Extreme Pain Makes Vincent a Submissive Pleasure Vessel

Vincent in a rage is a sight to behold; in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon, he’s naked and roped, standing and tied at his ankles and wrists, putting him in a spread eagle and no matter how hard he twists or strains, his mighty muscles cannot break these stubborn restraints.

At first, the wily Scot is all mouth and backtalk. When Dave en Adrian compliment his muscular ass, Vincent sneers back “All the better to shit in your face.” The bald Breeder Fucker perverts are laughing like they’ve hit the lottery. They love these spirited fighters, especially the ones who love to talk back and make threats. It’s so much more satisfying to break them down and turn them into pathetic boy whores, hopeful they’ll please their master and avoid the whip.

There’s a lot of work to do until Vincent’s ready to grovel for cock though. It starts with a hard whipping, and Adrian lashes Vincent harder than any other slave I’ve ever seen. He wields that whip with two hands, rearing back like he’s chopping down a mighty tree with an axe. Vincent bellows, flexes, growls and swears some more. He’s going to be tough to break.

After the external punishment, Dave flips the script. He plunges a dildo deep inside Vincent’s asshole like a spear. He pumps it hard and deep and at a furious tempo. Vincent is on the edge of breaking, crying out that it’s too much, but he won’t submit to pleasuring his tormentors.

Adrian kicks him in the balls. Dave batters his testicles some more with the flogger. Vincent is still defiant. Finally, it takes ripping two rows of clothespins off his flesh that pushes Vincent into submission. Dave ropes him by the neck and ties him to the floor, giving him enough slack to get to his knees. His arms are finally untied and Dave and Adrian pull down their jeans and present their rigid erections. Vincent doesn’t protest, doesn’t offer a whisper of sass as he takes a dick in each hand and works it until each of his tormentors is ready to cum. How satisfying it is to see the fire-breathing captive tamed and willingly giving pleasure to his vile harassers. Click here to watch Dave and Adrian squirt their cum across Vincent’s face and in his hair at BreederFuckers.com.

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