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#CMNM: Football Transfer Humbled By Invasive Physical

Management at Mancastle United FC is in tough negotiations with a a super-wealthy Italian media mogul. He wants to broadcast Mancastle matches on his new mobile app, but is only offering a small promotional fee in exchange. And to turn the screws on the deal, Mancastle must accept his nephew on the roster as a starting player.

Dave and Adrian are chafed at these bargaining tactics, but they agree in principal if they can conduct a physical examination of the Italian stud, Paolo, before they settle the broadcast deal. The mogul exits and tells his nephew to go along with it and not do anything that would upset the deal.

Adrian and Dave can swallow their pride on the lopsided revenue deal if it means unfettered access to this lean, smooth Italian lad. They are going to show this rich little punk who’s in charge in the Mancastle clubhouse, and they exert dominance by instructing these brash lads to strip naked and submit to invasive and embarrassing fondling and probing.

After a cursory exam of his chest and lungs, Paolo does some squats to show the fitness of his knee joints. Then he’s allowed to stand up, only to have Dave make a grab for his underwear and pull it of to the side, exposing his thick, veiny uncut cock. Paolo protests, but he’s got no power. He’s ordered to piss in a glass for examination, but the attention and expectation seems to have given him a case of stage fright. His thick cock just dangles, unable to produce a drop. Making Dave and Adrian wait on your cock without giving them results is not a good way to start a long term relationship. Click here to watch the first episode in Paolo’s humiliating physical exam at

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First Look: Jailbait Max is Snatched and Cruelly Penetrated

We’ve had quite a preview of 18 year old Max in the past week: his audition in the Fucking Room got our attention, as did his debut wielding a fucksaw at Brutal Tops. I was waiting in anticipation of his Breeder Fuckers debut to see how he would handle the painful initiation into the world of true gay sexual sadists.

As with all new lads on Breeder Fuckers, Max’s story started with a bit of storytelling to establish the plot. Max is a new paperboy in the neighbourhood and he catches Adrian’s eye right away. Dave thinks he’s pure jailbait; if they’re lucky he’s 18, but the wheels are already in motion. Adrian lays the trap and waits for cute young Max to deliver his paper the next morning.

When Max shows up at Adrian’s lair, he’s muscled into the playroom, wrestled to the floor and handcuffed. Max is terrified and doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s begging to be let go, but he’s in the process of being roped up and stripped naked. As his clothing is cut and ripped off him, his fearful pleas turn to angry threats. He’s pissed off now, but his curses are hollow and meaningless as Adrian and Dave start fondling him and probing his tight cherry asshole.

Max keeps trying to fight and struggle while Adrian plays with his cock. He’s determined to get this young man hard; teenagers can’t help the way their bodies react to stimulation, no matter what their brain says is wrong and perverted. As Adrian strokes, David warns Max that forever more, whenever Max touches his cock, he’ll remember two strange men groping his chubby little soldier.

And it works! Despite his willpower, Max starts getting hard when Adrian is sucking his cock. Dave joins in and starts tonguing Max’s tight asshole and the lad continues to get harder and harder. His erection is like a rock, even when Adrian pulls out a flogger and starts whipping Max right across the cock. Max screams in pain but his aroused boner does not diminish.

While Max may be the boy of the moment on all of these fetish sites, his experience at Breeder Fuckers is completely real and unscripted. He’s feeling real pain and his fear and anger are totally genuine. When the man who fucked him up the ass like friend last week now approaches with a thick dildo mounted like a spear under the shadow of legitimate menace, Max is afraid of Adrian and what he’s going to do with that phallus up his tight hole.

Dave forcibly spreads open Max’s asscheeks and Adrian rams the dildo up the lad’s hairy hole, fucking him deep and thrusting quickly, like he was stabbing him with a prison shiv. Dave retrieves the flogger and savagely whips Max across the ass and back. The lad’s cries are loud and full of terror. He’s in for a excruciating journey. Click here to watch 18 year old Max get ambushed and forcibly aroused by two sadists, then fucked and flogged in the most painful way at

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#BadLads: Pig Boy Ruben Sneers While He Spanks Cheating Muscle Lad

Pig Boy Ruben is on the job for the community. His next client is a woman whose boyfriend has been caught cheating. She’s not sure about dumping him (Alex) just yet, but she is sure she wants him physically punished for his wrongdoing. One call to Ruben and the wheels are in motion. Pig Boy calls up Alex and explains the situation: if he wants to salvage his relationship, he must submit to a spanking. Alex is eager to get out of the doghouse and accepts.

Pig Boy Ruben is more intimidating than Alex was expecting. They joke like men on the sofa, but you can see that even a big tough guy like Alex is nervous about the tattooed thug sitting next to him. Ruben explains that Alex must be punished, and that his girlfriend wants it to be brutal, and so Alex reluctantly strips naked and bends across Ruben’s knee.

Ruben is enjoying this assignment. Alex has a meaty ass, and it’s a treat to watch his muscles tense and ripple each time his bare hands smacks his ample bum flesh. Alex must record his reactions to the spanking, and at first it seems like something of a joke to him. He can manages the bare hand spanking, and even the first taste of the paddle only induces a wince. But once Ruben gets warmed up, the pain is written across Alex’s face. The muscle man is fighting back tears as Ruben lashes him with the thick leather paddle, and Ruben laughs and sneers while he gives Alex’s bum a seemingly endless series of painful jolts. Click here to watch kinky sadist Pig Boy Ruben deliver a hard spanking to a cheating boyfriend who deserves it at Bad Lads.

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CMNM Bonus: Naked Matteo Humiliated by Dave, Adrian and Daniel

Who wants a bonus trailer for this week’s CMNM update? I’ve been incredibly fascinated by the games that Adrian, Dave and Daniel have been playing with first Nick, and now Matteo in No Safe Word. Since Nick has been disposed of, the depraved trio has turned their attention to Matteo, who has come to Adrian’s studio in a harried state. Daniel and Dave set upon Matteo, stripping him naked while Adrian films. Dave wrestles with Matteo, twisting him like a rag doll in a full-nelson, while Daniel demands that Matteo sit on his face. Daniel cups Matteo’s balls in his mouth to the disgust of the struggling straight man. Then Adrian wants his turn tasting the Italian’s low-hanging plums. Matteo continues to struggle when he’s bent over and his ass cheeks are pried open and Adrian gives him a wet rimjob while twisting and pulling on his cock. The humiliation and abuse continues until Matteo gets roped and bent over so thuggish pervert Daniel can have a deep finger-fucking expedition in Matteo’s tight ass. Click here to watch the full nude male molestation series at!

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Weekly Roundup 7/12: Muscle Boy Punishment Savoured by Sneering Pig Boy Ruben

You made it just in time for a great roundup of raunchy gay kink this week. Top of the heap this week is Pig Boy Ruben from Bad Lads giving a very hard and wicked spanking to his new muscle boy toy. And if you want to see more young men taking abuse, be sure to check out William, a reluctant straight taking fat dildos up his ass from three lechers at CMNM. Or if you want more brutal punishment and hard pounding, check out Dani from Helpless Boys getting whipped and throatfucked by hulking redneck sadist Kip. Keep it lubed this weekend, my friends!

Bad Lads — 26 year old Alex thought his days of spanking punishment are over, but that was before he fucked up with his girlfriend. He got caught cheating, but instead of kicking him to the curb, she sent him fro an afternoon with Pig Boy Ruben. Ruben welcomes Alex and says his girlfriend requested that the punishment be brutal, and if he wants to keep her, he must comply. Alex agrees and strips naked, showing off his thick muscles and sexy bum. Ruben relishes punishing this muscle boy, smacking his bum with a bare hand and ramping up the intensity with leather paddles. Alex must film his reaction with his mobile, and by the end the strong man’s face is a grimace of pain and he’s fighting tears. His girlfriend has proof of his punishment, and Alex will have these bitter memories to last a lifetime.
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cmnm-update — William’s virgin arsehole is so warm and tight the guys relish taking turns sliding their fingers into his bum and teasing his sphincter open. Sprawled naked on these businessmen’s desk he becomes aware of just how low he’s fallen as they get off spreading his cheeks and using his arse. He flushes red in total humiliation.
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Helpless Boys — Stranded little Latin cutie Dani Rioj is stuck in the woods with no way to get home. Eventually, big hunk Kip Johnson pulls up in his white van and agrees to give him a lift. Naive Dani says he doesn’t have a way to pay him, Kip lets him know that tight brown ass is better than cash. Dani is reluctant at first but soon submits and is tied up and taking a mouthful of white cock. Kip takes him to a dungeon for some flogging, choking, and spanking then hammers his tight little asshole. After he’s finished drilling little Dani he sprays him with a facial cumshot.
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The Casting Room — Hetero Pavel is a big, hulking, sexy daddy with a kind smile and an excitable dick. He’s wary of doing anything sexual with men but he knows how to tease, stripping off his bottoms first and flaunting his cock. When it comes to showing his ass off, he becomes more shy; if he wants the job he knows he has to! If he can be as proud to flash his hole as he is about waving his dick, Pavel will book a lot more jobs.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Blake still lives at home with his parents, and his Dad is getting more abusive and hot-tempered every month. Blake has screwed up again – he brought the car home without getting it washed and it’s almost out of gas. Annoying, petty stuff for sure, but Blake’s dad loses his cool once again, and bursts in on his son in the bathroom, mid soak (and mid-wank) and proceeds to drag him naked to the bedroom for another painful and humiliating OTK spanking.
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CFNMtv — Leonard has found himself in a very awkward position. Tied up and now gagged, the helpless young man has been made to ejaculate and is now exhausted. But the angry Mrs. T has no plans to release him any time soon and insists he remain there till he has learned his lesson. As he stands, head bowed in shame, he wonders where his work colleague has got to. If he’s not released soon they’ll never make it to the all important gala dinner!
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CFNM –- Here’s an unexpected surprise. CFNM features a classic update featuring StraightHell fave Guy! (You know, the robot with the hairy asshole) Guy has grown a reputation for being one of the toughest and most popular boys in school. But he still has to answer to the authority of teacher Miss Farrow and there’s no way he can deny the punishment she’s devised for him. All he can do is stand there as the teacher and nurse strip away his shirt and eagerly examine his hairy chest!
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Sneaky Peek — This is a real treat for fans of brown lads. Here’s a working class Indian dude, just trying to get changed after a hot shift at the factory, and he’s completely unaware that a camera has been set up opposite his locker to film him stripping naked. What would his family think if they knew his nude images were now circulating all over the internet and being traded betwen perverts? The shame!
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