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#CMNM: Sexy Irish Prisoner Killian Rages at His Rectal Probe

Killian wishes he’s never hatched this scheme to get admitted to the prison infirmary. Instead of riding out the rest of his sentence on easy street, he’s becoming a cell block bitch and target for abuse and humiliation at the hands of the perverted prison doctor and a sadistic guard. Killian would give anything to go back to his cell and start this day over.

This clothed male/naked male scene starts with Killian stripped and in handcuffs; he’s ordered onto the exam table on his hands and knees with his bum sticking straight up in the air. The guard threatens him with punishment if he doesn’t keep his eyes straight forward. The doctor has an impromptu rectal exam in mind. What kinds of foreign objects can they insert up a prisoner’s ass?

The guard starts with his baton. It’s head is small and discreet, like a starter dildo for a girl, but Killian whinges and bellows every time it touches his asshole. the doctor and his cohort tease the small head of the baton inside Killian’s hole and it sends the inmate into a fuming rage.

For the coup-de-grace the doctor produces a much more intimidating thick rubber dildo to stretch Killian’s hole nice and wide. Does the dildo serve any clinical purpose other than to humiliate, shame and stimulate the inmates? As the dildo fucks Killian’s hole, the doctor gets a good grip on his cock and starts stroking him like a milking cow. Looks like the next step after the rectal probe is going to be a mandatory, involuntary sperm sample from Killian. Click here to watch the humiliating prisoner rectal probe fetish video from CMNM.

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#CMNM: Handcuffed Prisoner Gets His Big Balls Sucked

Tough convict Killian thought he had prison life figured out. He had just a few more weeks left on his sentence and he thought he could get off easy by being admitted to the prison infirmary and lay around in bed. The prison doctor is no fool; he’s seen inmates try this con for years, and he and the guards know just what to do with these hard men pretending to be sick or injured.

Killian has been ordered to strip and submit to a thorough examination before being admitted to the prison hospital. When the doctor starts getting to handsy with his cock, Killian starts resisting and slapping at his hands, and that insubordination gets him handcuffed.

Now restrained, all Killian can do is bellow and complain, while the doctor and the guard bend him over and give his asshole a thorough eyeballing. The proud hetero Irishman’s asshole is probed, and then he’s forced to squat over the guard’s face so the warder can lick and suck his pendulous balls.

Killian hates this and regrets ever trying this hospital scam. But he’s in it deep, and it looks like they might actually keep him in the infirmary for the duration of his sentence, just like he wanted, doing God knows what to him every day. Click here to watch the dirty doctor abuse and debase this muscular convict at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Stripped Exec Gives Piss Sample and Suffers Small Penis Humiliation

Joseph is bordering on irate after waiting in the doctor’s waiting room for almost an hour. He was late for his appointment and the asshole receptionist bumped him down the list, making the stuffed shirt wait and fume.

The Big Important Man finally gets into se the doctor and he expects the physician to make is snappy so he can get back to the office. Joseph just wants the doc to fill out an insurance form for the office, and he expects it chop-chop. But the doctor doesn’t play that game; if Joseph is seeking medical clearance, the doctor must perform a full intake and fill out a questionnaire and conduct a thorough examination.

Joseph is beyond irritated and he rolls his eyes at the fuddy-duddy doctor insisting on being old-fashioned about the rules. But he needs the form for the company, so he reluctantly does what he’s told and begins stripping so the doctor can examine him. When Dr. Swallows sticks his hand down the front of his underwear and grabs his penis, that’s when the businessman clues in that things are not on the level at this office.

Joseph is ordered to give a piss sample, but instead of going to the bathroom and filling a small cup, the doctor holds a large beaker and orders Joseph to fill it. He complies, and the doctor starts obsessing over the condition of Joseph’s penis, namely Where’s the rest of that tiny thing? Click here to watch this Big Important Business Boy start a humiliating journey of sexual submission at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Embarrassed Patient Wanks Sperm Sample in Front of Doctor

Oleg the builder thought he was going to the doctor for a simple muscle pull. But he’s been put through a battery of invasive, humiliating tests, and now the physician wants to get a sample of his sperm.

Starting the scene on all fours on the exam table, Oleg’s bum is still stinging after the hot spanking he received as part of a sensory evaluation. Dr. Swallows reaches between his legs and starts manipulating Oleg’s cock like he was cranking on a pump handle.

The builder can’t resist his body’s reaction to the stroking of his penis, and his arousal becomes evident. Dr. Swallows orders a sperm sample to help get to the root of Oleg’s problems, and lets Oleg do the work himself. Unfortunately, there is no private room for Oleg to have a wank in, so he’ll have to bring himself to climax in the office with the doctor and his assistant leering over his shoulder.

Oleg manages to bring himself to climax in front of the other men, filling the petri dish with his hot cum. He’s completely taken off guard when Doctor Swallows has a taste of his cum instead of sending it to a lab for analysis! He even offers a taste to Dave. What kind of medical professionals are these two? Click here to watch this beefy builder get a humiliating hard on and then wank himself in front of two leering strangers at

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#CMNM: Bulky Builder Endures a Painful Medical Examination

Oleg the builder went to the doctor for persistent groin pain. He thought they had the cure right away when they found a foreign object lodged into his musty old underwear. But the doctor and his assistant are very thorough, wanting to make sure Oleg hasn’t sustained any permanent damage.

First order of business is providing a urine sample. Dr. Swallows notes with some alarm that the piss streams out the side of the cock head, and the fluid is bright, indicating Oleg is not drinking enough during his long days on the job sight.

Next, Dr. Swallows orders Oleg onto the exam table on his hands and knees with his bum pointed high into the air. With the air of a sommelier, Swallows gets very close to Oleg’s asshole and inhales deeply, searching for any olfactory triggers that might indicate deeper problems. Not immediately smelling anything amiss, the stumped doctor turns to his assistant for suggestions.

Dave suggests sensory input on the buttocks. Can Oleg correctly relate which buttock is receiving pain stimulus? Dr. Swallows takes up the medical paddle and delivers a sequence of increasingly sharp blows to Oleg’s hind end, and his bum grows redder and redder. The builder squirms on the table and Swallows and Dave take turns holding him still and weilding the paddle. It’s for your own good Oleg! We must get to the bottom of this problem! Click here to watch this very twisted medical examination conducted by a pair of world class perverts at CMNM.

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