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Anal probing and rope bondage for first-timer Rob

Dave and Adrian are breaking some new ground in this video, straying close to some medical fetish featuring newcomer Rob, a tall, handsome fit lad who works in a hospital. He has nearly completed his training and he is just finishing an all night shift when he is pages to attend to an emergency in the basement. But lo and behold, it’s Dave, merely pretending to be unconscious, and when the young doctor bends over to administer mouth-to-mouth, Dave sticks his tongue into Rob’s mouth and Adrian grabs him from behind. The two sleazy tops strip Rob naked and bind him with rope, and while Dave plants slobbery kisses all over the fresh sex slave’s face, Adrian gets knuckle-deep in his virgin asshole. While Dave piles on the humiliation, Dave increases the pain, slamming a huge butt plug up Rob’s ass and getting him to sit down on it to drive it deep. Then Dave gets Rob on his knees to give him some training with a paddle and Adrian approaches with a scary looking dildo mounted to a straight-arm crutch. Rob’s ass gets ruthlessly fucked and punished. Click here to see more video of Rob’s humiliating anal training and corporal punishment.


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Helpless Martin Abused Like a Human Urinal

Martin’s ordeal in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon has been a mindfuck of pain, shame and horror. He’s in Dave’s clutches for this episode, and he’s facing such degradation, this straight lad might have a complete mental breakdown.

Martin starts the episode on his back on the floor with his legs roped above him at the ankles, and his wrists similarly tied off at the floor. No matter how much he might struggle, he’s helpless to escape, and his ass is pointing straight up like a giant, juicy target.

Dave is fully in charge here. He tapes Martin’s mouth shut and pulls Martin’s shorts down to expose his perfectly puckered asshole. Martin tries to growl out a threat or a warning for Dave to Fuck off, but his muffled whimpers fall on deaf ears. Dave brandishes a leather belt and gives the straight man a hard lashing to teach him to be quiet, but the punishment is only momentary diversion. Dave is eager to hear Martin’s pathetic moans once he starts treating him like a wretched bitch.

Using scissors, Dave removes Martin’s skimpy shorts and caresses his penis. Then he showers the slave with baby oil, creating a moment of confusion, panic and anger. What’s happening? Martin was expecting Dave to try inserting something in his ass, but he wasn’t expecting a funnel.

Dave inserts the funnel into Martin’s lubed ass and unzips his fly. Hot piss comes streaming out of his cock and fills the funnel, flowing into Martin’s guts. Martin is horrified and disgusted, and Dave only makes it worse when he inserts a butt plug to hold all that hot juice inside of him.

In the final act of humiliation, Dave removes his jeans and stands astride Martin, his ass bare and his balls swinging free. He cuts the tape off Martin’s mouth, and then lowers his puffy white bum right onto Martin’s lips. The straight slave boy must give Dave an utterly humiliating rimjob, totally licking out every corner and crevice of the perverted master’s buttckrack. Dave is finally satisfied adn he pulls the plug out of Martin’s ass and the pressure shoots the piss all over the floor like a disgusting cannon. Click here to see the humiliation and punishment of Martin being used as a Human Urinal by Dave at

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Straight Man bound and ass-fucked for the first time

It’s time to get back to the man of the moment, Bryan, who is currently getting his will (and his ass) broken by the Straight Hell maestros Dave and Adrian. Bryan is still sputtering with rage after being taken captive and forced into slave training. Dave and Adrian share a bemused look, as if to say “if this tosser thinks he’s been tortured, he has no idea what’s left in store for him.” Bryan is roped with his arms behind his back and tied off to the rafters, forcing him into a bent over position. Adrian takes advantage of the hetero slave’s ass, first by giving him a painful, humiliating spanking with a leather paddle, and then shoving his meaty cock up Bryan’s virgin hole. Dave meanwhile unsheathes his cock and forces Bryan not just to suck it, but to deepthroat the thick hog. Bryan sputter and chokes and by the time he’s been fucked by both tops, the once raging bully has been reduced to a sobbing little wanker. Click here to see full length gay BDSM video of Bryan’s brutal deflowering inside.


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Weekly Roundup 9/13: Bad Boys Get Spanked

Are you ready for a balls-out weekend? There’s so much raunchy gay fetish porn in the weekly roundup that you are going to have both hands full all weekend. Pig Boy Ruben is eager to beat the ass of scruffy a nerd on Bad Lads, while sexy young Ashtin gets broadsided and ambushed by a masked stalker at Boy Creeper. Finally, all time boy-spanking fave Callum makes his return to Straight Lads Spanked and gets a humiliating bare hand swat over the knee of his father. Keep it hard and lubed this weekend my friends!

Bad Lads — Sexually agressive top Pig Boy Ruben has another discipline mission. This scruffy young bad boy has a problem with smoking too much weed. He wants Ruben to beat the bad habit out of him. The tattooed thug is more than happy to oblige and he pulls the nerdy pothead over his knee and spanks him with his hard right hand until that bum is cherry red.
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Boy Creeper — Young Latin cutie Ashtin Bates is done dealing with horny randos on dating apps. After failing to find a good match he decides to just jerk off but is suddenly interrupted by some dirty talking creep on the phone. Ashtin half-jokingly dares the guy to come fuck him then the call ends. BOOM! Creeper appears and ties up the frightened little slutty boy. Creeper takes his time teasing, choking, and electro-shocking Ashtin before finally drilling him. He pounds Astin’s ass very hard then sprays him with a gooey facial cumshot.
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The Casting Room — There’s a slight curve to Ludvicek’s dick when he’s fully hard. He demonstrates what a potent fucker he is by how he shoots cum like a fountain. It goes everywhere! And you can tell he’s such a newbie by the way he constantly looks at the director rather than the camera. This boy is a golden find and it’s thrilling to see his first film!
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Straight Lads Spanked — Callum has been a fan favourite at Straight Lads Spanked for a long time. It seems like he still needs to learn lessons the hard way. Last night he staggered home drunk and made huge racket at 3:30 in the morning. He was fighting with his girlfriend on speakerphone and woke the whole house up. His dad confronts him the next morning and there’s trouble. Callum goes over the knee and gets a hard spanking on his bare ass and a humiliating lecture from his disappointed dad.
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CFNMtv — Charlotte is quickly coming to understand the way this household is ordered and she doesn’t like it one bit. It feels so excruciatingly demeaning she cannot imagine a lifetime of such pitiful servitude. But, being a diligent journalist, she wants to have the full experience and become a real part of the household so she can weed out its best kept secrets.
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CFNM –- The women are having fun teasing the cute young bearded waiter. Especially because he’s getting so embarrassed with the way they’re making him crawl over the floor! But what if they took things even further? They are getting very warm at the idea of not only looking over this naked man but being able to use him as well!
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Sneaky Peek — More dorm room camera pics. This skinny lad gets jolted out of bed in the middle of the night. He sleeps naked and his cock is on full display as he pulls back the covers. Wouldn’t he be thrilled to know this moment has been preserved and shared with perverts all over the globe?
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First Look: Donkey Dick James Feels Cock Torture and Anal Humiliation

It’s exciting to finally see this fine young stud make his debut on Breeder Fuckers. James is a layabout, a lazy scally lad perpetually loitering in public, chainsmoking cigarettes and addicted to his phone. Adrian and Dave are deeply fascinated by these low-class reprobates, with their lean bodies and taste for tacky clothes. What especially piques their interest is their stratospheric sex drives that overwhelm their virulent homophobia. No matter how much these fake-macho chavs protest the gays, their cock will get rock hard no matter who is touching it.

So James has taken up residence on the steps to Adrian’s office. He lolls around all day on his phone, asking everybody for a cigarette. He’s so engrossed in his mobile that he doesn’t register danger when Adrian opens the door behind him and snatches him, dragging the fancy boy down to the dungeon.

James straddles a sawhorse in the dungeon and his arms are above him, roped to a ceiling beam. Adrian has taped his mouth shut and goes about removing James’ trackies and polo with a pair of scissors. James struggles but he can’t move an inch. Once Adrian gets the underwear cut off, James’ big dick is on display. A bit of tender stroking gets him hard and Adrian laughs at how easy it is to get James’ body to betray him.

Adrian has the tool chest handy, and he wants to make sure that big cock is flopping around and knocking things over. He nails James’ cock to the sawhorse to keep it firmly in place and then retrieves his electro-shock wand. James howls as Adrian zaps his swollen cock over and over again, but his erection never shrinks; in fact he’s leaking more precum than ever.

Even though playing with that fat cock is fun, Adrian really wants to get busy with James’ tight round bum. He bends James over, roping his neck to the sawhorse and produces and enema bulb. He squirts ice-cold water up James’ hole and orders him to hold it. James struggles but Adrian has the cure for weak willpower. The can rakes James’ bare bum as Adrian reaffirms his command to hold the water in. He finally allows James to relax and catches all of the dirty water in a bucket. Now that the lad is clean, the next bit of fun can commence. Keeping with the toolbox them, Adrian reveals the fucksaw to James, fitted with the biggest dildo the scally lad has ever seen. Adrian slides it into position and pulls the trigger. The dildo pulses in James’ hot asshole, and Adrian is giddy at how sloppy his boy-cunt is getting – almost ready for real live dick! Click here to watch James endure cock shocking and sloppy enema training in his BreederFuckers debut!

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