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Bound Stud Lee Force-Fed Gay Cocks

If you haven’t already voted in the “Favourite Slave” poll on the right, please take a moment to do so. I don’t mind sharing that I voted for Lee, because I love the anger, hate and fear in his face as he was rendered utterly helpless and violated in the most fitting way possible. Lee is portrayed here as a blossoming fascist thug, full of hatred and bile for gays and immigrants. Naturally, the delicious irony of this criminal creep getting jumped and bound and forced into sexual servitube by REAL dominant thugs Adrian and Dave nearly brings a tear to the eye. Dave and Adrian appear almost like folk heroes in this video, although it has to be said they are probably the first fucksaw wielding gay advocates (but hopefully not the last). While Adrian brutally pounds Lee’s tight virgin asshole with the fucksaw, Dave fucks his face and forces Lee to deepthroat his thick cock before shooting a humiliating gob of spunk on his face. Lee looks like he might start bawling any second. Click here to see the full length face-fucking BDSM video.


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#classic: Puppy Slave Kevin Bathed in Piss!

Time for another #classic Straighthell Monday update, and I chose another deep cut selection from back in 2008. Kevin the chav was easily tricked into the dungeon with Master Terry and Master Colin, and the two burly perverts were eager to humiliate the cocky blond slave. In his third session in the dungeon, Kevin is subjected to embarrassing puppy slave training; he is forced to crawl around the filthy floor on his knees and elbows with a puppy tail butt plug crammed up his tight asshole. Terry forces Kevin to beg for doggy treats and Kevin must choke down the hard, dry biscuits to please his master. Feigning concern with Kevin’s choking on the dog snacks, Colin and Terry offer him a drink, and the perverts unzip their flies and start pissing in Kevin’s dog dish. Kevin begs them not to do it, but they force his face into the dish and order him to drink the piss. He fights them hard and they wrap a belt around his neck and pull him backwards. Colin hold Kevin steady and Terry pours the piss over Kevin’s head and into his mouth. He’s a soggy, disgusting naked mess, panting and in deep agony over his debasement and cruel treatment. How many showers will it take him to ever feel clean again? Click here to watch the full classic puppy slave training and piss drenching video at!


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Nicholas: Succumbing to extreme corporal punishment

Dave and Adrian continue their relentless torture of Nicholas. They rope him at the wrists and ankles inside an old shower room at their gym. Nicholas can’t move an inch and Dave chuckles like a psycho as he approaches with the flogger. Dave unleashes painful fury on Nicholas, whipping his back and his ass until he is raw and covered with welts and weals. Adrian wants his turn and he forces Nicholas to stand on one leg while he whips the sole of his foot. Nicholas is wracked with pain and the once defiant, fighting prisoner has been reduced to a slobbering, whimpering slave. Dave and Adrian compound his humiliation even further…Dave rams Nicholas’ asshole with an enormous dildo on a stick while Adrian mockingly kisses him and licks his ballgag like they were the tenderest of lovers. Click here to watch the full video archive of Nicholas’ humiliating gay BDSM ordeal.


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Weekly Roundup 12/02: Shy Stud Fergus comes home to the Casting Room

What a fucking amazing roundup to send you into the weekend! The Casting Room serves up hot little bitch Fergus, who ran scared from his audition a few years ago and cried until everyone took down his photos. Brutal Tops features Master Lee, getting balls deep in a slave’s ass and shooting cum out of his thick, majestic dick; and CMNM features headmaster Adrian tormenting the school janitor in the supply closet. Sinful, raunchy and lurid: just the way to start off the weekend!

The Casting Room — When real footballer Fergus’ fully naked examination and jerk off video was first posted on the Casting Room it caused a massive scandal! Strapping Fergus grew up in a rural area where sexual adventures were limited. Now that he’s living in the big city he wants to try it all and fully utilize his insatiable sex drive. His big fleshy foreskin and tight pink asshole will assure a star turn in upcoming videos. Fergus gives an impressive show jerking off his big cock for the camera and producing a sizeable sperm sample. As a towering muscular sporty hunk who is up for trying almost everything, he’s someone that can make it far in the industry.
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Brutal Tops — Lee is really enjoying his turn as a domineering top after being used like a cum bucket at BreederFuckers. All of those painful lessons from Dave and Adrian are paying off, as the lean, wiry chav uses his massive cock to split his slave’s ass in half and then he showers the sniveling cowards face with sperm, just as he was taught.
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cmnm-update — Headmaster Adrian is in flagrant violation of the school’s sexual harassment policy, but who cares? The victim is the lowly janitor. The blond man squirms in humiliation and disgust as Adrian corners him and takes down his pants. His cock is soft and reluctant, but laughing Adrian starts sucking his balls and knob, eager to get the embarrassed straight man to pop a boner.
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has caught football fans stopping off for a piss after the match. Hot jovial macho guys with their big fat cocks out standing right next to each other!
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CFNMtv — Poor Ben has been caught naked in a clothing shop change room! The older women harass him at first for his perverted antics, but then they notice his marvelous thick teen cock and they demand he put on a sexy show for them. Masturbating in a public shop in front of women his mother’s age was not what Ben expected when he left the house that afternoon!
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CFNM — Evan’s bottom is already sore from being paddled, but Nicole isn’t showing any signs of stopping. She wants to see just how red she can make his buttocks glow. With Ashley giggling next to him and the terrifying teacher hovering and glowering nearby, the poor lad is almost in tears. But he tries he’s best to man-up and hide his feeling for fear of giving the girls what they want.
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Sneaky Peek — The Sneaky Peek pervert shows off his new water proof lens tracking the unassuming sportsmen and hot jocks parading naked around the shower room!
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Strip Search Hell — You knew this guy’s days were numbered didn’t you. He’s been sucking cock, letting desperate lags get up him, all for a few phone cards and “spice”. But a thief on the outside doesn’t change his spots once he’s in the bin. He’s crossed a few people and they’ve grassed him up to the screws. They now want to teach him a lesson. He knows full well he’s got stuff stashed up his arse and his natural reaction is to fight.
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Straight Chav Lee Forcibly Milked and Fed his Cum!

Lee continues to be a such a source of pleasure for Adrian. The bald prick has been unable to keep his cock out of Lee’s tight chav asshole, and he starts this scene with Lee up on all fours, roped at his wrists and ankles. Adrian inserts an anal hook up Lee’s sphincter, and it’s hard to get the cold steel into the chav slave’s puckered hole. Adrian’s persistence pays off and he’s soon got the hook roped off to Lee’s head harness, ensuring that he’s going to stay in a good slave boy position. Lee is trying to spew his usual profanity and threats, but he’s muffled by the ball gag, and Adrian takes advantage of Lee’s relative silence by giving hi a series of hard lashes across the rump with a thick leather strap. Lee writhes and yells futilely agains the corporal punishment, but Adrian doesn’t linger; he’s got more dastardly plans.


Adrian replaces the anal hook in Lee’s hole with a massive dildo on a stick and really pushes it in hard and deep. Lee screams when the huge dong penetrates his hetero hole, but his horror deepens when Adrian’s strong hand grabs his thick cock and starts stroking it very vigorously. Lee can’t help but start to get hard. His meaty prick is throbbing in Adrian’s hand as the older sadist expertly jerks off the young slave boy. Inevitably Lee shoots his load while the dildo is fucking his hole deep, and Adrian continues to stroking Lee’s super-sensitive after he’s cum, making the slave writhe and wriggle. Dave is now on the scene, and he’s making sure all of Lee’s most sensitive bits are exploited; the lad’s nipples are clamped and zapped with jolt of electricity, and his cock is roped around the base to keep him hard after he’s shot his load. Dave applies the Hitachi magic wand to Lee’s super sensitive cock head to drive him into a post ejaculation frenzy. Adrian does something super messy; he licks up Lee’s cum from a plate and then smears it all over Lee’s face. At the end of the video, more cum ends up on Adrian’s face than his straight hung slave boy! Click here to watch the full involuntary arousal and cum milking video at BreederFuckers!


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