Devilish Dave Tricks Aiden and Chokes him Like a Rag Doll

What a treat that finally showed up BreederFuckers today! After a few months away, willowy and pale Aiden is back in the dungeon, although he thinks he’s going to be filming a much tamer scene for CMNM. He keeps coming back to Dave and Adrian because he’s terrible with his money, but submitting to the sexual torture takes a toll on him. He’s vowed never to film another BreederFuckers scene again, but Dave craves his smooth flesh and his skinny body; he imagines twisting Aiden and crumpling him like a dirty rag. So he plays nice, tells him Adrian is on his way to film their CMNM scene, all the while getting him roped and ready to be cruelly tormented. When Aiden finally clues into what’s happening to him, his arms are roped above his head and Dave is groping his crotch and twisting his nipples.

In my opinion, the best BreederFuckers scenes are heavy with lots of dialogue — and Dave is at his best taunting Aiden, but Aiden is shit talking Dave and making threats of his own. As the scene goes on, he’s begging for Dave to stop fucking him with a giant dildo, and promising to suck Dave’s cock. We get a lot of really hard punishment and BDSM in this scene: belt whipping, gut punching, choking, foreskin torture. Dave stuffs Aiden’s hole with the dildo and rams it deep, the pain on Aiden’s face is unmistakably real, as are the tears running down his face. Dave rams his throbbing cock down Aiden’s throat and the straight lad gags and pools of drool fall from his lips onto Dave’s swollen erection. Quite a jolt of life to BreederFuckers this week, and not a minute too late! Click here to watch Aiden’s excruciating torture and grueling deepthroat training at BreederFuckers.


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A Star is Born: Mo is roped and punished

So waaay back in 2008, Adrian and Stan spotted Mo (Maurice) acting like the cock of the walk, preening around like God’s Gift, and not being the sort that suffer fools, they made it their mission to reduce him to a blubbering puddle. After overhearing him lament his poor cash flow, the devious pair offer him a tryout as a stuntman which he eagerly accepts. He voluntarily enters their favourite bondage chamber and gives Adrian and Stan a demonstration of his gymnastic maneuvers. They feign awe and ask him if he can escape rope binding, as it’s a requirement for the job. He brags “No Problem” and Adrian gets him trussed like a rabbit, and Mo has voluntarily walked into the trap. Adrian cuts off his shirt and it dawns him what kind of predicament he’s in. While Stan gropes his cock, Adrian starts flogging Mo’s ass, forcing him to do a little dance. Adrian has an aching hard-on and he orders Mo to start groping his erect prick while Adrian massages and twists his nipples. Mo screams for help, but it’s useless, no one ever gets between Adrian and his fresh meat. Click here to relive Mo’s entire brutal bondage initiation at the StraightHell archive.


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#classic: Chav Kevin Ambushed and Violated at Straight Hell!

Another gem from way back in the day, 2007 to be exact. Colin and Terry were stalking their lean, blond candidate outside of a betting parlor. He had just gambled and lost on a rather stupid horserace, and he’s gone and blown all of his benefits for the month! He’s worried his girlfriend will kick him out and that’s when the burly tops swoop in. They offer him a chance to get into a poker game with his remaining cash to win his money back. Of course the cocky lad jumps at the chance to win some cash, oblivious to the fact these two brutes could snap him like a twig. They lead Kevin to a filthy hellhole and the dope is none the wiser. Terry starts trying to grab the lad’s bum, and Kevin lashes back, but he’s already sunk. Terry pins his arms and Colin starts ripping off his clothes — Kevin fight and kicks, but there’s nothing he can do against the hard men in his midst. After they’ve got him mostly naked, Colin and Terry start stroking Kevin’s soft penis, and in case you wondering if Kev is really a closet case, his cock stays soft and scared throughout his ordeal.

Colin and Terry knock Kevin to his knees, and start fingering his tight virgin bum. He starts screaming threats at them, swearing he’s kill them, but at the same time it all seems like Chav tough talk, like “I’ll stab you! I’ve got a sword at home!” The fact that Kevin is shouting this while his head is jammed in a filthy toilet just adds to the hilarity. Kevin’s episodes are a mix of brutality and chuckles, since his reactions and struggles are so precious in the face of these stone cold sexual sadists. Click here to watch Kevin’s classic abduction and violation scenes in the BreederFuckers archive.


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Sebastian barely survives intense ass torture

Sebastian is getting a much different workout than he normally gets at the gym. Dave and Adrian forced the burly bear slave to get into his rugby uniform so they could tease him and spoil the symbolism of the team colours for Sebastian, and now Dave has the bear cub roped on his back with his legs in the air, his big, beefy ass is totally exposed and helpless. His actual asshole is like a giant painted target and it’s begging to be used and utterly abused. Dave is a quick worker and he finds his rattan cane and lashes Sebastian across the buttocks and upper thighs, giving Sebastian the exciting zebra stripe look. Bust Dave can’t keep his mind off Sebastian’s asshole, and he finds an old candle and drips burning hot wax all over the bear cub’s agonizingly painful ass, paying special attention to hit the bulls-eye in the middle. Sebastian wriggles and strains for freedom, it’s not going to come. Dave starts milking his cock, getting reluctant Sebastian good and hard and coaxing an orgasm out of him. Then Dave cools him off with a long stream of piss that completely soaks him and sinks him to a new level of misery. Click here to watch Sebastian’s complete. gay BDSM torture ordeal.


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Weekly Roundup 7/22: Big Boy Trevor Groped and FingerFucked

This week’s roundup features part 2 of Big Trevor’s humiliating turn on CMNM. The man-mountain is in a heap of trouble and he’s got to submit to the embarrassing probing and fondling or face losing his job and possibly jail time! At Brutal Tops, Daniel Johnson fucks his slave like a sadistic predator, leaving him crumpled and coated with sticky jizz. And the Casting Room welcomes Max, who is very nervous and reluctant to show his peewee sized dick to the camera!

cmnm-update — Trevor the Builder is spiralling down a deep hole. His scheme to make a false disability claim to get a free paid vacation instantly came under suspicion. Now Trevor is forced to keep the pointless ruse going as long as he can in order to even keep his job! Adrian the Lawyer and his investigator are relishing making the giant man squirm and fidget as they conduct their endless physical exam examining his privates, his armpits and his asshole in an attempt to embarrass him into confessing his fraud!
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Brutal Tops — Daniel Johnson is back in control at Brutal Tops and he’s dominating his fag slave with his club-like cock. Daniel fucks his slave up his asshole, pounding him hard from the top like a piledriver and then he yanks his cock out and wanks his putrid seed all over the slave’s ugly face. Pure sexual domination as always!
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The Casting Room — Young Max came into the Casting Room extremely nervously — he had originally applied as a joke, but fate intervened — he lost his job and the rent is due, and now he really needs to earn this cash from his porn audition! Max’s stagefright is apparent: his cock is tiny and trying to hide like a turtle, but his ass looks soft and like you could really pound it for hours!
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Strip Search Hell — This convict has the misfortune to have a big muscular body and a crazy set of hair, not something that anyone on the outside would remark about, but inside prison walls, these kind of physical characteristics make you stand out, and you can’t shrink away from a confrontation, even with the guards. The screws want to fuck with Sideshow Bob here, and he’s obliged to put up a fight so the rest of the inmates don’t see him as a punk pussy.
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CFNM — Yuris only has himself to blame for his current predicament. But that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with the women’s demands and the contemptuous way they treat him. Inside he’s furious – but he must hide it and follow their instructions – something that he’s finding increasingly hard to do.
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Sneaky Peek — Sneaky Peek features hidden camera footage of a very lean and stunning football player stripping naked and getting ready for the shower. He’s casual and full of laughs while getting undressed, offhandedly tugging his cock and scratching his balls in full view of the camera.
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has a horny new video of an exhibitionist in a public toilet showing off his body and jerking off. Someone could walk in at any moment but he daringly strips down stark naked and strokes his cock till he spills his load.
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