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#classic: Danny the Pervert gets a sleazy Gang-Groping

Adrian found himself in dire straits one day back in 2011 — his water heater quit working just as the laundry was piling up — he needed a plumber ASAP! Someone he knew recommended Danny as fast and competent, although nothing was said of his professional ethics. Danny arrives and gets the details of the job just as Adrian’s daughter comes home from tennis lessons. She’s a vision of grace and loveliness and Danny’s subhuman brain just sees her as an object of his dirty lust. She pops downstairs a few minutes later with her dirty laundry, including her sweaty panties, and Danny grabs them up and sniffs them deeply as soon as she leaves the room. His semi-hardon is visible through his jeans as he stalks through the house and up to her room, intent on finding more panties or something even more intimate to smear his perverted ugliness on.


Danny is completely caught off guard when Adrian surprises him in his daughter’s room. In fact he’s heard all about Danny’s gross misconduct and this has all been a clever ruse. Adrian threatens to call Danny’s boss, the cops and a lawyer to sue the crap out of him and Danny panics. He pleads for mercy and says he’ll do anything to keep the whole incident quiet. That’s just what Adrian was waiting for. He slaps a pair of handcuffs on the deviant plumber and blindfolds him. stripping off his tee shirt, Adrian gropes Danny’s firm workman’s body and reaches for his still engorged penis. It twitches when Adrian strokes it and Adrian knows he’s he’ll have no trouble with Danny.


While Adrian is busy with Danny upstairs, Dave and his mates sneak in through the front door to watch the show. Adrian leads blindfolded Danny in front of his audience and starts spanking him and Danny whines and keeps apologizing. Something about punishing Danny feels so good to Adrian, he’s got a bulging boner and he starts slapping Danny’s thigh with his erection. Danny is roped in a spread eagle position and Adrian pushes his hard cock into Danny’s dirty hole and the bald bastard fucks him hard and makes the pervert feel every throbbing inch of retribution up his ass. Danny is horrified, but he takes it to keep the secret, but then Dave jumps in and gives his nipple a hard twist. Danny is shocked he’s not alone and the blindfold is removed and he sees the leering faces of four more perverts eager to humiliate him. Dave keeps twisting his nipples while Adrian keeps fucking him from behind, and the three other poofs grope Danny’s body and waggle his still thick cock. The look of terror and humiliation on Danny’s face is priceless! Adrian finishes by shooting a load of his rotten spunk all over Danny’s face and hair, leaving him to be toyed with by the rest of his dogs. Click here to see Danny’s first assfuck and group humiliation as well as the rest of his degrading punishment in the BreederFuckers Archive!


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Darren suffers through Excruciating Physical Training

It’s back to the vault for more Straight Hell archival video, and I wanted to revisit Darren’s physical training ordeal from 2009. Terry is really enjoying putting dumb twat Darren through his paces, administering electric shocks with a cattle prod while the naked slave does pushups. The cattle prod is Terry’s best friend in this video, as he uses it to compel Darren to perform situps and bury his nose into Terry’s sweaty asscrack. The brutal physical training continues, and Darren gets his arms bound straight to the sides on a wooden broomstick, and Terry forces him to perform squats. To ensure perfect form, Darren must squat over a dildo and push the phallus all the way into his ass. Darren’s virgin ass is tight and he really has to work hard to push the dildo as deep as Terry requires…if Darren is not in compliance, he gets a nasty shock, once again. This old archival footage is a great showcase of the untempered sadism and cruel creativity that really hooks you into Straight Hell videos. Click here to see Darren’s complete sadistic physical training ordeal in the Straight Hell video archive.


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Weekly Roundup 1/22: Cum, Cum and More Cum!

The roundup is back and features the cruel sexual domination of young Edward and Lucas in the lockerroom of their private school; they’ve cornered the janitor and forced him to take every inch of their teenage cocks up his ass and down his throat. Will he survive the deluge of their schoolboy cum? Elsewhere, it’s all about forced arousal and reluctant ejaculations, as the suffering beasts at CFNMtv and CMNM are wearing their own semen all over their faces, and tough guy Dave welcomes a juicy cum facial from his porn model protoge Dale at the Casting Room. Bring a towel, it’s getting wet and sticky in the roundup!

Brutal Tops — School Bullies Edward and Lucas spend their free period forcing the school janitor to deepthroat their cocks! This old man was not expecting to choke on teen cock while getting his ass fucked with a ramrod, but it seems like he secretly loves the young flesh pressing on his and chugging cum from these teenage erections!
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Strip Search Hell — A Brand new Site premiers in the network this week: Strip Search Hell! Hardened Criminals are treated like a bunch of whimpering bitches, forced to endure cavity searches, mandatory nudity and hellish ice cold showers! It’s cruel and humiliating! Invasive and Degrading! And it’s all exclusive to Strip Search Hell!
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cmnm-update — Office douchebag Julian learns a humiliating lesson about outshining his colleagues when two of his co-workers trap him in the toilet, strip him naked and wank his cock until he unloads a reluctant cumload. After smearing a handful of man-juice all over his face, his cackling cube-mates snap blackmail photos and warn him he better toe the line or else everyone will know his shameful secret!
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The Casting Room — Dale has undergone rigorous Gay Porn Model training with Dave, and he aces his final practical test by delivering a huge, gushing facial all over Dave’s luscious red lips!
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CFNMtv — Paulo’s arse is in agony as the furious manageress takes out her anger by roughly penetrating him. She’s determined to exact revenge for breaking her heart. And with her colleagues help, will ensure the young man is totally humiliated and broken.
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CFNM — Lucinda and Siobhan are still in shock from what they’ve just overheard. Leering at them is one thing, but taking photographs to share with their mates is another thing entirely. The men cannot be allowed to get away with it or they’ll never learn – and no woman will be safe in the office.
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of Argentine footballer Kevin Itabel naked and showing his erect cock!
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has an endless collection of photos of men who look like your Dad taking a pee on the side of the highway!
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Sneaky Peek — The Sneakypeek cameraman has been secretly filming a police station locker room while doing maintenance work there. In this video he’s caught eight police officers all stripping off and changing into their gym kits.
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Gay Slave Mo Forced to be a Cam-Whore

Mo got turned into a big time whore boy when he was on StraightHell back in 2010. This scene was part of his second torture and humiliation series and he is being topped and bullied into submission by Officer Rueben. After enduring flogging, enema training, and deepthroat cocksucking instructions, Mo is deemed ready to start showing off his newfound skills as a webcam whore. Reuben orders him to get his cock hard and look like he’s enjoying wanking for the world of unseen perverts. Mo is naked pulling his dick, but he’s stiff and mechanical, not passionate or arousing, so Rueben delivers some punishment: he whips Mo with a leather flogger and he is still scared instead of sexy. Rueben figures that maybe Mo would be better off giving his audience some ass play, so he gives the fag slave a dildo and orders him to pleasure his hole. The vibration of the dildo is enough to start stimulating Mo, and his cock starts getting impressively erect, and he jerks himself off while keeping an eye out for the whip. Rueben is impressed and he starts getting aroused by Mo’s performance and he pulls out his cock and pops it into Mo’s mouth, ordering him to suck while wanking and fucking his hole. Mo is ashamed by his arousal in the public performance, and the thousands of eyes watching him suck another man’s cock. Click here to catch up on Mo’s entire series of torture, bondage and sexual shaming at BreederFuckers!


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#classic: Scruffy Hunk Lukas Whipped & Fucked Mercilessly

This week’s Classic StraightHell Post features the wonderful and well hung Lukas, aka @DamianBossXXX getting gagged and roped in a high stress position (on back, knees in air, wrists roped behind back, ankle roped to neck and balls) that exposes his ass and his tight sphincter to whatever sick and perverted ideas that come into the minds of his tormentors, Dave and Adrian…but first, can we talk about something else?

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