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#CMNM: Needy Footballer Put in His Place By Dominant Coach

Aaron is a football star on the rise at Mancastle United, but he’s not the team captain, a promotion that he craves. He sees that Coach Dave rewards the current captain with special massages and also vigorous assfucking, and Aaron will do anything to become the Coach’s new pet. He pours the sugar on thick, asking for a massage and practically serving up his own ass on a silver tray for Dave.

Dave thinks this kind of slutty behaviour is completely unbecoming for a Mancastle player and he blows up at Aaron, knocking him to the ground and berating him. A Mancastle player takes the dick because it keeps him focused, no distractions. If you’re craving cock because you want to be the coach’s favourite, that’s not a proper attitude and it’s detrimental to the team.

To drive his point home Dave pushes Aaron to his knees, wraps a towel around his neck and pushes his cock down Aaron’s throat. The fancy footballer is gagging and wheezing on Dave’s throbbing nine inch pole. Aaron must be thinking that this is not what he meant by “sucking up” to the Dave as he struggles to deepthroat the massive cock.

Dave’s frustration continues to boil as he bends Aaron over and spreads his ass, filling his hole with throbbing cock and pounding him deep. If Aaron wants to act like a slut, he’s going to take hard cock like a slut all day long. Maybe all the players should line up and fuck Aaron’s asshole until he’s a pathetic puddle of flesh and cum. Click here to watch Coach Dave hate-fuck this pathetic suck-up at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Schoolboy Hoodlum Endures Humiliating Anal Probe and Cock Wank

About a half an hour ago, Rowan was thinking he was pretty slick, having documented a thorough sampling of his new school’s teachers engaging in some very perverted acts. But instead of being a good citizen and turning the evidence to the police, he though he would blackmail the staff for cash and favours. That led to him getting a good blow on the nose and a trip to the headmaster’s office.

In the headmaster’s office, a stern caning has brought out the worst in Rowan. He is steaming mad, and he keeps uttering curses, slurs and threats under his breath at the educators. They are going to have a great deal of fun punishing this potty-mouthed lad, starting with probing his tight young ass. Mr. Granite takes the lead, and soon he’s up to his fat knuckle with his meaty digit.

Finally, they stand Rowan up and they tell him not to move a muscle. they aggressively stimulate his young cock, and despite whatever horrible shit is happening, 18 year olds’ cocks have a way of responding to stimulus in the same way. The trio of perverts take delight in Rowan’s bulging erection and they pump his shaft, trying to get him to cross that final invisible barrier, the final taboo of cumming in a man’s hand, and they don’t have to wait very long. Rowan’s cock has been overstimulated and he spills his juice into their hands, and his fresh boy-cum is then smeared all over his face and mouth. He’s ordered to exit, but a look of pure hatred comes across his face. Will he let this stand, or will be be out for revenge? Click here to watch Rowan’s humiliating sexual ordeal in the Headmaster’s office and CMNM.

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#CMNM: Scheming Delinquent Pays Dearly For His Badly Backfiring Blackmail Plot

Rowan has dug himself into a very deep pit. He has been gathering salacious video of all of the perverted acts occurring at his notorious boarding school, but instead of turning the evidence over to the police, he chose to try to extort his teachers. When Mr. Granite played tough against Rowan’s “fag tax”, the young man found himself in a veritable viper’s nest in the Headmaster’s office.

After being stripped naked from the waist down and bent over Headmaster Swallows’ desk for a bum caning, Rowan is told to strip naked for a complete physical inspection. His asshole draws close attention from Swallows, Mr. Granite and Mr. Walker. All of the teachers want to get a close look, sniff and lick of that delicious bumhole. Through it all, Rowan is mortified but refuses to give them the satisfaction of seeing him squirm.

After the intrusive inspection of his rear-end, Rowan’s cock is the next agenda item for inspection. It’s meaty and thick, a fine specimen for a lad his age. Swallows pulls back the foreskin and gives it a good sniff to make sure he’s been properly cleaning himself. Mr. Granite sticks out his tongue to lick the shaft. Mr. Walker positions himself between Rowan’s legs so he can get a heady whiff of the pupil’s testicles. It’s humiliating for these three men to be pawing, sniffing and licking at him like feral dogs, but Rowan knows he’s at their mercy. He dreams of his revenge as they close in and keep groping his tender flesh. Watch the full clothed male/naked male school discipline scene at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Wicked Schoolyard Miscreant Rowan Earns a Painful Caning

Reform school miscreant Rowan has finally tripped himself up. He’s collected blackmail material on a few teachers in his new school, and he figures he’s on easy street for the rest of the term. But, he’s too cocky and he’s caught browsing his perverted kompromat on his mobile in Mr. Granite’s classroom.

Granite isn’t one to be extorted, and his response to Rowan is swift and brutal. The boy is seeing stars as he’s hauled off to the Headmaster’s office for an appropriate punishment. Headmaster Swallows is very keen on getting the imperiling photos out of Rowan’s possession, and to turn the tables on the pissant.

If Rowan likes taking nude photos at school, perhaps it would be fitting if he was the subject of a few himself? Swallows takes down Rowan’s pants and reveals his impressive, uncut member. Instructing the lad to bend over his desk, Swallows helps himself to a handful of that formidable cock. Rowan is pissed, but he’s not going to give Swallows the satisfaction of hearing him complain or feeling him get aroused. Swallows knows he’ll break soon. He’s got his trusty old fashioned cane to punish hard cases like Rowan, and after a few lashes, he’ll be begging for the punishment to stop and eager to make promises to end the punishment. Click here to watch sexy young Rowan meet his match in the Headmaster’s office at CMNM.

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#CMNM: Scheming Schoolboy Has Lovesick Teacher by the Balls

Rowan was on a one-way track to a life of delinquency and incarceration before someone had mercy on him and sent him to St. Dunstan’s Academy instead of a detention centre. But the street savvy young man hasn’t turned into a reformed angel; he’s using his wits and his gutter instincts to turn this school of degenerates to his advantage.

So now Rowan finds himself face-to-face with M. Tulip, the French teacher. Tulip has been caught making a rather overt and salacious solicitation of his pupil, and rather than freaking out or running away, Rowan let the bender have enough rope to hang himself, and now he’s got the pervert wrapped around his finger. Tulip can’t be outed and exposed, so now he must submit to be Rowan’s slave, and Rowan can’t wait to humiliate his teacher.

M. Tulip has been ordered to strip naked, and Rowan has shown him who’s boss: first with a series of hard kicks to the testicles and then with a command that Tulip get down on all fours and lick his leather shoes clean. Tulip is mortified but secretly his hormones are racing; his fantasies fo being ordered around by a cruel lad are coming true! His pitiful shoe licking has even earned him more humiliating punishment. Rowan ties a stinking sneaker to Tulip’s face and spanks him with its mate.

Finally, Rowan gets to the big finale. If Tulip can be fully aroused and brought off, his incriminating ejaculation will make him Rowan’s slave forever. Rowan takes off his shoes and socks and starts rubbing Tulip’s cock with his bare feet. Tulip’s member is growing hard, he loves feet and he can’t believe this young prick is giving him a footjob right in the classroom. Tulip doesn’t care about the future…he’d gladly be Rowan’s slave forever. Click here to watch Rowan abuse his teacher and massage his aroused prick with his feet at

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