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Benjamin flogged mercilessly and forced to drink piss

When I think back to when I first really starting obsessing and craving Straight Hell videos, a big reason was Benjamin’s BDSM torture series; it was really a revelation for me. Benjamin is really unlike just about any other sub I have seen on any other gay bondage porn site. Really tall, lean and muscular, coal black skin, and to be honest, we all know how rare it is to see muscular black guys like him subbing in gay BDSM videos. Anyway this clip is third trailer SH released from Benjamin’s series, and really, I think the hottest. Dave and Reuben are the tops in this video, and they are wielding floggers like maniacs, savagely whipping Benjamin across the back and ass. Benjamin is forced into a kneeling position: Dave has used a strong metal clamp to pinch his cock and then run a length of twine to Benjamin’s toes…if the hulking black captive tries to straighten his legs to stand or even get some relief, he’ll be yanking and twisting his own genitals. Finally, the trailer ends with Reuben filling a dog dish with his hot, yellow piss and forcing Benjamin to drink it like a dog. Even after Benjamin is finally whipped into submission and sticks his face into the bowl of urine, the sadistic tops aren’t satisfied in the least. They end up dumping the piss over Benjamin’s head and laughing their heads off. The clip ends with an utterly humiliated Benjamin barely holding back tears. Click here to download the masterpiece of brutal gay BDSM video.
ebony stud roped and viciously caned before being force-fed piss

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#classic: Fierce Fighter Benjamin transformed into an Ass Eater

Fierce fighter Benjamin was one of my favourite men on Straight Hell. He was a skilled boxer, lean and wiry with tremendous shoulders and biceps. Dave and Reuben completely bamboozled him, tricking him into thinking they were big time boxing promoters keen on getting him into some big money prizefights. When they asked him to give them a demonstration of his total package of skills and moves, they sprung the trap and got him roped up and helpless. In this scene, Benjamin has already been through a lot. Caned, flogged and pissed on, he thinks the nightmare can’t possibly get worse. Wrong. Dave and Reuben are going to make the hetero fighter submit to a uniquely humiliating experience: Benjamin is going to be fucked up the ass by a piston mounted dildo and at the same time, he’ll be forced to eat out his masters’ asses. Benjamin fights back but he’s overwhelmed and he reluctantly sticks his tongue into Dave’s sweaty, funky hole and then Reuben’s. Benjamin is a wretch, still trying to break the ropes that bind his wrists and ankles, but he realizes he’s doomed to serve these sadistic perverts as long as they chose to keep him. Click here to watch athletic black boxer Benjamin get humiliated and submit to rimjob training at BreederFuckers!


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Benjamin Beaten and showered with piss

So I was combing through the Straight Hell video archive this morning and I found a video that I completely overlooked when it was released last year, featuring the heavily muscled boxer Benjamin. Roped to a chair by Dave and Reuben, the proud straight black man is utterly humbled and ordered to jerk his cock and the sadistic lads make sure his dick is getting nice and hard. In between the volleys of verbal abuse and hot licks with the flogger, Dave and Reuben zap Benjamin’s feet and genitals with an electro-shock wand and twist his nipples with excruciating clamps. Tears run down Banjamin’s face and snot drips from his nose as he mechanically strokes his involuntarily stiff cock before Reuben and Dave take turns spraying him with hot, stinking piss and thick jets of dripping cum. Benjamin’s humiliation reaches its absolute nadir, or has it? Click here to relive Benjamin’s incredible gay BDSM ordeal in the Straight Hell video archive.


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