intimidators.
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CMNM.net — Yuris is Everywhere! If you can’t get enough of this scruffy, beefy Russian, he’s starting a stint on CMNM with Dave this week. Watch his get stripped, groped and fondled by a pair of leering and jeering office bullies. After what he’s been through at the BreederFuckers Dungeon, it must feel like a pleasant walk on a summer’s day.
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The Casting Room — Dale is the new lad in the Casting Room this week. He’s 28, and despite his slender frame, his muscles are plenty taut thanks to years of martial arts training. He’s got a nice, fat sausage of a cock, but his balls are the sparking feature on this lad! If you like low hangers, Dale’s balls nearly cover his asshole when he’s laid back with his legs in the air! What a specimen!
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CFNM — Ms Gloria has Cocky Class Clown Robert in the office for a medical exam, and he’s mortified when the stern teacher critiques his thick teen cock. It’s been his source of pride for years, but Ms. Gloria’s withering stare deflates Robert’s ego, and even more embarrassingly, causes him to get an erection like a silly little boy!
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CFNMtv — Big dumb David the handyman has fallen into Siobhan’s trap: she’s got the beefy muscleman roped up and while she whips him with a riding crop, her friend takes selfies with the embarrassed and deflated chauvinist.
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of English gymnast Louis Smith showing off his pert ass cheeks and bulge.
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Eric Deman — EricDeman has a hot new home movie of someone filming his buddy naked in the shower. The sexy young guy takes his time washing his cock and under his foreskin. He shows off simulating wanking and laughing.
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Sneaky Peek — At SneakyPeek.net, I was very happy when these amazing looking footballers entered the shower room. They don’t realise that I’m watching and filming them through a hole in the wall and showing me a great view of their asses and dicks.
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Bound Beast Yuris Gets His Hole Rammed and Chokes on Cock

Dave and Derek (aka Daniel Johnson) are back to take another stab at suffering Russian Hulk Yuris. He’s been roped in a toilet and buttfucked with a fucksaw, but he still has plenty of fight left in him. The scene opens and he’s roped in a hard stress position. His wrists are roped together and tied off to a hook in the ceiling. His cock and balls are roped to his toes, forcing him to bend over and bend his knees to keep his genitals from getting yanked off. This is a position that demands a lot of physical endurance from a bondage slave and takes a painful toll on the body. Dave is the first to have a go at helpless Yuris. He gropes and spanks the beefy Russian, biting his nipples and fingering his tight asshole. Derek joins in and pulls out his thick cock, forcing Yuris coat it with his drool as it runs off his ball gag. Once properly lubed up, Derek rams his stiff cock into Yuris’ hole and fucks him hard, pulling on his hair and jeering him. After fucking that big, beefy ass, Daniel wants to fuck Yuris’ scruffy face, so he pulls out and pulls Yuris’ gob over his throbbing prick and continues to fuck his face while Dave fills Yuris’ empty rear hole.

Dave and Derek pound Yuris from both ends, and Derek looks particularly spectacular thrusting his exceptional prick into Yuris’ mouth. He’s ready to bust his nut and he jerks his load into the Russian’s ear! Dave is not far behind, and he’s clearly enjoying himself: After an epic O-Face, he shoots his rotten load deep in Yuris’ hairy asscrack. The fucking might be done for now, but Yuris’ punishment time is far from over.

ANALYSIS: Yuris is turning out to be quite a fighter! Like his last update two weeks ago, I was a little skeptical when it appeared he was going to be spending the entire scene in one position, but this one turned out to be quite a doozy. Lots of verbal taunting from Dave, lots of shameful groping of helpless Yuris. Daniel Johnson is very good in this scene as well, showing off his thick 9 inch cock and forcing Yuris to lube it with spit is very hot and sexy. And the way he fucks the Russian from behind, pulling his hair and really exacerbating stress of his restraints, is great to watch. Can I also add, that whatever jeans Daniel is wearing in this shoot are sexy as fucking hell, and watching him fuck with his hard-on sticking out of those jeans is enough to finish me off. The climax of the scene, featuring Dave plowing Yuris from behind and Daniel Johnson choking the poor prick with his massive boner was something I will be rewinding a lot for the next several weeks. Click here to watch Daniel Johnson face-fucking his helpless straight bondage slave at BreederFuckers!


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Bitch Boy Artur gets his tight hole fingered

Artur makes a fine return to Breederfuckers this week, roped up an helpless, and so inviting to Adrian and Dave. His slim, muscular build is a perfect toy for the abusive tops to manipulate and defile. Adrian ties the slave’s arms behind his back and forces Artur to his knees, groping his cock and jamming his meaty fingers into the helpless man’s tight asshole. Artur writhes in vain and Adrian retaliates by fucking him with a dildo. Dave joins in the fun, roping Artur’s balls so hard they look like a balloon about to burst, and then hanging a heavy weight from the rope to exert painful force on Artur’s genitals. It’s classic CBT that drives these men to depths of depravity. Adrian gropes Artur’s body and grabs a fistful of his tender nipple flesh and yanks upward, basically jerking Artur to a standing position by his own tit. Can you imagine how painful and exhilarating that would be? Click here to finish watching the full video of asshole violation and sadistic CBT at BreederFuckers.com


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