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Brutal Tops Bonus: Pain Pig Gets Fucked by Psycho Straight Boy Max

Diminutive Master Max has thus far proven himself to be savage and sadistic in the Brutal Tops locker room — he’s delivered a painful beating to his slave and cackled with evil glee when the hulking dimwit groaned and begged for mercy. Now Max is going to really show his creaky old slave who’s boss by giving him a rough pounding with his throbbing teenage erection.

Max orders the slave to suck him off and swallow his cock deep to get him hard. The slave knows what young men like and soon Max’s cock is thick and leaking precum. He orders the slave to get down on all fours and push his ass up in the air; Max is going to pound this miserable old leathery cunt until he’s leaking cum out of every hole. Max rides the old man hard, bucking his hips in forceful thrusts that make even the old plowhorse of a man groan and grumble. The savage youth flips the old man over and orders him to lift his legs above his head — Max really lays into him hard, swearing in his face, pounding his old ass hard and spitting in his mouth. Max finishes his rotten business, and very uncharacteristically for this site, he has cum in the slave’s ass and the condom has popped off. The slag lays there with his legs spread wide open while hot fresh cum dribbles out his asshole. So raunchy and filthy! Click here to watch the full rough fucking and anal creampie video at

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Weekly Roundup 2/26: Scruffy Luke gets his Hole Rudely Fingered at CMNM

This Week’s Roundup features another great preview from CMNM — Luke gets his tight ass roughly fingered by Adrian, while at Brutal Tops, Max fucks his slave like a piledriver and delivers a wet and sloppy internal cumshot. And at the Casting Room, young Jack shows us how skilled he is at handling a cock when he gets himself hard and shooting in just a few minutes! Get hard and stay hard this weekend my perverted friends!

cmnm-update — There’s another update from Falishatti Ink at CMNM featuring wasted frat boys Luke and Darren getting molested at the dastardly tattoo parlor. Adrian has pretty boy Luke in his clutches and he makes sure he gets his fingers deep up inside the lad’s fresh bumhole. Watch Luke take a couple of meaty digits up his hole while his horny teen dick is kept hard and throbbing.
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Brutal Tops — Brutal Tops gets back to Master Max fulfilling his fantasies of sadism and cruelty. He’s still tormenting pain pig Turd, and the diminutive Master mounts the hulking slave, fucking his ass hard with his straight teen dick, eventually busting his nut and breaking the condom, filling the slave’s hole full of cum. Rough and Dangerous at Brutal Tops!
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The Casting Room — As you may have already seen, the Casting Room features Jack, an inked and pierced kinky guy, eager to reveal his thick cock and cherry asshole in his gay porn audition. He’s not shy and after a thorough examination, he’s spurting a powerful jet of cum from his long, strong erection!
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CFNMtv — Rose decides the best way to keep her guests entertained after James’ impressive performance is for her two waiters to perform a boy-on-boy sex show. James has set the bar high and it’s important that Rose keeps the momentum going so her guests don’t get bored. She’s determined they will have the time of their lives at her exclusive luncheon. But for Bobby and Toby it’s going to be a real challenge overcoming their reluctance to have sex with another man.
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CFNM — Steve’s ass still throbs from being penetrated by the wicked girls. And the intense embarrassment of this happening while the girls stroke his penis increases his excitement as he grows an immense throbbing erection. They can do anything they want to this big masculine daddy now and he’s powerless to stop them.
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Sneaky Peek — The hidden locker room camera gets great footage of a young Polish guy stripping and showering, unknowingly showing off his uncut cock and pert ass for the lens, and by extension, thousands of horny creeps.
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Strip Search Hell — This young man has been convicted of fraud, and his former arrogant, calculating self has now been replaced by a low level desperation occupied only with jailhouse survival. Calculating the price of protection from anal violation in terms of smuggled cigarettes, handjobs and blowjobs to tougher exploiters.
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Casting Room Bonus: Tattooed Kinkster Jacks his Thick Cock

Jack is one special straight lad — unlike other nervous young men that com in to shoot a demo video for their gay porn audition, Jack is confident and dominant, not submissive like so many other sheepish young men needing cash. He knows what he wants and he knows what he can deliver in this video shoot. He shows off his lean, toned body, slightly hairy chest adorned with artistic tattoos, his hairy armpits and his dangling, pendulous cock. Jack is uncut and he pulls back his foreskin to let the camera take a good look at his fresh, smooth knob.

Next, Jack hops up on the table to show off his bumhole. He’s get an extremely sexy and tight little pucker, and the pervert producers are already itching to book him for another shoot so they can fuck his tight ass silly. For now, we’ll have to use our imaginations as Jack flashes that tight little hole right at us. After a thorough inspection by the camera, Jack is going to give us a wank show. He doesn’t even use any porn to get hard, he just closes his eyes and strokes his cock and it magically unfurls, going from soft to hard and then throbbing and thick. Jack doesn’t play coy, he’s stroking fast, wanting to cum very badly. Soon his breath is ragged and the cum starts gushing from his thick cock, spurting all over the floor. Well done Jack — We all hope we see you again very soon in the Casting Room for a more hardcore audition, and then again on BreederFuckers so you can takes it deep and hard. Click here to watch Jack’s full frontal porn jackoff audition at the Casting Room.

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Craig’s 2nd Lesson: Cane Training to Cocksucking

Feisty little fucker Craig has really been thrown to the sharks. In his second torture video at BreederFuckers, he’s naked and restrained to a dungeon bench, ass pointed up and vulnerable for punishment or penetration. Dave and Adrian tease him a little before strapping a muzzle to his face and giving his furry ass a taste of the cane. They want to get their throbbing cocks deep into Craig’s soft, virgin flesh, but they want him to be begging for it. While Adrian is mercilessly lashing Craig’s bum with the cane, Dave is right up in Craig’s face, telling him if he wants the pain to stop, he’s going to have to beg for their cocks.


Craig fights and thrashes but not even the strongest man could break through those leather straps, and skinny little Craig might have a better chance just turning to jelly and slithering away if he wants to get out. Dave finally removes the muzzle and asks Craig what he wants. Adrian continues the barrage of cane strokes and Craig finally says the magic words: “PLEASE LET ME SUCK YOUR COCK!” Dave whips out his thick erection and starts thrusting his hips into Craig’s face, forcing the young man to deepthroat his first cock. Meanwhile, Adrian is probing Craig’s tight, hairy asshole and looking for a way in. Lubing his cock with spit, he pushes into Craig’s hole, fucking him hard and deep while Dave fucks the slave’s throat until he’s choking. Adrian is so horny fucking this new slave he pulls out and nuts in his face pretty quickly, but Dave rides his ass harder and deeper and rougher, really breaking Craig and turning his face into a cum-smeared mess. Click here to watch Craig’s pain training and see him become a cock-swallowing boy whore at!


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CMNM Bonus: Frat Boys Humiliated and Penetrated

College lads Darren and Luke are still having an unforgettable Spring Break at a raucous resort town, although their tattoo adventure is likely to be one they wish they could forget. Adrian and Aaron work double time on pudgy Darren, finger fucking his hole and yanking his fat dick until he’s starting to get a chub on.

Meanwhile, Dave works on tall, handsome, tattooed lad Luke — he wanted a tattoo above his cock and Dave insisted the lad have an erection so the line would all be straight. Now, after considerable fussing and groping, Luke is going soft and Dave is getting frustrated.

“Get up on the table,” Dave directs Luke, ordering the naked lad to squat so he can insert a vibrator up his hairy bumhole. The quivering phallus does it’s job, as Dave slides it in and out, Luke’s cock starts getting hard once again, despite the embarrassed grimace on his face. Darren seems to be warming up to the treatment, however. As Adrian manipulates his hard cock, he stops complaining and starts moaning with grateful satisfaction. Looks like these college boys are finding an appreciation of their anal penetration. Click here to watch these two college lads getting probed and stimulated in ways they had never imagined at

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