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#CMNM: Adrian Discovers His Well-Hung Lackey’s Amazing Asshole

James’ interview for a job at Mr. Swallows’ factory is entering the second phase. He’s impressed his new boss so far; let’s see if he can keep up his amazing first impression!

James had been instructed to suck Adrian’s cock, and despite his reluctance, he’s managed to swallow the girth prick with relative ease, a feat that earns him a vote of confidence from his new boss. Adrian congratulates him for getting his penis fully erect, and then instructs him to turn around and grind his ass on the erection, like he’s a cheap lap dancer grinding on the pole.

When James spreads his cheeks to rub his asshole against Adrian’s boner, it’s a revelation. His asshole is totally smooth and looking perfect. Adrian is ready to fuck that ass hard, but he wants to tease it out and take full advantage of the lad. He instructs him to get up on the desk on his hands and knees and stick his bum out in the air.

Now Adrian is not only sensuously finger-fucking James’ hole with two fingers , he’s stroking James’ whopping erection and dealing with his own throbbing cock. He needs at least one more set of hands to get the job done!(What would you pay to be Mr. Swallows’ volunteer helper in this situation?) Adrian quizzes the young lad if he’s ever tried sticking objects up his ass for pleasure, and James can’t lie. He’s done it and he likes it. Adrian asks if he’s going to jizz all over the desk and James can’t deny that he might. While everyone’s in the confessing mood, Adrian reveals that he can’t wait to fuck James’ delicious looking hole, but first, he wants to get the splayed out young lad on video for posterity, and to possibly send to James father. That seems about right, Adrian sharing incredibly sexy footage of sweet James and his horse-cock with his old lover, James’ dad. Click here to watch the lusty pole dancing and ass-probing intergenerational scene at

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#CMNM: Handcuffed Convict Stimulated and Compelled to Cum

Hard Irish convict Killian has been trying his best to scam his way into the prison hospital for the rest of his sentence. The doctor on duty has seen this scam countless times, and he has a patented method of calling an inmate’s bluff and sending them scurrying back to their dark, dank cells.

Killian has kept up the ruse throughout the doctor’s long, elaborate prank. He has survived the anal probing, but now the doctor tells him that before he gets sent to the hospital for bed rest, he’s going to have his balls drained so he’s not tempted to harass the nurses on duty.

With that, Officer Walker slaps the cuffs on Killian, and Dr. Swallows and Walker take turns stroking his cock and sucking his knob, slowing teasing his penis into an erect stiffy. Killian continues to protest, but his boner betrays him. He must be secretly loving the attention to his cock, since it is responding so predictably!

With his hands pinned behind him Killian must watch in partial shame as Officer Walker’s hand furiously strokes his aching prick. The floodgates burst, and a torrent of Killian’s cum shoots into Dr. Swallows cupped hands. Having collected the copious sperm sample, Swallows feeds it back to Killian to remind him that he is their slave, and can be ordered to do whatever they fancy. Killian reluctantly licks up his cum, and awaits transfer to the hospital wing, unsure if his ordeal will actually be over there. Click here to watch this amazing Irishman get aroused against his will and wanked until he spills his cum at CMNM.

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#CMNM: New Hire Gets Mr. Swallows’ Cock Hard

Being a powerful man in business has its perks. Adrian is well connected, and when one of his affluent friends has a fuck-up son, they can always ship him off to Adrian’s factory for a basic job and lessons in humility.

James fits this description to a tee. He finished school a few semesters ago, bombed his professional placement exams and has been leeching off his father’s largesse. Finally he’s sent to interview for a position with Mr. Swallows, and James puts his very casual attitude on display. He says he would feel at home in management. Swallows thinks he’d be more at home on the production line getting his hands dirty.

Sensing James wavering on the prospect of manual labour, Adrian has him stand up and strip to see how well the protective coveralls will fit. Once James is down to his underwear, his massive bulge is in full view. Adrian tells him not to worry. The factory is all male and everyone is used to seeing loose cocks. In fact, Adrian used to see James’ father’s cock on the regular as well.

It seems that during their school days, James’ father and Adrian were quite the close pair, and Adrian waxes fondly of getting his cock sucked by James’ dear old dad. James can’t hide his erection from Adrian and Swallows sees it’s going to be like father, like son. Adrian pulls out his own turgid cock and orders James to his knees, instructing him to get that knob in his mouth like a lolly and suck it. Before long, Adrian has the hesitant lad by the ears, thrusting his throbbing erection down his throat. So fucking hot! Click here to see Adrian taking advantage of his new hire’s gargantuan dick at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Watch William Get His Willy Wanked

William is the latest in a long line of young straight guys too lazy to work and possessing too high opinion of their own good looks and sexual prowess. He figures he can earn money doing sex work for gay men and still come out with his dignity intact.

he’s been hired to be an on-call boy toy for businessmen looking for a convenient way to blow off stress and bolster their ego. William’s been pawed and groped, his hole has been fingered and fucked with a toy, and now he sits taped to a chair, waiting for the perverted gays to descend on him and take control of his cock.

He tries to play it off in his detached, emotionless way. But his masters fondle his cock and it grows stiff in their hands. Soon his boner is raging as the men pass it between their slippery hands, and William is both desperate to cum and fearing what happens to him once they push him over the edge.

With a hand pumping his cock shaft, another swirling his balls around and another teasing and pinching his nipples, his climax is foregone. He spills cum all over his thighs and hairy belly, and the businessmen scoop it up and feed it to him. William doesn’t bother to pretend to resist. The feeling of three strong hands manipulating his cock and pushing him past the threshold was unlike any other sensation he’s ever felt. If this is what they want next, he’s happy to eat his own cum for them. A young man like this could probably be ready to go in another ten minutes. Click here to watch this three-on-one wank scene at

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#CMNM: Gym Douchebags Punish and Humiliate Pathetic Jock-Sniffer

Earnest young David is eager to explore his sexuality — he loves men and fantasizes about being swept up and romanced and loved. But those flowery fantasies aren’t for lads like him. If he’s to find companionship, he won’t be able to find it on his terms. He’ll have to take whatever scrap is offered, and it’s led him into some seedy, dangerous situations.

Today, he accepted an online offer of a hookup from Marc, who suggested they meet in the locker room of a rundown, low rent gym nearby. David knows it’s a risk, but thinks a few minutes of hot ass pounding pleasure will be worth the risk of being exposed as a deviant.

What he doesn’t know is that Marc’s idea of pleasure is exposing David as a desperate, forlorn lad willing to to do anything for any affection. Marc and his pals strip David and lock his clothing in a locker. They take turns spanking his bare ass and then they hold him still and kick him in the balls. David writhes and moans — he fantasizes about being held and cuddled, not beaten and abused!

Finally, his tormentors force him to the floor. The debased young man is ordered to lick and kiss their fancy Italian footwear, and when he’s not groveling up to par, he’s kicked in the balls again and that sends him sprawling. Lying naked on the floor, gasping for air, the bastards step on his dick and grind their heels into his balls. He’s slut shamed and made to spread his asshole wide open for their inspection. David is so wretched…will his fantasies of love and acceptance ever come true? Not if he keeps going to the dingy haunts of these CMNM types. Click here to watch the full ball-busting and gay slut-shaming humiliation video at

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