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CMNM Bonus: Male Model Wannabe Nick Gets Stripped and Creeped On

Did you ever wonder how wicked pervert Adrian gets his models for Breeder Fuckers? Aside from the occasional kidnapping and ambush, some are recruited through a very shady modeling agency he owns through a silent partnership. He has Matteo under his thumb and forces the manager to send him fit young men to his studio completely unaware of what’s going to happen to them. One such lad was Nick Travis, a lazy, chauvinistic, homophobic pretty boy who thought the world should be handed to him on a platter. he uses some chicanery to book what he thought was a legit modeling gig, but when he ends up at Adrian’s studio, the old prick orders him to strip down and then takes his time creeping on the fit, handsome young man. Adrian gratuitously applies powder to Nick’s bare torso and armpits, and when he orders Nick to take off his shorts, Nick balks but eventually relents under the unsettling leer of his modeling co-star Dave. Adrian applies powder to Nick’s pendulous balls, and the fun is about to get started. Click here to watch the opening episode of Nick’s humiliating endurance of unwanted male attention at CMNM.

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Chav Scum Lee Endures Agonizing Nipple Torture

Lazy Lee has been a leach on society all of his life. It was that slothfulness and idleness that made him both a target and so susceptible to be lured into the BreederFuckers dungeon. In this fifth episode in the painful gay BDSM series, Adrian has Lee roped with his arms behind his back and his thighs roped to his knees, forcing him to kneel. Adrian fixes magnetic clips to Lee’s nipples and a third clip is painfully pinched onto his foreskin. Adrian scatters a bunch of magnetic weights across the floor and orders Lee to crawl and wobble across the filthy carpet picking up the weights with his nipples and his cock. It’s an incredibly difficult task to perform with your arms roped behind your back, and to make it even more agonizing, Adrian is providing extra encouragement with a riding crop, lashing Lee’s back and bottom while he staggers on his knees trying to pick up the tiny weights with his nipples.

When he has finally completed his task, Adrian pushes him over onto his side and rams a dildo up his hole, which is by now getting quite worked in. Lee twitches as his asshole gets fucked but ADrian just leaves him on the floor, helpless with the toy vibrating in his ass and his arms and legs roped. Click here to see Lee’s agonizing nipple torture full video at BreederFuckers!

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Ross Drake Enrolls at CockSucking Academy

After his release from his first stint in the BreederFuckers dungeon, Dave and Adrian kept tabs on their wannabe rude boy Ross Drake. He was a good, docile boy for a few months, but then all of his wanker tendencies started creeping back. So Dave and Adrian snatched him and roped him and asked his gang how much they would pay to get him back. Their heartless reply was that they would pay his ransom only if the terrible tops trained Ross to be the gang’s cocksucker-at-large. What a terrible betrayal for Ross!


Dave and Adrian have Ross roped in the dungeon and immobilised using a spreader bar. They rip off his ridiculous clothing and start groping his bollocks and ass. As usual, Ross is defiant and refusing to cooperate. but Adrian likes doing things the hard way, and he pinches Ross’s nipples with an extra tight pair of clamps so he can pull him anywhere. Ross refuses to touch Adrian’s swollen cock, but pain is the greatest motivator, and the ripping of his nipples finally gets Ross to open his mouth. Lesson one covers deepthroating and swordfighting in the mouth; Dave and Adrian leave poor Ross choking on their rigid cocks and gasping for air. There’s so much more to come, and I can’t believe we’re getting Ross back! Click here to see Adrian and Dave choke Ross with their fat dicks at BreederFuckers!


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Weekly Roundup 12/23: Perverted Boot Licking and Piss Drinking

It’s the last round-up before Christmas Holidays and it’s got to be very special. Sadistic bully Edward runs roughshod through Brutal Tops this week, forcing a submissive shitheel to drink his piss. At CMNM, young teen Craig feels the throbbing cocks of two full grown men up his ass as he prepares to leave boarding school for a new life abroad as a bought-and-sold gay sex slave. And speaking of teens, 18 year old Max debuts on the Casting Room, his adolescent balls brimming with cum that he can’t wait to shoot! Merry Christmas my perverts!

Brutal Tops — Master Edward returns to Brutal Tops full of swagger and cruelty. He’s employed in construction now and he turns up for a job only to fing a naked, desperate faggot lurking around the job site. Forcing the slimeball to lick his boots and drink his filthy piss, Edward asserts his dominance and cows the sleazy wimp into submission.
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cmnm-update — CMNM finishes the week on a strong note, with the St. Dunstan’s administrative staff testing the depths and resilience of boy-whore-to-be Craig’s tight teen asshole. Headmaster Swallows and his assistant, Mr. Walker, each have a go at fucking Craig’s hole in anticipation of selling him for big bucks on the white slavery market.
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The Casting Room — Teenagers today eh? Their hard cocks strain annoyingly in their skinny jeans all day fueled by free, i.e. stolen, porn on the internet. The semen in their nuts is ever-ready to be unleashed into another hot body BUT they have to do boring jobs to make ends meet. What to do? It doesn’t take a genius to work out the solution to everything is to make the very porn you’re getting so uncomfortably aroused over. Then low and behold you see an ad offering exactly that, and you get paid! That’s exactly what 18 year old Max thought he was getting into…
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Sneaky Peek — Sneaky Peek has very exciting locker room footage of a bald daddy with a full, bushy beard and a thick mat of chest fur. He casually flaunts his hairy body for the hidden camera without a care, and Sneaky Peek gets it all!
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CFNMtv — Liam has brought shame on himself in the most disgusting way possible – by ejaculating all over the desk whilst Ms Robenshaw was teaching him a lesson. His actions have driven her into a rage and he quakes with fear as she fetches her ultimate deterrent – the dreaded leather tawse…
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CFNM — Andre knows if he gets down to pick up the radishes Kate has liberally distributed all over the floor, he cannot help but expose parts of his body he’d rather keep hidden. But Kate has made it quite clear she’s more than ready to take legal action if he refuses her. So he must swallow his pride and learn to do as he is told.
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Strip Search Hell — This tall lad has had a short sharp shock as he is sent down to adult prison for the first time. It’s funny how some of the aggressive ones on the outside become doe-eyed puppy dogs once the cell door slams shut on their mischief. You can keep your head down and do your bird as much as you like but the screws know what you’re in for and that reputation will stay with you for your entire jail “career”.
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has a new video of two horny fuckers gearing up for a dirty screw. Kitted out they penetrate each other and leave a hot creamy load.
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Bodybuilder Bitch Brad Deepthroats ’til He Gags and Pukes!

We’re getting so close to Christmas and Adrian and Dave are really working to give us something special and memorable for Christmas. They are double teaming Brad in the dungeon and they really love punishing this brawny fucker. Body builders can absorb tons of punishment and they’re used to debasing themselves to get bigger for competitions, and Adrian starts by roping Brad’s exhausted pecker with thick rope and tying it tight to the floor so it might just rip Brad’s little wiener right off. While Brad is trying his best to stay composed in this stress position, Adrian pinches his nipples with clothespins and zaps his flesh with an electro wand. Every zap of electricity makes Brad stiffen and jerk, ripping against his roped penis involuntarily. Dave joins in with the flogger and lashes the bulky beast without mercy.

After getting Brad warmed up until he’s panting, Dave and Adrian knock him to his knees and shorten the rope to his genitals. Now he’s tied at each ankle and wrist plus his penis, unable to move an inch. Adrian unzips his fly and starts pushing his rigid cock into Brad’s mouth, ordering the thick bonehead to take it deep down his throat. Brad tries to comply but he’s new to cocksucking and it’s a hard skill to master. Adrian decides to let Dave take over face fucking the giant while he moves around back and fucks Brad’s muscular bottom. Dave’s thick cock is fully engorged and he is pushing his length down Brad’s throat while Adrian is fucking his and pushing Brad forward. The result is Dave and Adrian both thrust inward at the same time and Dave’s meaty pole goes so far down Brad’s inexperienced mouth that he starts to gag and puke. The didsgusting mess means nothing to dirty perverts like Dave and Adrian and they both switch positions again so Adrian can shoot a huge sticky load all over Brad’s face and Dave can apply a coating of white cream all over Brad’s throbbing ass. How festive! Click here to watch the full video of Dave and Adrian Face-fucking Brad until the fucker gags and pukes at BreederFuckers.

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