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Devilish Dave Tricks Aiden and Chokes him Like a Rag Doll

What a treat that finally showed up BreederFuckers today! After a few months away, willowy and pale Aiden is back in the dungeon, although he thinks he’s going to be filming a much tamer scene for CMNM. He keeps coming back to Dave and Adrian because he’s terrible with his money, but submitting to the sexual torture takes a toll on him. He’s vowed never to film another BreederFuckers scene again, but Dave craves his smooth flesh and his skinny body; he imagines twisting Aiden and crumpling him like a dirty rag. So he plays nice, tells him Adrian is on his way to film their CMNM scene, all the while getting him roped and ready to be cruelly tormented. When Aiden finally clues into what’s happening to him, his arms are roped above his head and Dave is groping his crotch and twisting his nipples.

In my opinion, the best BreederFuckers scenes are heavy with lots of dialogue — and Dave is at his best taunting Aiden, but Aiden is shit talking Dave and making threats of his own. As the scene goes on, he’s begging for Dave to stop fucking him with a giant dildo, and promising to suck Dave’s cock. We get a lot of really hard punishment and BDSM in this scene: belt whipping, gut punching, choking, foreskin torture. Dave stuffs Aiden’s hole with the dildo and rams it deep, the pain on Aiden’s face is unmistakably real, as are the tears running down his face. Dave rams his throbbing cock down Aiden’s throat and the straight lad gags and pools of drool fall from his lips onto Dave’s swollen erection. Quite a jolt of life to BreederFuckers this week, and not a minute too late! Click here to watch Aiden’s excruciating torture and grueling deepthroat training at BreederFuckers.


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Weekly Roundup 12/29: Master Aaron Fucks his Urinal-Worshipping Slave

It’s almost the New Year and the holidays are reaching their peak for horny sexual deviance! Don’t get left behind — There’s amazing gay fetish video in ths week’s roundup to keep you throbbing and shooting into the New Year! Check out Master Aaron punishing his slave’s hole in this gritty toilet sex video at Brutal Tops; Handsome and horny Nick Wren is bent over for a group anal probe at CMNM and veteran porn star Justing King is in his hairy glory stroking his thick dick at the Casting Room. Have a safe and Happy New Year my great and wonderful readers!

Brutal Tops — Master Aaron is in total control of his slave boy’s hole and he is gunning to break him in half. Bending the pathetic slime over and ramming his head into a urinal, Master Aaron pounds his doughy ass deep and hard until he’s ready to cum a bucketful into the craven cur’s eager gob.
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cmnm-update — Nick Wren is out of his mind on a mysterious part drug and he’s begging any man close to him to fondle his dick and finger his hole. He’s got a burning desire to be groped and molested, and the trio of the park keeper, the vicar and the burly builder are more than keen on helping themselves to Nick’s amazing flesh.
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The Casting Room — Justin King has been a fixture in British porn for several years and it’s a great treat to get him in the Casting Room. He’s let his chest and back fur fill out quite a bit these days, so if you are into furry, natural men, this is quite a treat for you. Justin’s hands are a blur as he strokes his cock and shoots a thick load through the air. God, I hope we see more of him at CMNM or BreederFuckers.
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YESIR Boys — Master Aaron is proving his range with another new video at the upstart UK gay porn studio Yesir Boys. Aaron and Claude Nikotine swap boyfriends in this hot gay foursome action. Watch Aaron get ball deep in Clyde Walton and Dylan Blake before mixing his cum with Claude’s all over their sweet, innocent faces.
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CFNMtv — The Milk-O-Matic promises to revolutionize the extraction of sperm and solve the problem of unwanted erections. OK, so it’s not actually intended for human use… but the Doctor is certain it will be very effective. As a terrified George quivers with fear, Doctor Charrington brings over her latest acquisition.
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CFNM — The slave auction is in full swing and all of the ladies have brought a purse full of money. Before the bidding commences, the lads have to show off their assets and their talents. They must produce erections on command and stroke the biggest load they can for their expectant mistresses. Being young and fit, they better be able to reload and have another load at the ready whenever their new mistress dictates!
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Straight Lads Spanked — John and Marcus have each been through the ringer the past few days and weeks, getting spanked by their fathers, brother, coaches and the stern disciplinarian Mr. X. They blame each other for their troubles, so why wouldn’t they spank each other to get a final, futile grasp at revenge? Dirtbag Marcus takes clean cut John over his knee first, but John manages to turn the tables and bend Marcus over and give him a stinging OTK spanking he’s not going to forget soon.
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Sneaky Peek — Here’s another stolen video of a workman with a dad-bod getting ready for another shift. As he changes clothes, we get a good look at his body before he’s gone almost to seed, butstill retaining a few hints of his former athleticism. Little does he know there’s a hidden camera in the change room filming his hairy bum and saggy balls for perverts like us all over the world!
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Strip Search Hell — This white collar douchebag is getting processed for his first night in jail. His high priced lawyer assures him he’ll be out soon and he should play it tough but cool and maintain his arrogant demeanor. The real tough guys inside are going to eat him for breakfast and the guards won’t be sad to let his ass get shredded.
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UK Hot Jocks — Kayden Grey and his giant throbbing cock are on a mission to dominate and destroy Gabriel Phoenix and Leander’s tight holes. The threesome occurs in a rustic barn, and Kayden’s raging ego must be soothed by the warm mouths and wet holes of these tight-bodied jocks. Click to see how wet and spunk coated the trio gets!
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#CMNM: Hot Forced Gay Sex at the Office

This is one office where you better hit your targets and make your deadlines otherwise the penalties might be too much for your ass to bear! Edward is the big boss around here and he uses a particularly cruel and humiliating form of domination to keep his underling performing productively. When someone is slacking off of failing to close the deal, he uses sexual humiliation to keep them motivated.

Joey is the latest victim. His numbers are down this quarter and he’s tried to fudge them to bring them in line with his targets. Ed knows this trick and he’s having none of it. Joey is forced to strip and bend over the desk. Ed’s genius is that the punishment is rarely ever performed just by him. It’s a team effort. Everyone else in the department is going to get their hands dirty punishing Joey. No one’s going to squeal, everyone’s going to be complicit because they know everyone’s going to be too ashamed to admit what they did. As Margret Atwood would say, it’s time for particicution!

While Ed reclines with his feet up on Joey’s back, Chris and Kieran are tasked with punishing his ass. They have a thick vibrator chosen for the task and they start the difficult task of cramming it up Joey’s tight asshole. This is Kieran’s first time participating in this office domination ritual and he’s uneasy, but Chris shows him how it’s done and soon Kieran is enjoying himself pumping the vibrating shaft up Joey’s ass.

Ed is a master manipulator and when he sees Kieran enjoying the punishment, he would have to be put in his place as another submissive plaything for him. He beckons Kieran over to his desk and starts groping the French boy’s bulge. Fucking Joey’s ass with the dildo got him aroused and Ed can feel his half-stiff cock under his trousers. Ed orders Kieran to strip and get on his lap. Now the French lad and the boss are in a deep embrace; open mouth kissing, tongues flicking together while Ed strokes Kieran’s stiffening dick. Chris sees how much Kieran is enjoying becoming the new favourite of the boss and asks him if he’s like his own turn with the dildo up his hole. Kieran is ready to be the new prized pet of the boss and he eagerly begs for it! Click here to watch this crazy homoerotic office sex games and submission video at CMNM.

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Mouthy Aaron Gets his Asshole Abused One Last Time

I’m sure we’ve all missed Aaron for the past few weeks; the star pupil for BreederFuckers has been occupied elsewhere, but he’s finally back in his fifth and probably final installment of his painful, terrifying and humiliating gay bondage initiation.

Quick recap: Aaron had been preying on folks in the neighbourhood, swindling them out of thousands in various construction scams. Upright citizens in their extremely demented way, Dave and Adrian hatched a plan to ambush the scumbag and fuck him until he was wrung out like a rag.

Now, five sessions in, after he’s been mouthfucked, assfucked, caned and electroshocked, Dave and Adrian are surprised that Aaron’s asscrack and asshole are still relatively unscathed after his brutal ordeal. They aim to turn that one last bit of virginal territory into a ruined wasteland just like the rest of Aaron’s meaty ass and thighs.

Aaron is naked, lying on his back with his arms roped behind him and his knees pulled to his chest; his ankles are crossed and tied together and held in place with a knotted rope around Aaron’s neck. His asshole, buttocks and bare feet are easy targets for savage Dave and deviant Adrian.

Dave stuffs a gag in Aaron’s mouth and tapes it up tight. He fingers Aaron’s hole and remarks at how wide it’s getting. It’s been so fun for him to break it in! Adrian enters and the sadists first work Aaron’s ass over with a flogger. He still bears many bruises from earlier punishments, and so his ass looks like a bloody mess in no time.

Dave pulls Aaron’s ass cheeks apart so Adrian can directly whip Aaron’s tender asshole. This has Aaron screaming through his gag and it sends the perverted tops into overdrive. Dave starts caning the soles of Aaron’s feet while Adrian flogs his throbbing ass — the pain is off the charts for Aaron and sending him into a screaming frenzy.

Aaron’s torture is still not over. After the whipping and bastinado, he still faces forced arousal, deep dildo fucking, and foreskin and nipple torture for good measure. Dave and Adrian are getting every last bit of youthful purity squeezed out of Aaron before dumping him like a shriveled wretch in some dark alley. Click here to watch the final act in Aaron’s shameful gay bondage trial and punishment at BreederFuckers.

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#CMNM: Beefy Ryan Humiliated in Boozy Rugby Hazing Video

Rugby hazing rituals are legendarily brutal in terms of humiliating new players and the levels of homoerotic perversion on display between these hormone addled and horny jocks. They’ll take any excuse to get someone naked and rub them against their throbbing cocks in the name of team unity and clubhouse tradition. Anything to provide a figleaf of legitimacy that will keep someone from calling you a faggot!

Ryan gets stripped down to just his jockstrap and he’s ordered to mount every man’s lap and allow them to grope his pecs and crotch. Club chairman Adrian grabs a glass of whiskey takes a big swallow and spits it into Ryan’s mouth. Dave, Aaron and Mark follow suit and soon Ryan starts reeling from the spit shots in his mouth. Then the players decide they’re thirsty too and they order Ryan to get on his knees with his ass in the air and each man gets underneath his package and they take turns pouring the booze over Ryan’s asshole and into the pervert’s waiting mouth.

The hazing is having the intended effect. Ryan is red faced and weaving, and Adrian is starting to sport a stout erection tenting his trousers. Now Ryan is ordered to kiss Adrian’s knob and he reluctantly starts smooching and snogging Adrian’s pole, and then the rest of the men line up for Ryan to show affection to their meaty poles. While Ryan lays across their laps to kiss their cocks, Mark is right up in his face with his phone, recording the antics for permanent record so the rest of the club can enjoy the hazing scene for perpetuity. Dave and Adrian start fingering and licking his asshole, and now the full blown perversion is underway. Click here to watch the full naked rugby hazing video on CMNM.

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