First Look: Fraser man-handled and fucked from behind

Here’s the first look at Fraser, the latest straight male bamboozled and abused by aggressive dom tops Dave and Adrian. His backstory is actually quite shadowy and I don’t think we are supposed to be rooting for him. Fraser is a recent parolee who spent a year in jail for a botched robbery attempt. He’s fit and handsome, in a working class kind of way, but he’s dumb and very gullible. Dave and Adrian get wind of the new arrival to their neighbourhood and they meet him in a pub to see if he’s a threat to the sense of public order they have established. It doesn’t take long for Fraser to accept their offer of partnership in a fresh stickup and when they get him alone for what’s supposed to be a planning session, the swiftly turn the tables on him, wrestle him into submission and get him roped to a sawhorse, bent over and pants ripped down around his ankles. Now Fraser is a huge homophobe and for a year he fought off every challenge and attempt at fucking him in the ass in jail. But it’s taken less than a day as a free man for him to lose his anal cherry. Adrian pushes his throbbing erection into Fraser’s virgin ass while Dave yells in his face, throws punches and chokes the stupid wanker until he’s out of fight. As soon as Fraser’s will is broken Dave crams his cock into the slave’s mouth and he and Adrian spitroast the tosser, but good. Click here to see the exclusive first video of Fraser’s descent into BDSM sexual slavery at the hands of Dave and Adrian.


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#classic: Danny the Pervert gets a sleazy Gang-Groping

Adrian found himself in dire straits one day back in 2011 — his water heater quit working just as the laundry was piling up — he needed a plumber ASAP! Someone he knew recommended Danny as fast and competent, although nothing was said of his professional ethics. Danny arrives and gets the details of the job just as Adrian’s daughter comes home from tennis lessons. She’s a vision of grace and loveliness and Danny’s subhuman brain just sees her as an object of his dirty lust. She pops downstairs a few minutes later with her dirty laundry, including her sweaty panties, and Danny grabs them up and sniffs them deeply as soon as she leaves the room. His semi-hardon is visible through his jeans as he stalks through the house and up to her room, intent on finding more panties or something even more intimate to smear his perverted ugliness on.


Danny is completely caught off guard when Adrian surprises him in his daughter’s room. In fact he’s heard all about Danny’s gross misconduct and this has all been a clever ruse. Adrian threatens to call Danny’s boss, the cops and a lawyer to sue the crap out of him and Danny panics. He pleads for mercy and says he’ll do anything to keep the whole incident quiet. That’s just what Adrian was waiting for. He slaps a pair of handcuffs on the deviant plumber and blindfolds him. stripping off his tee shirt, Adrian gropes Danny’s firm workman’s body and reaches for his still engorged penis. It twitches when Adrian strokes it and Adrian knows he’s he’ll have no trouble with Danny.


While Adrian is busy with Danny upstairs, Dave and his mates sneak in through the front door to watch the show. Adrian leads blindfolded Danny in front of his audience and starts spanking him and Danny whines and keeps apologizing. Something about punishing Danny feels so good to Adrian, he’s got a bulging boner and he starts slapping Danny’s thigh with his erection. Danny is roped in a spread eagle position and Adrian pushes his hard cock into Danny’s dirty hole and the bald bastard fucks him hard and makes the pervert feel every throbbing inch of retribution up his ass. Danny is horrified, but he takes it to keep the secret, but then Dave jumps in and gives his nipple a hard twist. Danny is shocked he’s not alone and the blindfold is removed and he sees the leering faces of four more perverts eager to humiliate him. Dave keeps twisting his nipples while Adrian keeps fucking him from behind, and the three other poofs grope Danny’s body and waggle his still thick cock. The look of terror and humiliation on Danny’s face is priceless! Adrian finishes by shooting a load of his rotten spunk all over Danny’s face and hair, leaving him to be toyed with by the rest of his dogs. Click here to see Danny’s first assfuck and group humiliation as well as the rest of his degrading punishment in the BreederFuckers Archive!


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#CMNM: Huge Cock Beta Forced To Wank For His Boss

Ed, Chris and Kieran are having a grand time in their afternoon meeting with perpetual office fuck-up Joe. He’s been tormented all afternoon by the threesome and humiliated, toyed with and probed, but now the bosses in suits want him to debase himself one last time for their amusement before they send him back to his cubicle with his tail between his legs.

Joe is naked and serving drinks to his bosses. When he spills scotch on Ed’s lapels, Ed get violent and slaps Joe across the face, hard. Chris orders Joe to get on his knees and start wanking his thick cock. Warning him he’s got a meeting starting in a few minutes, Joe has to hustle and get hard to satisfy his bosses’ curiosity and still get out of there before he loses another sale. When he gets hard, his cock is a behemoth — thick and long, the kind of cock that an alpha would use to punish your hole, but Joe is no alpha and his big throbbing dick is just another thing for richer and more confident men to play with as they see fit and then discard when it no longer leases them.

Kieran ends up wanking Joe’s cock while Chris massages his balls and Ed squeezes his nipples. Joe can’t hold out forever, and he finally gives the men what they want, a huge gushing shot of cum that will forever confirm their notions of Joe’s latent homosexuality. Another thing to hold over him forever. They force him to mop up his cum off the carpet with his own underpants and then send him scurrying out the door to chase his client and beg for another chance to make the sale — hopefully they can’t see the spot of cum soaking through his suit pants! Click here to watch this delicious huge cock humiliation video at!

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Weekly Roundup 1/19: Cruel Boss Orders his Subordinate to Strip and Wank at CMNM

It’s time for another Straight Hell Videos Weekly Roundup with the hottest British gay porn updates of the past seven days. It’s intense this week, featuring big dick beta male Joe getting shamed by his superiors at CMNM, and eager Tristam spreading his hole wide for the directors at the Casting Room. Yesir Boys features Leo and Alex playing with a very big toy in a sexy dirty alley…There’s a plethora of videos demanding the full attention of your erection this weekend!

cmnm-update — Joey work in the worst office in the world. his boss is a sadistic prick who humiliates every man under his supervision every time they fuck up. Joe made a bad mistake with a client, and now he’s ordered to strip naked and show off his bulging dick for the amusement of his superiors. They laugh as they stroke him until he’s hard and then cumming against his will!
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The Casting Room — Tristam is an eager young man with a little experience making porn films. He believes in fluid sexuality and he’ll fuck and get fucked by men or women with equal enthusiasm. He wants to get into the rough stuff and was begging for an audition with Dave and Adrian!
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UK Hot Jocks — Fan favorite Jack Taylor is eager to bottom for sexy jock Kayden Grey and his raging cock. Kayden’s cock is legendary, and Jack is up for the challenge to get the thick white python up his hole. He’s stretched to the max but he’s loving every second of it!
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YESIR Boys — Hung Latino stud Leo hooks up with butt slut Alex in the back room of a dive bar and before he fucks Alex’s peachy ass, he wants to make sure he’s fit enough to take a rough anal pounding. Leo has a big toy for stretching boy holes and Alex is eager to prove how much cock he can take. Come for Alex taking this massive dildo in his hole, but stay for Leo ramming his fleshy cock deep in Alex until they both cum.
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CFNMtv — Latitia and the professor cannot believe their luck! Now they have another naked man to investigate and try out their medical procedures on. It will be interesting to see the differences between the big hulking father and his slimmer, youthful son.
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CFNM — William’s bad behaviour has never landed him in this much trouble before! He’s aware that this could have a serious impact upon whether he’s still able to play sports or even continue his education at St Dunstan’s. He’s willing to do anything to make amends, but having stripped him down stark naked the Nurse and Miss Farrow are intent on keeping him that way until he’s fulfilled his punishment.
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Sneaky Peek — Get a good leer at this chocolate stud getting changed after football practice. He’s got a great meaty ass and a nice, thick uncut cock. What would he do if he knew his pics were getting passed around on the internet?
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Straight Lads Spanked — Big thick Charlie is getting his muscular bubble butt spanked again for disobeying his father. He gets an old fashioned wooden bath brush to his bare buttocks until the big dumb bodybuilder is holding back tears!
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Roped Fittie Drew Used as a Fucktoy and Cum Receptacle

Drew is in one hell of a predicament. Since getting ambushed and choked out in his BreederFuckers dungeon introduction, he now finds himself stripped naked and bent over a sawhorse, roped at the wrists and unable to run away. He’s full of rage at his captor and he spits curses at Adrian as the bald prick approaches with his thick, twitching cock.

Adrian is going to train this repulsed hetero male to suck his turgid pole. He gets his crotch right in Drew’s face and orders his straight slave to start licking and sucking. Drew takes the organ in his mouth, fearing the consequences of disobedience and soon Adrian’s cock is growing hard in his mouth. Adrian orders Drew to keep taking his prick deeper and deeper until his nose is buried in Adrian’s pubes.

Dave appears and he’s zeroed in on Drew’s unguarded ass. His rock hard dick slides his cock into Drew’s asshole, ignoring his resistance, pushing harder and deeper, causing Drew to cry and moan while he gags on Adrian’s cock. The sadistic bald fuckers pump their cocks with wild enthusiasm, all the while cursing Drew for the slightest infraction or resistance. They switch positions and while Adrian gets deep inside Drew’s hole, Dave covers his face with spunk, and then he licks up his own load and spits it Drew’s mouth to the straight man’s horror. He must be thinking, “What in the fuck are this crazy fuckers going to do to me next?” Watch Adrian and Dave fucking helpless slave and covering him with their alpha male spunk at

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First Look: Handsome Straight Boy Ambushed and Gets his Hole Filled with Cum

We knew it was inevitable — handsome, blond Chris was bound to show up on Breeder Fuckers — he made quite an impression in his Casting Room audition, so he’s finally graduated to the kinky, raunchy big time. There’s a bit of setup to this storyline. Chris is your stereotypical collegiate athletics star — a superman on the football pitch, unbeatable on the tennis court, and he never cracked a book in the classroom. Now that school’s out and he’s got to pay his rent, he’s looking for any kind of job that will hire an academic underachiever with confidence and swagger. And he falls right into Adrian’s lap.

Adrian lays out all of the boring details about the sales job and then suggests that he and Chris should have some fun. How strong is the young man? Can he break through a flimsy ziptie? Adrian ties Chris’s wrist to the arm of a chair with the plastic gizmo and Chris can’t break it, So Adrian cold-cock the lad and it’s lights out. Dave appears and the pair of raunchy perverts lay Chris over the desk, gag him with a sock and tape and yank down his trousers. The lad is handcuffed and the lecherous criminals go to work, sodomizing Chris and turning the young lad’s sphincter into a greasy, ruined hole filled with their rotten cum. But the lad’s journey is just beginning, and he’s surely got so much more pain and humiliation to endure. Click here to watch Chris getting ambushed, double fucked and degraded with two cum loads at

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#classic: Scruffy Hunk Lukas Whipped & Fucked Mercilessly

This week’s Classic StraightHell Post features the wonderful and well hung Lukas, aka @DamianBossXXX getting gagged and roped in a high stress position (on back, knees in air, wrists roped behind back, ankles roped to neck and balls) that exposes his ass and his tight sphincter to whatever sick and perverted ideas that come into the minds of his tormentors, Dave and Adrian.


They start by giving him a hellacious whipping with a leather flogger and then the cane. Lukas’s ass turns into a fiery red apple with dark purple stripes criss-crossing his cheeks. The scruffy hunk is trying to hold back his tears but his crying is pathetic. Dave further torments and humiliates the macho tough guy with a hard finger fucking that causes Lukas’s agonized wails to get louder. Adrian inserts a nasty-looking dildo mounted on a pole and rams it further up Lukas’s hairy hole while Dave starts jacking his teeny little cock. Despite his humiliation and discomfort, Lukas starts getting harder and harder, and his cries for mercy are tinged with so much shame as he is coaxed closer and closer to orgasm. Click here to watch Lukas painfully punished and aroused to a humiliating orgasm at


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