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Hairy Builder Can’t Hide His Shameful Arousal

Russian builder Alex can’t hide his true nature as a kinky submissive bottom boy. The hairy slav is roped on his back in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon without a stitch of clothing, leaving him at the total mercy of Dave, who is intent on performing a humiliating examination of his slave. First order of business, Dave ropes Alex’s legs into a frogtie position to keep him from flailing about. Then he starts fondling Alex’s tender cock, and the Russian’s member throbs at the slightest hint of manipulation and friction.

But Dave isn’t some $5 prostitute at a rub’n’tug there to get Alex’s rocks off. If the lad wants the release he craves, he’s going to have to earn it with pain. Dave is going to get him ready with a warmup of his anal sphincter muscles. He’s got a moderately thick vibrator set to maximum speed ready to penetrate Alex’s tight asshole and loosen that backdoor. Alex pants and groans and tries to struggle, which Dave rightfully takes as a sign that his anal intrusion is working. So on he goes to the heavy artillery — the thick, king-sized dildo mounted on the power tool. That’s going to rip Alex’s hole up and get it plenty sloppy for future exploration. Alex squeals and struggles but it’s useless.

Finally Dave puts the tool down, but Alex’s pain isn’t over yet. Instead of the hoped for sexual release, Dave assaults his hairy ass with a cane, peppering it with sharp lashes until Alex is crying and his ass is striped like a zebra. Finally Dave has deemed that Alex has suffered enough and he resumes stroking his cock. It becomes rock hard in Dave’s expert hand and Alex is soon well on his way to release. After shooting his load, he gets one more present from Dave; the bald tormentor stands above him and unleashes a torrent of piss in his face! What a way to cool down after being so exhaustingly submissive! Click here to watch Alex’s painful anal intrusion and his anxious orgasm at

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#CMNM: Gym Douchebags Punish and Humiliate Pathetic Jock-Sniffer

Earnest young David is eager to explore his sexuality — he loves men and fantasizes about being swept up and romanced and loved. But those flowery fantasies aren’t for lads like him. If he’s to find companionship, he won’t be able to find it on his terms. He’ll have to take whatever scrap is offered, and it’s led him into some seedy, dangerous situations.

Today, he accepted an online offer of a hookup from Marc, who suggested they meet in the locker room of a rundown, low rent gym nearby. David knows it’s a risk, but thinks a few minutes of hot ass pounding pleasure will be worth the risk of being exposed as a deviant.

What he doesn’t know is that Marc’s idea of pleasure is exposing David as a desperate, forlorn lad willing to to do anything for any affection. Marc and his pals strip David and lock his clothing in a locker. They take turns spanking his bare ass and then they hold him still and kick him in the balls. David writhes and moans — he fantasizes about being held and cuddled, not beaten and abused!

Finally, his tormentors force him to the floor. The debased young man is ordered to lick and kiss their fancy Italian footwear, and when he’s not groveling up to par, he’s kicked in the balls again and that sends him sprawling. Lying naked on the floor, gasping for air, the bastards step on his dick and grind their heels into his balls. He’s slut shamed and made to spread his asshole wide open for their inspection. David is so wretched…will his fantasies of love and acceptance ever come true? Not if he keeps going to the dingy haunts of these CMNM types. Click here to watch the full ball-busting and gay slut-shaming humiliation video at

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Tortured Slave gets hellish Ice Bath

Tough straight dude Guy is not getting any kind of lucky break from Adrian and Dave…His BDSM ordeal continues; he’s on his knees in a tub and Adrian is pumping his ass with a fat dildo attached to a thrusting fuck machine. Guy grimaces…even though he’s been subjected to hours of BDSM torture, this massive dildo is the biggest object shoved up his asshole yet. To ensure Guy remains in proper position for the dildo training, Adrian ropes off Guy’s balls and ties them tightly behind him. It looks excruciating, and fucking sexy as hell. While Dave tends to the machine, and ensuring Guys’s discomfort by showering him with ice water, Adrian whips out his cock and shoves it in the hetero’s mouth and gives him a rough-and-ready lesson in cocksucking. Even though Guy takes Adrian’s pole in his mouth and tries to pleasure him, Adrian is not in the least impressed and he signals to Dave that Guy needs a total dousing. Dave dumps a massive bucket of ice over Guy’s head and back and the look of utter shock and panic on Guy’s face is priceless. Let’s see him try and concentrate on sucking cock properly when he’s up to his nipples in ice water. Watch Guy’s complete Straight Hell Video series here.

hetero stud doused with ice and subjected to dildo training

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Weekly Roundup 5/31: Closet Case David Loves #CMNM Humiliation

Hey, we’re back with another ball-draining roundup to satisfy your bottomless desire for raunchy gay kink and voyeurism. Closet case David is dominated in the locker room at CMNM, and he is overwhelmed by three forceful men eager to see him humiliated. The talent scout at Bad Lads has been working overtime, and has found a delicious muscle teen who sheds real tears during his bare bum spanking. If you love it rough, check out Busted Boys to see rentoby Jason choking on a vice cop’s thick black cock in a bust gone dark. If the world is going to hell, make sure you’ve got enough lube to keep the ride pleasurable.

cmnm-update — David’s insatiable horniness is constantly putting him in jeopardy. The young man is in the closet, but his need for satisfaction pushes him into hooking up in dangerous situations. He uses an app and thinks he’s meeting Marc alone in a public locker room, but he’s confronted by a trio of men seeking to humiliate this young queer. David is scared but he secretly gets a huge thrill being dominated, stripped and ordered to wank in the presence of three strangers. He shoots a big load of cum on Marc’s shoe and then is ordered to lick it up, and the humiliation and submission keeps his cock hard and twitching.
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Bad Lads — The talent scout for Bad Lads certainly earned his cheque with this find. A gorgeous muscle teen, hairless, taut and heatbreakingly cute has signed up for a spanking assignment, and he thinks it’s going to be easy money. But once he’s over the stern older man’s knee, it’s clear that this is not fun and games. His big, bouncy bum gets spanked with increasing intensity until the cutie is crying real tears of humiliation, shame and pain!
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The Casting Room — Jay comes to us having done a few films before. He’s a well presented boy who’s keen to do the job and that means stripping off and wanking off quite openly. He loves being taken advantage of by sexual partners as well as by the viewing public. It seems like a match made in heaven but will he have the right attitude about what sexual activities he is asked to do in front of the camera? And if so, does he look like the kind of characters he will be asked to play?
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Busted Boys — Jason is a broke dude that came on hard times after he moved to Florida. It’s gotten so bad, he’s taken out ads to be a gigolo for ladies. His ad gets a hit and he agrees to meet his client in a fairly low rent motel, typical for him. But it’s not a chick who invites him. It’s a dude. Jason needs the cash badly, so he doesn’t run off right away. He slips up, gets caught soliciting a price and the hammer comes down. The arresting officer is a pissed off black detective who is fed up with all of the queer hookers invading his hometown. He’s got a reputation for punishing male hookers, but Jason isn’t expecting that this cop would pull out his massive cock and demand a blowjob. Jason struggles with the thick cop cock and gasps in pain as he’s fucked form behind and covered in cum before getting hauled downtown in handcuffs.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Jake is in a bad situation with his father after getting into an argument with his mom and cursing her out. After telling her to Fuck Off, Jake is in deep shit with his Dad, who grabs him by the ear and hauls him into the kitchen where he can wash his grown son’s mouth out with soap and spank his bare bottom with a slipper like he was seven again. Real humiliation and anger on display here!
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Strip Search Hell — In jail you will always get a proportion of hot guys. Men who have never been uncomfortable for a day in their lives. Every waking moment is spent seeking out the next hedonistic pleasures and these men are particularly punished when they’re locked up inside. It’s clear from the moment this lad is bundled into the cold, tiled room for a strip search this man is used to the finer things in life. What will see now is probably the hardest, most humiliating thing he’s ever done in his entire life. The officers take particular pleasure in watching this one. Watch him being made to pull his big hairy cheeks apart to show his tight over-privileged arsehole.
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CFNMtv — There are expensive hotels, cheap hotels, basic B&Bs – and then there are hostels. Offering the minimum of comfort they are normally frequented by hard-up backpackers trying to save money. Cold showers and shared dormitories are the order of the day and there’s little room for privacy. When two young men on a sales conference end up at this particular hostel they are set to find out that a mixed sex dormitory can lead to all sorts of embarrassment.
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CFNM –- Not only is Rowan being treated to his own medicine, but the head teacher sees this as a unique opportunity for a lesson in the male anatomy. After all, there’s only so much a girl can learn from a text book and diagrams. Far better to have the real life thing in front of her so she can really experience and understand how boys’ bodies work.
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Sneaky Peek — A handsome young guy gets stripped out of his dirty, sweaty work clothes after a grueling shift. He’s eager for a hot shower, but would this small pleasure be ruined for him if he knew he was being secretly filmed by a hidden camera?
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Toby returns to face more hardcore bondage punishment

Adrian used to consider Toby one of his greatest successes as a bondage trainer. He took a street hoodlum who was utterly directionless in life, and through pain, submission and discipline, he transformed Toby into a proper young English Gentleman. It seems however that in the past few months that Toby has been up to his old bad habits again. Having traded his old life on the streets for a new life devoted to sports and clean living, his coach reports back to Adrian that Toby has been making the rounds to the pubs and the clubs, drinking, smoking and whoring. Adrian knows the young man is in peril and it’s time for an intervention. He invites Toby back to his training center, and sits him down for a little chat. Adrian swiftly moves into action and takes the young man over his knee for a spanking, old fashioned and painful. Adrian then ropes Toby’s arms a crams a ballgag into his mouth, and ropes him from the ceiling. He gropes Toby’s cock and the young man gets hard instantly, in memory of his earlier training with Adrian. Maybe this is the source of his recent terrible behaviour, he has missed the loving discipline of his Master! Adrian stuffs a meaty finger up Toby’s asshole and lets the lad have a deep whiff of his own juices. Then he puts Toby face down on a table, spreads his legs and hogties him. It’s time for a dildo fucking to get the young fucker in a submissive and pliant mental state. Click here to keep watching Toby’s return to the BDSM training program.


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