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Fraser earns the wrath of his captors

Fraser seems to really hate his new criminal partners, not that they have given him much reason to embrace their new enterprise. The day after getting released from prison, the straight man was casing local businesses and looking for opportunities to make some fast cash. Dave and Adrian tricked him into joining their three-way partnership, and they quickly wrestled him into submission and tied him bent over a sawhorse (great promo for quality Dewalt Tools and Home Improvement products!). In this trailer, Dave jams a thick dildo into Fraser’s virgin ass and hooks it up to a fucking machine that pounds his hole relentlessly, freeing the sadist to whip Fraser across the buttocks with a leather flogger. Adrian wrenches the sex slave’s tender nipples with painful clamps and the shoves his throbbing erection into Fraser’s mouth and fucks his face. Fraser keeps trying to please Adrian in hopes of delaying Dave’s inevitable anal penetration, but it does no good. Horny Dave whips out his hard cock and slams it into Fraser’s hot asshole, banging away hard and fast, making sure the virgin feels every inch of his meat. Showered in cum, Dave and Adrian spit in Fraser’s face and then a mysterious third man joins in and soaks Fraser with urine. Fraser is then left tied up, shaking and crying with rage, hate and shame. Click here to watch Fraser’s exclusive humiliating first anal fuck video.


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Weekly Roundup 10/23: Master Derek is Filthy and Demonic at BrutalTops!

It’s time for another look at what’s on offer in the O&C Family this week…If you like the rough stuff (and I know all of you do!) check out another scene with Master Derek (aka Daniel Johnson) and Jack at Brutal Tops. Or if you are into solo humiliation, newcomer Tobie gets taken down a peg or three at The Casting Room. Want to see buff studs humiliated by beautiful ladies? Both CFNM and CFNMTV have scenes featuring multiple women completely embarrassing and emasculating their Beta-Male co-workers!

Brutal Tops — Filthy and Nasty are the keywords for this update! Brutal thug Master Derek (aka pornstar Daniel Johnson) teams with Master Jack to humiliate and dehumanize their pathetic submissive slave in the lockerrrom. This one gets very literally dirty and grimy, as these sweaty beasts force the incredible loser to service them with his tongue in every crevasse and crack!
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cmnm-update — Officers Derek and Will look sharp and handsome in their uniforms. Their mission is to collect from deadbeat Kevin, who is drowning in debt! If he can’t pay what he owes, Derek and Will can use any means necessary to force him to earn for her majesty!
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The Casting Room — Entitled Millennial Snot Tobie thinks he’s got model quality looks but gripes about how low his pay is. As if he should be living in the lap of luxury! He books this job thinking he will be getting the star treatment, but he’s reduced to a cowering lad who jerks his cock and splays his ass in hope of pleasing his new boss!
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CFNM — Darius is hurt, angry and confused after being endlessly probed and penetrated by his female office-mates. He doesn’t know how to escape this predicament, but his clothes are missing, along with his last shred of dignity, and that’s when his boss, Ms. Patty Loversbow enters the fray and demands the Darius give her full disclosure.
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CFNMtv — Jack and the Pizza boy stand humiliated and naked in front of two cackling harpies who want to bend them over, tickle their balls and twist their soft, tiny dicks.
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of judo champion Ashley McKenzie naked and showing off his pert muscular bare ass!
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Eric Deman — EricDeman has a horny POV video of a cruising encounter in public toilets. The eager young sucker gets down on his knees to suck cock and balls so good he’s rewarded with a face full of spunk! And he never even takes out his headphones!
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Sneaky Peek — The pervy cameraman at has caught the hunkiest studliest muscle boy changing in the locker room. He’s worn out from his workout so takes his time changing or maybe he’s enjoying showing off to the other guys in the locker room.
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Looking for Joseph?


Looking for BreederFucker’s model Joseph? We’ve been asked to take down his videos and pictures, but you can still see him in action at Breederfuckers. Click here to see all of Joseph’s gay BDSM torture scenes!

#Classic — Young Nicholas Terrorized and Brutalized

Apologies for the absence! It’s hard to post hardcore smut with your partner’s parents hanging around for a week! Not a moment of peace to look at my hardcore bondage lads for more than a week! But its Monday, and time to revisit another classic, and after re-watching Guy’s debut a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to go back in time and watch Nicholas’s first ordeal when he was snatched by Dave and Reuben and utterly destroyed in the woods. Nicholas’s first adventure with Straight Hell was back in 2010, and he was dragged away from his girlfriend at an amusement park and stripped naked in the woods. After getting dildo fucked, mouth fucked, forced into pony play and gangbanged by a half dozen perverts, Nicholas is tied to a tree and subjected to pure terror. I don’t know what would be worse for a hetero guy: getting kidnapped and sadistically beaten and fucked multiple times -or- getting a big scary bug in my face… But Dave finds a crazy looking millipede and lifts it into Nicholas’s face and he screams like a hysterical little girl. They put it into a glass tube and use it as a bite gag and tape Nicholas’s eyes open so he has to look at the creepy monster right under his nose. Then Dave and Reuben go to work on his torso with floggers and finally rub his junk and asscrack with stinging, burning nettles! Nicholas is screaming, crying and howling throughout the climax of his ordeal in the woods.

Now, it has to be mentioned that Nicholas has undergone a stunning transformation since his debut in 2010. I’m used to seeing him as a macho beefcake underwear model and stripper these days, but it was shocking to see how small he was at the beginning of his porn journey.



Utterly Amazing! After bottoming twice for StraightHell in 2010 and 2011, he was a fixture on BrutalTops, appearing in 36 sessions as a cruel, savage top and you can see his physical blossoming from lean teen to muscular and cut. Nicholas seems to have left Gay Bondage Porn him now, and he’s making quite a name for himself as an underwear model and cabaret performer. Nothing like seeing your favourites as freshfaced noobs to really get your juices flowing though? Click here to watch classic Nicholas getting flogged, humiliated and utterly debased at BreederFuckers!


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First Look: New hetero bitchboy Artur debuts at

Good news for fans of fresh meat on BreederFuckers! New blood Artur makes his debut, right into the lair of the beast, so to speak. Actually, according to Artur’s official bio, the hetero gymnast is a complete horndog and kinkster and is constantly searching for new sexual adventures, which led him to Adrian and Dave. Not knowing what to make of such an enthusiastic participant, the fearsome pair decide that Artur’s enthusiasm shouldn’t be a detractor from their fun, and they both were eager to get their hands on his lithe, muscular athlete’s body and give it a right good pounding. Dave gags Artur with duct tape and a flash in his eyes tells you he’s doubting his choice to have Dave and Adrian break him in as a male bondage sub, but he’s so far past the point of no return. Adrian smacks Artur’s ass with a flogger and then roughly probes his virginal asshole. Dave ropes his shriveled, uncut cock and hands a heavy 15lb weight from it, while Adrian continues to smack his ass with a paddle while yanking on a chain clamped to both nipples. Artur’s off to a hell of a start in the Breederfuckers dungeon. Click here to watch the gymnast’s bondage ordeal from the very first minute.


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