Weekly Roundup 1/4: Cruel Schoolboy Loves Ball-Busting Torment at CMNM

Welcome back — New Year, New porn! There’s a load of great raunchy gay fetish porn to keep you happy and sleazy this cold January weekend. CMNM features rowdy schoolboy Rowan featuring kicking his teacher in the balls, while Brutal Tops Master Bob delivers strict corporal punishment to his bound slave after finding his sexual skills lacking. Don’t forgetto check out Helpless Boys…Asian twink Dani gets swept away to the dungeon for brutal anal punishment. Keep it lubed and stay hard my friends!

CMNM.net — Schoolboy Rowan has a rough past, and he’s more than a handful for the touchy-feely teachers at his new school. His French teacher, mr. Tulip, was getting too suggestive with the delinquent, and now Rowan is relishing his power, blackmailing the teacher, ordering him to strip naked and submit to ballbusting punishment.
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Brutal Tops — Master Bob’s cock is throbbing and he’s ready to drop some spunk on his slave. He fucks the doughy cunt’s hole but he finds his slave to be a worthless, slothful lay. Irate at having his gratification denied, he orders the slave onto the bondage bench for a hard lashing with a belt and a leather flogger. Bob’s cock is rock hard as he whips the lardy lad, and when he’s ready to blow, he forces the meatwad on the floor so he can spunk in his face.
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Helpless Boys — Stranded little Asian cutie Dani Rioj is stuck in the woods with no way to get home. Suddenly, big hunk Kip Johnson pulls up in his white van and agrees to give him a lift. Naive Dani says he doesn’t have a way to pay him, Kip lets him know that tight brown ass is better than cash. Dani is reluctant at first but soon submits and is tied up and taking a mouthful of white cock. Kip takes him to a dungeon for some flogging, choking, and spanking then hammers his tight little asshole. After he’s finished drilling little Dani he spays him with a facial cumshot. .
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Piss Spy — This tall college lad sidles up to the urinal, completely unaware there’s a pinhole camera mounted off to the side, filming him unzip and pull out his cock and balls for a relaxing piss. We get a good view of his pubes and his uncut cock while he lets the stream flow, and he gives his cock a nice stretch and squeeze before he tucks it back in his jeans.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Foreign exchange student Josef has gotten himself in trouble again, this time for fighting with another lad on his football team. Even though he was provoked by xenophobic taunts, Josef’s is going to be disciplined by his landlord and sponsor Mr. Roberts. Mr. Roberts abhors violence, but sometimes, there’s only one way to reach people. Perhaps Josef will remember to keep his cool after being spanked with a trusty old slipper.
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Strip Search Hell — If you work in a prison you have to accept the notion that some prisoners become accustomed to ritual humiliation during strip searches. To an extent they come to want and enjoy it. It’s not your job to be concerned when a man is strip searched, you still have to do it. If a man acts in a way that you suspect that he has contraband up his arsehole then you have no choice but to inspect him intimately. It’s just a straight coincidence isn’t it that the places men choose to hide stuff are also their sexual, stinkiest parts?
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CFNMtv — While the women giggle and chatter around him parading around in skimpy underwear, Ian is getting more and more frustrated. He decides it’s time to leave and roughly shoves one of the women aside before marching towards the door. But a mishap on his way out puts him in a very difficult position. He must now agree to do whatever the women demand of him or else!
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CFNM — There’s been a call to cast a real new version of the Superman movie and George is up for it. This is the chance he’s been waiting for. Recent roles he’s taken have been so far from what he’s been after. But he knows that all it takes is one opportunity to land the role of his dreams and become the superhero he’s always dreamed about. He’s determined to take advantage of this role of a lifetime!
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Sneaky Peek — This neighbourhood soccer star gets caught on hidden camera getting undressed for a shower in the community clubroom. He’s got a great set of taut, hairy asscheeks, but his cock is a bit on the shrimpy side. Is he a grower, not a shower? No doubt his many lecherous fans on the internet will be debating.
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