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First Look: Liam Gets Ambushed and Fucked in the Back of a Van

What a sneaky surprise at BreederFuckers this morning. I was not expecting fresh flesh, but there was Liam, tall and handsome; a straight lad never expecting his shitty day was going to include him getting forcibly assfucked in the back of his van by a pair of kinky perverts. Dave and Adrian are dialed in on Liam, watching him from across the street as he exits the betting shop in frustration, having just lost a week’s pay. He’s in a bad mood as he goes back to work delivering packages. Adrian approaches him first, trying to cozy up and pretend to be helpful. Liam tries to remain polite, but to him Adrian is just another geezer who can fuck off. Out of nowhere, Liam is tackled by Dave and the trio tumble into the van. Adrian slams the door shut so the assault can begin.


Dave and Adrian tie Liam’s wrists behind his back with a pair of plastic zip ties and then remove his shoes and pants. Adrian stuffs one of Liam’s socks in the slave boy’s mouth to keep him quiet while the fuck him while parked on a busy city street. Liam moans and grunts through the gag but Dave and Adrian aren’t stopping for anything. They fingerfuck his hairy asshole and stroke his dick, but they’re horny as fuck and don’t want to waste any time getting their hard cocks buried in Liam’s virginal assflesh. Adrian goes first, fucking Liam deep and hard; the van is rocking, surely someone will stop to help poor Liam! Dave pushes his cock into Liam’s hairy hole and fucks him fast. He pulls out and unloads all over the slave boy’s asscrack, and then Adrian jumps in for sloppy seconds (or thirds?) and fucks poor Liam until he busts his nut as well. The camera gets a good shot of Liam’s freshly fucked asshole glistening with the cum of two men. Adrian and Dave zip up and exit, presumably with more cruel intentions for their new slave Liam. Click here to watch the Full BreederFuckers video of 19 year old Liam getting ambushed, assaulted and forcibly fucked!


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#classic: Ed the Cop Got a Lesson in Brutality and Humiliation

After seeing Ed show off his deviant personality for the past few sessions at Brutal Tops and CMNM, I was inspired to dig out his original BreederFuckers series and see what turned this upright young man into such a sleazy pervert. Indeed, he wasn’t always cruel. He was once a kind and honorable young police officer, eager to offer assistance to those in trouble. It was this generosity that Dave and young plebe Toby took advantage of in the summer of 2013. Flagging Ed down after his shift, Dave and Toby reported trouble up the road in an old barn, and Ed unhesitatingly jumped into their vehicle and offered help. As soon as they were alone with help miles in the distance, Dave and Toby ambushed Ed and dragged him into the barn and roped him down on his back. Stripped naked, Ed was helpless and terrified of what the perverts were going to do to him.


Toady Toby starts by forcing kisses on Ed while he tries to hide his face. Then Toby and Dave inflict some pain by caning the soles of Ed’s feet. The naked slave boy definitely hates bastinado! Then Toby gets naked and straddles Ed in a 69 position, forcing his ass down into Ed’s face, while playfully sucking the slave’s flaccid penis. Dave is there to make sure Ed sucks Toby’s cock like an obedient and docile slave, or he’ll get the soles of his feet caned again! Click here to watch straight man Ed corrupted and violated in this classic BreederFuckers Full Video!


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Casting Room Bonus: 18 yo English Lad Chris Has an Unusual Wank Habit

Hey y’all, just thought I’d give you a special bonus preview from the Casting Room this weekend. Featured this week is scruffy 18 year old Chris, eager to let the world get a good look at his thick cock and his heavy hanging balls. He’s slender, but he’s got a tight chest; he’s got blond hair and a nice round bouncy bum. Dave puts him through the usual paces, having him strip naked, measuring his height, weight and taking his measurements, and then turns the camera focus on his prize parts.

The camera zooms in close on his thick uncut cock and Chris pulls back the foreskin to show off the perfect head of his penis. Dave gets him on the table to spread his asscheeks and the camera gets right in tight to check out every wrinkle and fold of his puckered asshole.

Chris’s Unusual Masturbation Technique

Chris gets comfortable in the chair and gets his cock lubed up. He’s hard very quickly and he’s stroking deep and long, up and down the shaft. Chris has a technique I don’t see very often: he likes to cup the underside of his girthy meat and stroke it all the way up and down. No topside stimulation with the thumb, just all underside friction. Very cool to see a young man who knows his cock so intimately!

It doesn’t take long for Chris to reach his climax. He starts stroking quickly, his pecs flex and the cum shoots, in high spurting arcs towards the camera. Chris was really horny in this shoot and very eager to win new fans. Show him some love and watch his entire examination and sexy wanking audition video at the Casting Room!

Bonus Fashion Update

I spend so much of my time watching Dave, I’ve seen his style evolve over the years, and I was delighted to see him wearing this ghastly rag — I haven’t seen this pink-on-pink mess in years, I think Dave should keep it in the regular rotation. And the Crocs! Please Dave, force some poor slave to cum on your Crocs!

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#CMNM: Dave Barebacks and Breeds Danny’s Muscular Hole

Things are getting very raunchy at CMNM these days. A lot more fucking, and there is more barebacking popping up. Dave is certainly up to the task and eager to fuck these meek cunts that dare to think they could pleasure this stud. In this video series, Dave is a football club manager, and the star player, Danny, is getting too much of an ego for the good of the team.

Dave is instructed to teach Danny to be submissive and fall into line, and Dave uses a big blunt weapon that’s always been his go-to to get young lads to fall into line…his throbbing 10 in cock. The video opens with smartphone footage of Dave forcing Danny to choke on his raging hard-on, then ordering Danny to his knees to take his twitching, veiny cock all the way up his ass.

Danny seems to love this discipline, and he’s eager to please Dave and impress him with his obedience. ave fucks him bareback while Danny grabs his ankles and we have a spectacular view of Danny’s bouncing cock while Dave’s pole penetrates fantastically deep.

Danny gets flipped on his back and Dave pushes into him deep again. The submissive star is ordered to wank his cock and he is so grateful to be given permission to stroke his own swollen member. He’s given permission to cum, and he shoots across his chest. He can’t believe how amazing Dave’s cock feels pounding his asshole, and Dave in turn finds Danny’s ass so muscular in tight, he can’t control his nut either. He pulls out and shoots his load all over Danny’s quivering pucker, then he pushes his cock and all of the sperm back inside Danny for a sloppy finish to their disciplinary lesson. Click here to see this great bareback footballer breeding video from CMNM.

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Weekly Roundup 1/11: CMNM Teachers Get Kinky With One of Their Own

It’s been a great week at Straight Hell Videos, and here’s a great capper for the weekend. Headmaster Swallows and gym teacher Marc double team the rugby coach at CMNM. Over at Brutal Tops, angry jock Austin is taking his frustration out on an old, feeble cunt, while at Busted Boys, Officer Kenny “the Hammer” takes down college boy Connor in a vice sting and then abuses his asshole for his own pleasure. Keep it lubed and warmed up — it’s gonna be a great weekend!

cmnm-update — Headmaster Swallows has been caught abusing the rugby coach, Mr. Bristle by the physical education instructor at St. Dunstan’s Academy. The gym teacher however, sees an opportunity to get close to the boss, so he joins in and they take turns probing the rugby coach’s asshole and abusing his sensitive cock.
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Brutal Tops — Young Master Austin is full of anger and pent up aggression these days. One thing that pisses him off is the sorry state of affairs with the ugly old cunts in the locker room. He wants to bust his nut and get away from this old musty codger, so he pounds him hard like a jack hammer, but the old man’s creaky ass just isn’t turning him on. Frustrated, he turns his back and spreads his sheeks, demanding the old fart give him a rimjob while he gets off.
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Busted Boys — Office Kenny of the the Ft. Lauderdale vice squad is as dirty as they come. He busts college boy Connor in an elaborate solicitation sting, and the young man is eager to do whatever it takes to keep his record clean. The hung black cop is eager to abuse this privileged white boy, and he gives him a rough anal probe with his thick fingers before feeding him 10 inches of angry cock and blowing a thick load in his face.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Christian’s attitude is not improving over the past few weeks, despite ramped up corporal punishment. His Dad is getting fed up and frustrated, and he intercepts Christian after he’s just finished a bath to punish him for another infraction. This time, Christian is naked and wet across his Dad’s knee while he gets a stinging bare bum spanking.
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Strip Search Hell — The prison officers look forward to clapping their eyes on new hot prisoners. They know this bloke’s age, ethnicity and what he’s been sent down for. You want to make sure that any tasty new piece of meat is checked over thoroughly before dishing it out to the other prisoners on the wing. Now a handsome chap being sent down for the first time is going to have the older lags queuing up to take advantage of his arsehole. Apart from checking his orifices for contraband the screws will also want to check his hole for other reasons!
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CFNMtv — Jaime is proud of what he’s achieved in the gym. Whenever he can he whips his top up to show off his rock-hard abs or flexes his impressive biceps. He seems oblivious to just how annoying he’s being to everyone else at the club. But his arrogance will cost him dear when a visit to the toilet gives some of the other clubbers a chance for revenge. And once naked and helpless he’s at the mercy of whoever happens to come across him.
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CFNM — Confident handsome policeman Nick has always been the one to control sexual situations. He believed women should be tools to help him get off in whatever way he wants. But these assertive and skilled schoolgirls have a very different way of dealing with him. He’s a naked object that exists for only their pleasure and they are the ones to choose when he gets his sexual release – if any!
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Sneaky Peek — This naked man in the locker room, is probably Eastern European, and might not be a stranger to being caught on camera in the locker room. Seemingly oblivious, he flaunts his cock and gives us several shots of his athletic bum.
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Piss Spy — Bulging, uncut cock lines up at the urinal. Full bush on display too. Definitely a keeper, and this lad would surely have loads of perverts lined up to suck the piss drops out of his dick if he were pissing in the “right kind” of public toilet.
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