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Suspended Slave gets his tight hole fucked

Rock star Wayne is shown BreederFuckers idea of a good time. Roped and suspended from the rafters his smooth, muscular body makes an irresistible target for Dave’s flogger as he slowly turns midair. Wayne’s pale ass burns red. Every lash causes the straight fucker to moan pathetically through his ball gag. Adrian pries open the slave’s ass using a fucking machine’s thick dildo. Wayne fights the penetration with every fibre of his being but his defences are steadily broken down, leaving his hole loose and sloppy for a real fucking. Both Adrian’s and Dave’s stiff dicks are rammed up his sore hole. Adrian slides under the suspended man and pegs his nipples. With one swift motion, they are ripped off making him wail with pain as his entire body and all his senses are simultaneously and mercilessly assaulted. Click here to finish watching the full suspension bondage fucking video at


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#Classic: Sculpted Nick Is a Roped and Groped in Public

This must be the best lit Straight Hell video I ever saw! Continuing the saga of Officers Nick and Matthew, who tried to break up a Straight Hell Videos shoot back ing 2009, but got ambushed and thrust into gay sex slavery for their efforts, Nick’s second episode features public humiliation at it’s utmost. Terry and Stan have spirited Nick away from the warehouse where they first held him captive and violated his ass for the first time. Now they’ve literally put him on display in a public gallery, fully naked, roped and gagged with a mechanical dildo fucking his ass. He’s being taught a humiliating lesson that there is a line between immoral filth and provocative works of art. Surrounded by clucking patrons, Nick drools through his gag and tries to break free, while Stan and Terry explain their artistic vision and invite the onlookers to “interact” with the installation.

The gawkers stroke Nick’s oiled flesh and grope his straining muscles. They fiddle with the controls of the dildo pump to make it crank faster or deeper. Terry (who by the way is a total lost cause outside of the dungeon — wearing a dress shirt with cargo shorts to a gallery show? So clueless!) and Stan invite the patrons to pinch Nick’s flesh with wooden clothespins, and they eagerly try it out, clamping down on the naked cop’s tender nipples, belly button, and meaty foreskin. While everyone looks on with their champagne and hors d’oeuvres, Terry starts whipping Nick’s bubble but with a leather flogger. What an exciting finish! Those wags will be chatting about the titillating art display for weeks, while Nick skulks around with his head hung in shame! Click here to watch Nick’s very public dildo fucking and humiliating grope exposure at

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Joel’s blowjob training leaves him gagging on three loads of sperm

Dave and Adrian are putting the finishing touches on the training of their new male prostitute Joel. The proud pimps require their fresh-faced new whore to undergo intensive deepthroat cocksucking training for his long list of new clients that love rough facefucking. Adrian is the first to use his erect cock as a teaching aid. Standing above Joel with his cock in the lad’s face, he inserts it into Joel’s slobbering gob and pushes the back of his head until the cock is tickling the back of his throat. Joel has the expected reaction and he gags, so Adrian grabs him by both ears and starts thrusting vigorously. Joel’s eyes pop out as his mouth is used and fucked hard, but Adrian soon rewards him with a hot shot of jizz on his tongue. But the training isn’t finished, and the tops lead Joel’s old work partner back into the room, and instruct Joel to lie on his back and service his next cock. Joel gets his face fucked again, while Dave tortures his nipples with clamps and Adrian manipulates his cock with a big vibrating wand. Joel involuntarily gets a big boner and Adrian cackles as he gets Joel to shoot a big, wet reluctant cumshot. Click here to see the entire video collection of defiled Christian Joel as he goes from respectable charity worker to filthy, cocksucking bondage whore.


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Weekly Roundup 1/27: Bodybuilder Brad gets his Raunchy Revenge!

What a week it’s been. I can’t believe we all survived ’til Friday. There’s plenty of hot perverted gay porn for you to jack to this weekend in the O&C network. Beefy Brad gets his revenge on a very macho looking daddy at Brutal Tops; Young Ricardo puts his naked body on display and rubs out a creamy load for us at the Casting Room; and Nick and Matteo are helpless naked models getting abused by three thugs in suits at CMNM. Enjoy a porn-filled weekend!

Brutal Tops — Brawny Brad makes his debut as a seething top at Brutal Tops , ready to dish out the same sadistic punishment he’s been forced to take at BreederFuckers. But look out for the new sub as well, he’s a rugged, grizzled Daddy I can’t recall being abused and humiliated before. Brad treats the daddy like a punk, berating him and forcing him to lick his shoes and feet, then squat on a thick dildo while the beefy brute fills the panting fucker’s mouth with piss. Brad looks like he’s enjoying being the bully again!
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The Casting Room — Don’t get confused about this — The Casting Room is featuring Ricardo this week, a fit, tight waiter from Romania, not to be confused with Riccardo, featured two weeks ago, who is a horny Italian teen eager to spill as much semen across Europe as he can. Ricardo used to be a shy lad, but the more sex he’s had in the last few years, the more adventurous he’s getting. Telling stories of his exploits in front of the camera gets him horny, and he’s eager to put his raging erection on display and shoot a geyser for his new fans.
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cmnm-update — In case you missed it this week, we saw the thrilling conclusion of the CMNM series No Safe Word, featuring handcuffed Nick getting wanked by Adrian and forced to ejaculate all over his boss Matteo’s face, while struggling Matteo is restrained by cackling thugs Daniel Johnson and Dave. Super erotic CMNM action!
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Sneaky Peek — Sneaky Peek features a bearded cutie hanging around the clubhouse after football practice, ready to strip and get into the shower. He’s got no idea that the pinhole camera is recording him stripping, rubbing himself and getting wet and soapy in the shower!
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CFNM — Young Carl might walk around boasting like he’s a man of the world but in reality, despite his father’s money, he’s just an inexperienced schoolboy. The “needle” that Doctor Phillips is using on him is agony but that’s nothing compared to the terror of finding out that Cassy is allowed to photograph his debasement! How will he be able to look the other pupils in the eye if the pictures get out?
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Strip Search Hell — A scumbag may be completely straight on the outside but once the doors slam shut and they are incarcerated they do an about-face and start taking it up the shitter for an easy life. Taking a cock up the arse is all well and good but this usually snow-balls into taking “rigid Mars Bars” and all sorts up there.
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has new videos perving on truckers who stop off for a quick piss and have no idea their cocks are being captured on the hidden camera!
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CMNM Bonus: Perverted Trio Wank Nick and Rub the Cum into Matteo’s Beard

This CMNM series featuring Matteo and Nick has gotten to look more like a BreederFuckers update with every new episode. If you’re late catching up, Adrian pulled a scam on Matteo when he invested in his men-only modeling agency. Now that Matteo’s business is struggling, Adrian is forcing him to supply handsome young men for his fetish studio (No Safe Word Photography) for free. Nick is a wannabe model with a gorgeous body and a handsome face that happened to be the first guy duped. Now Dave, Adrian and Daniel Johnson have Matteo stripped naked and roped and bent over with his face in Dave’s crotch, while Adrian has Nick handcuffed and is playing with his penis, trying to coax an erection.

Adrian is an old hand at getting reluctant young men hard, and soon Nick has sprouted quite a stiffie. While Matteo struggles to get free of Dave and Daniel, Adrian inches Nick closer and closer to Matteo’s face, getting the hard young man closer and closer to climax. Nick has a mortified look on his face as the creepy old man strokes his hard cock, and soon he loses control of his body; a cum geyser erupts and shoots all over Matteo’s face and beard. Matteo is pissed off and still fighting. Adrian doesn’t stop milking Nick’s cock and they squeeze every last drop out, wiping it all over Matteo’s beard and hair. This is classic CMNM — involuntary arousal and reluctant orgasm, finished with embarrassing cum play and humiliation by three strapping hard men in suits. Click here to watch Nick and Matteo’s arousing and humiliating CMNM video!

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