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#HelplessBoys: Alen is an Exposed Mark for Lusty Predator in a Van

Skinny white-boy Alen Jackson is stranded somewhere in the woods. He manages to flag down an anonymous white van and persuades smoldering Latino driver, Tim, to give him a lift to the nearest payphone. When he reveals that he’s got no money to cover gas, Tim gives him an ultimatum; sexually submit or get out and walk. Alen relents and soon his wrists are bound with rope and he’s choking on a mouthful of Latinx cock.

Tim brutally fucks poor little Alen’s pale ass red while choking him. These backwoods boys like it rough! Alen struggles to recover while Tim pries apart his legs again and slams his throbbing boner up his pulsing hole for another round. Tim is so confident in his domination of bitch boy Alen that he even lays back and lets the pathetic cunt ride him cowboy style without fear the punk-ass bitch will try to run away. After all that fucking, Tim is finally satisfied and he erupts with cum all over Alen’s tear streaked face. Tim looks at him with disgust and wonders if he even wants to ride next to this sloppy mess to the next gas station. Click here to watch this wide-eyed virgin take a raging cock up the shitter for the first time at

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#HelplessBoys: Party Boy Logan Punished and Fucked

Slim little party boy Logan Reiss has gotten himself stranded in the woods. Just when all seems lost muscled hunk Dustin arrives in his white van and is kind enough to agree to take him to town. When Logan inconveniently reveals that he’s got no cash to pay for the ride, Dustin gives him a different pay option; complete sexual submission.

Desperate and naive, Logan submits to him and very quickly regrets it as Dustin ties him up, gags his mouth then brutally pounds his tight young ass with his thick, hammer-cock. Dustin viciously dominates and humiliates little Logan, fucking him doggystyle while choking him with a belt around the neck. Then to prove how totally dominated he is, Dustin lays down and orders Logan to impale himself on the throbbing pole and fuck himself cowgirls style like a bitch. Debasing this city boy has been a hell of a chore for furious redneck Dustin, and when he unloads on Logan, he dumps a big puddle of creamy cum in the helpless boy’s face. Click here to watch this clueless hitch hiker get his asshole stretched by this big throbbing cracker cock at

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#HelplessBoys: Heavenly Twink Alex Faces Down Connor’s Cock

Little blond boytoy Alex Meyer isn’t having the best day. His car broke down, his phone is dead and he’s got no way to get to his girlfriend’s house. Help arrives when Connor pulls up in his white van and agrees to give the stranded young cutie a ride. Naive Alex thinks the ride is free, but Conner quickly reveals the price is his tight white ass.

Alex acts defiant but soon submits and is tied up and sucking big white cock like a bitch in no time. Connor is loving the feeling of this twink’s worm mouth on his throbbing cock and can’t wait to plunge it deep into his tight ass. On the side of the road, Connor wraps a belt around Alex’s neck to keep him close, and he pulls down the youngster’s pants and shoves his meaty dick into his heavenly ass. Not wanting this fuck session to get interrupted by cops (or other horny rednecks) Conner takes Alex back to his dungeon for some intense BDSM action and deep ass-drilling.

Back in his playroom, Connor gets Alex stripped naked and blindfolds him. He’s roped in a hogtie position on his back so Connor can do anything to his asshole that he wants. But the hulking stud wants to take his time with Alex, first hand-gagging him with his leather gloves, then flogging his torso with a leather whip. He wants Alex warm and sloppy when he fucks him, so Connor uses a dildo mounted on a pole to really fuck him deep and get that tight hole loose. When Connor shoves his cock into Alex, it feels like a dream: effortless fucking and when he’s ready to cum, he unloads his copious sperm all over Alex’s sweet angelic face. Click here to watch hulking stud Connor MacGuire punish and fuck this twink hitch hiker at Helpless Boys.

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#HelplessBoys: Hungover Hottie Roped and Fucked

Sexy young Latin boy Javier Cruz wakes up hungover and stranded in the woods. That was a crazy party, but now he’s stranded and he needs a ride back to civilization. He’s worried because he’s heard these backwater areas are crawling with redneck predators, eager to fuck any young dude who seems like he’s lost. Things seem bleak until he spots and flags down a white van. The driver, cute black stud Joey, agrees to give him a ride to his aunt’s place, but not for free. Javier reveals that he’s broke and quickly gets an ultimatum; sexual submission or walk 30 miles.

Javier barely makes up his mind and reluctantly says yes before Joey has a rope around his wrists and is pulling his head towards his crotch. Seconds later little Javier is gagging on BBC. Joey really wants to work Javier’s bitch ass properly, without the chance of interruption, so he locks his new sexy slave in the back of the van and hauls ass to his secluded dungeon in the woods. Joey brutally hammers his Javier’s tight little hole in his dungeon. He fucks the desperate bitch in several humiliating positions then coats him with a facial cumshot. Click here to watch Javier’s rude entry into male sexual submission at

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#HelplessBoys: College Hunk Jason Wolf Begs For Ride and Gets a Cum Covered Face

Cute young college boy Jason Wolf has been abandoned in the woods by the fraternity he’s pledging. His frat bros have heard this part of redneck country in buttfuck Florida is crawling with perverts trolling the backroads for dumbasses to fuck. If Jason can survive in Deliverance county, he deserves to be in the frat.

Jason waits for hours hoping for a safe ride to civilization and it looks like he’s outta luck until he spots a white van approaching. He manages to convince the driver, Todd, to give him a lift. When the hazed hottie later reveals that he can’t repay Todd he’s given a harsh dose of reality. Nothing is free and if you want a ride the price is sexual submission.

The desperate wannabe frat-bro is soon tied up and gagging on Todd’s throbbing cock. Todd brutally fucks his little brown ass in the van and and then hauls him to his backwoods sex dungeon for more intense kink and perversion. Jason is stripped and masked, then choked with cock. Todd whips his ass and then pounds his hole with his 10 inch cock. After a hard fucking and brutal punishment, Todd unloads his massive cum shower on Jason’s face. Maybe he’ll keep this one for a few days, or maybe he’ll drop him alone on a country road for one of his redneck buddies to find. Either way, Jason isn’t getting back to the frathouse anytime soon. Click here to watch this hung aggro redneck fuck this clueless college stud at Helpless Boys.

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