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#CMNM: Humbled Bully Endures Invasive Anal Probe

Naked and bent over a desk is not where Mr Granite saw himself at this point in his academic career. Always a stern disciplinarian with young men in his charge, Mr. Granite exposed too much of his sadistic streak in the presence of Headmaster Adrian Swallows, and now the crafty bastard is taking advantage of this salacious tidbit.

At St. Dunstan’s Academy, it’s OK to be a sadist, but if you’re not in charge, having any little secret gives someone leverage over you. It’s a hornet’s nest of backstabbing and intrigue, and now that Swallows and his conniving associate Mr. Walker know that Mr. Granite gets aroused when disciplining young men, they are going to exploit him as much as they can.

This exploitation has taken the form of a slow and humiliating physical examination of Mr. Granite’s genitals and asshole. He’s bent over Swallows’ desk while the headmaster and Walker penetrate his anus with their fingers and then a dirty old dildo. Mr. Granite will be lucky to make it out of there with his health intact!

The perverted pair dig deeper and deeper into Granite’s meaty hole and tug his cock and balls. They are really enjoying this bit of blackmail, and they promise it’s only going to get darker and more humiliating for the would be sadist. Click here to watch these two perverts prey on their own at CMNM.

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Straight Lad Kirk chokes on a mouthful of sperm

Young muscle jock Kirk fell for Dave and Adrian’s scam promising a free gym membership and personal training sessions. So far he’s been tackled and grappled, forcibly stripped naked and bound at the wrists. Dave pokes Kirk in the back with his bulging cock, ordering the mixed race slave to reach behind him and jerk his new master’s cock. Dave gets so hard he spins Kirk to face him and drives him to his back, pinning him and driving his cock into his warm wet mouth. Kirk is so fresh and wholesome, but Dave is the ultimate corrupting force. His cock fouls Kirk’s mouth and he leaves behind a thick load of awful semen for Kirk to choke on. Adrian can’t resist the opportunity to further besmirch Kirk’s body, and he rams his throbbing member deep into Kirk’s tight, virginal anus. Both brutes are filling Kirk with their foul, dirty cum, sneering with delight and smug satisfaction at another innocent bearing their horrible stain. But after snatching Kirk’s purity, Dave and Adrian are not yet spent of evil ideas. He’s bound even tighter and caned across the buttocks, thighs and feet; from there Adrian impales him on a dildo and twists his testicles until Kirk is reeling from the pain. Click here to watch the full video of Kirk’s humiliating bondage ordeal at Breeder Fuckers.


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Weekly Roundup 3/1: Hung Lad Shy about First Gay Porn Wank

This week’s roundup features lots of really sexy guys getting aroused and fucked in precarious situations. Hung stud Pieter shows off his engorged cock at the Casting Room, perhaps unaware of the slippery slope he may be stepping on; Sexy Marc is powerless to fight back against his perverted supervisors at CMNM. Meanwhile, gym rat Christian is in some very hot soup and must humbly submit to an embarrassing spanking punishment at Straight Lads Spanked. Enjoy the prime cuts on off, and keep it hard this weekend my friends!

The Casting Room — Pieter has to work past his first time nerves and prove he can get off while a pervy dude films him. He gets his dick lubed up nice and wet to get a really stiff hard on. Those massive thighs look so good spread open with his creamy dick and tight arsehole on show!
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cmnm-update — Mr. Granite’s secret has been discovered by the senior administrators at the school: he gets a hard-on when he disciplines the young men. This kind of secret can ruin a teaching career, or put you under the thumb of a immoral prick who will exploit your body and demand your silence and forever dangle the threat of exposure over your head.
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Helpless Boys — Cute young hiker Garter Michaels has gotten separated from his buddies and has no way to get home. Suddenly hunky Latino stud Brent arrives in his white van and agrees to give him a ride. A little later Garter reveals that he’s got no way to pay. Incensed, Brent offers him a choice; sexually submit or walk home. In a flash, poor naive Garter is bound with rope and has thick Latin cock stuffed in his mouth. Brent pounds his new boy toys tight ass savagely and then coats him with a big facial cumshot.
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Strip Search Hell — This guy didn’t realize that the screws would enjoy stripping as much as they evidently do. The look on his face when he sees those tell-tale smirks is priceless. This is a video all law abiding citizens should see to remind them that there is some real punishment in jail. The tortured look on his face as they ogle his his naked body is proper retribution.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Christian’s dad is at a total loss as to how to help his son with his gambling addiction. Dad has been getting bolder, snooping around in his son’s business, and he helped himself to Christian’s bank statement. Shockingly, the snooping has revealed Christian has gambled away most of his paycheque just days after payday. Dad demands Christian strip off his jeans and lie across his lap. He’s going to get a hard spanking with a hairbrush to teach him another lesson.
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CFNM — Casting Manager Louise knows precisely how to entrap every hunky aspiring actor who struts through her door! All she has to do is promise these lunkheads a whiff of fame and fortune and they will submit to whatever emasculating task she sets for them. While George is stark naked she takes plenty of pictures of his cock and arse to add to her enormous file of scandalous photos of all Hollywood’s top actors!
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Sneaky Peek — A very handsome young Indian dude is caught showering in this week’s update. What shame it would bring to his parents knowing their son’s long, uncut dong was being secretly recorded and broadcast around the internet.
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Piss Spy — Urinal pic taken on the sly of a college lad with a really thick hog, uncut and pissing a strong stream into the bowl.
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Helpless Jozef Endures Terror and Humiliation

Jozef’s downward spiral in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon has been agonizing for him. His ass is aching and he is in mortal fear of whatever cock torture Dave and Adrian dream up next. In his fourth installment, he’s naked and roped over a sawhorse, completely vulnerable to whatever external or internal torment the perverted pricks decide to inflict.

The pain menu du jour starts with Dave and his nasty leather flogger. With his signature ferocity, Dave unleashes a hellacious barrage on Jozef’s unguarded ass. Jozef tries to stifle his cries of anguish, but the leather whip keeps cutting into his tender flesh.

Jozef’s suffering is too much for Adrian to bear. Not that he feels empathy for the tortured European slave, but he feels like he’s missing out in causing his anguish. So Adrian takes up the cane and asks Dave to switch places. Dave obliges and holds up Jozef’s bare feet so his partner can whip the soles with the cane. The bastinado torture pushes Jozef to the brink, but will it be enough to push the pathetic slave to become a willing cock sucker?

Despite the pain of the bastinado and the corporal punishment Jozef won’t break and suck Adrian’s throbbing member. Dave threatens to break his ass apart with the fat dildo spear, and eventually Jozef relents. Stupid hetero pride gone, he’s soon choking on Adrian’s turgid cock while Dave inserts his own fat, veiny prick up Jozef’s ass. The mean motherfuckers drill down hard, pumping him from both ends, barely giving the worthless cunt an inch of breathing room. Dave nuts first, and Adrian is eager to claim sloppy seconds and get his cock deep into the gooey, semen-soaked hole.

Dave wants Jozef to further debase himself. He demands a rimjob and shove his asscrack into Jozef’s face. The survival instinct kicks in and Jozef refuses, but Dave backs up harder, shoving Jozef’s entire face into his spread asscheeks. Frustrated by the lack of cooperation, Dave whips around and stands with his cock inches from Jozef’s pained face. If Jozef won’t use that face to lick an asshole, it will just have to be target practice in a pissing contest. Dave streams hot piss all over Jozef’s face and hair while Adrian continues to pump like a piston. He dumps his load on Jozef’s ass, and the broken, beaten slave is left to dread what more hell could await him. Click here to watch Jozef get two cum loads dumped on his ass and a bucket of piss sprayed in his face at

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Slave Boy Craig Gets his Boy-Cunt Shaved, Rinsed and Fucked

Craig, the most popular boy at BreederFuckers is back and he’s slated for some nasty humiliation and painful fucking before his day is over. He’s spending this session strapped into the dreaded medical exam chair with his arms roped behind his head (sweet pits!) and his legs strapped into the stirrups and splayed wide. He’s naked except for a flimsy pair of white cotton undies, and those are just temporary anyway.

Dave gets the first crack at Craig, and he makes a lot of lovey-dovey talk to the strapped-in lad, but the tone soon turns dark and threatening. Dave starts probing Craig’s asshole through the white cotton, trying to get his finger in. Then he rips a hole in the cheap cotton and starts massaging Craig’s anus. Then Dave brings out a razor and bar of soap and starts shaving the stuck lad’s hairy asshole! What a lovely treat!

When’s Craig’s asshole is clean and smooth, Adrian makes his appearance and pushes a ballgag into Craig’s mouth. Dave pops back with a nasty looking dildo mounted on a fucksaw. It’s time for Craig to get his hole warmed up for the day’s exercises. Whether he likes it or not, his hole is going to get a lot of penetration today.

Dave starts the saw nice and slow but Craig still whines about the thick rubber cock pushing deep inside of him. Dave soon loses patience and pulses the fucksaw on full blast, send jolts of intensity and pain through Craig as his asshole is ruthlessly pounded by the giant dildo.

Finally Dave relents and Adrian steps up to carry out the next phase of Craig’s torture. He’s going to get an enema to turn that wretched cunt of his into a springtime fresh flower. Adrian inserts the tube and squeezes the bag and every last drop of water drains into Craig’s guts and he’s ordered to hold it — if he spills a drop there’s a nightmare waiting for him.

While Craig struggles to hold in the water, Dave starts whipping his ass with a riding crop. Normally I roll my eyes when they use this toy because it seems like they only tease with it, but Dave is really vicious with the crop today. He leaves a series of dark purple stripes across Craig’s ass from the harsh lashing, and Craig is yelping and whining through his ball gag, but to his credit, he doesn’t spill a drop of water from his ass.

Adrian wants his chance to inflict some pain, and get grabs the crop from Dave. With Craig strapped down with his feet in the air, his feet are irresistible targets. Adrian lashes the soles of Craig’s feet and the young lad twists and jumps, trying to get away, but he’s trapped and forced to endure the excruciating bastinado.

Craig’s strength finally breaks and the water comes gushing out of his hole. He’s all clean and fresh now, and Dave wastes no time getting his hard cock rammed into the slave-boy’s asshole. Dave pumps hard and fast and he’s erupting fast. He shoots his cum all over Craig’s puckered hole and Adrian is close behind to get the sloppy seconds.

Adrian is really horny, and it’s not too long before he’s ready to blow his load. Craig really turns on these depraved perverts. Adrian makes his signature O Face and shoots his stinking cum load on Craig’s gaping hole. Finally, they use a buttplug to push both cum loads into Craig’s asshole and seal him up tight. Click here to watch Craig get his boy-cunt shaved, rinsed out and fucked at

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