#theCastingRoom: Sexy Scotsman Marc Learns to Pleasure a Man

Marc’s been an unstoppable force since he walked into Dave and Adrian’s office. He’s been an immediate fan fave on BreederFuckers, where his series as an ambushed fitness trainer has just gotten started. And as is the custom, when a lad gets to BreederFuckers, the Casting Room releases their porn audition tapes, where they show they’ve got the stuff to take a hard cock, follow instruction and even suffer some abuse.

It turns out that Marc considers himself bisexual, with more of a taste for the dick rather than the pussy. Seems like his audition was happening at just the right time too. Marc’s been in a bit of a sexual dry spell, going weeks without bedding another guy. Dave is eager to taste and feel his talent, so after some preliminary banter, they are both eager to get nasty.

They start with some very hot kissing, lots of tongue action, lots of groping hands as Dave strips Marc and starts fondling his stiffening cock through his underwear. Marc needs no encouragement here. As soon as Dave has his pants off, the sexy Scotsman is diving in on his cock, sucking it down and doing his best to deepthroat the thick monster. Dave likes Marc’s sucking abilities; he’s leaking precum like crazy, and he’s really ready to give this lad the full length of his cock.

Just to make sure Marc’s ready, Dave gives him a good rimjob, getting his asshole warmed up with his tongue while he strokes his own stiffie. Finally it’s time for them to get down to business. Marc lies back on a wooden table and Dave pushes his entire cock inside of him, banging him slow at first, then building momentum, stroking Marc’s cok while he thrusts. It’s safe to say Marc has probably never had a lover fuck him like Dave before.

Dave’s not quite finished with Marc’s ass though. He wants him from behind, and the camera gets a great shot from underneath of dave plowing his throbbing cock into Marc’s hole from behind while Marc’s own pendulous cock flops back and forth with the rhythmic pumping. Marc feels when Dave is going to shoot, so he gets on his knees and catches the bald bastard’s entire load on his tongue with a smile. now Dave starts slipping into BreederFuckers mode, giving Marc some verbal abuse, ordering him to clean his cock and suck off every last drop of cum. Dave can’t help being a cunt, even when he likes you. Click here to watch this hot gay porn audition video from #theCastingRoom.

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Weekly Roundup 6/14: Disgraced Businessman Puts on a Show For His Bosses

Here we in the middle of Pride Month, and here’s some lascivious queer fetish content that’s sure to make you sprout an erection you can be proud of. CMNM features a gaggle of leering businessmen turning on one of their own, gawking at the poor bastard while he strips and debases himself. The Casting Room features budding entrepreneur Stanley proudly showing off his hefty dick, while Busted Boys has great video of arrested rentboy Valentino catching cum from the throbbing cock of Officer Todd Haynes. Keep it hard and wave it with bravado my friends!

CMNM.net — Slick businessman Marc has been betting with company funds and the bosses are fucking pissed. Firing or suing him isn’t enough. What are they going to do with this sorry cunt? They turn him into a piece of meat performing for their entertainment. With increasingly degrading levels of humiliation Marc must stand in the centre of these high powered men stripping and performing for their pervy amusement.
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The Casting Room — One of the sexy pleasures of auditioning straight guys is learning how their dicks look when erect. It’s like a secret that only a few chicks have known but now we’ve got a video of how his boner stiffens up. Stanley’s cock has a unique way of curving upward toward his bell end when he’s hard and he produces a big load on command.
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Busted Boys — Officer Todd Haynes is ready to punish some Florida rentboys, and the first one that takes the bait is suave Latino Valentino. He propositions the officer and Todd swoops in, his dick already bulging through his jeans. The other cops know to make themselves scarce on this vice squad raids, because Horny officer Haynes wants to fuck those male prostitutes before hauling them into lockup. Todd stretches out Valentino’s asshole with his massive dick then unloads his cum on the submissive man’s chest.
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Bad Lads — Daddy Claudio gets a call from his son’s school saying the lad has been skipping lots of classes lately. He offers a feeble defense that the teacher has him mixed up with someone else, but Claudio can see right through the bullshit. He hauls the lad over his knee and teaches him a painful lesson in obedience, then whacks his sore red bum with a paddle for good measure.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Blake’s football coach is an old-school disciplinarian and he does not tolerate tardiness among his players. Young Blake is chronically late for practice, so coach decides to prepare the tried and true remedy for lazy thinking. Blake is selected for a humiliating and painful over the knee spanking from the coach, and what’s more, just when he thinks he’s survived the ordeal, the coach informs him he’s earned a dozen hard whacks with the paddle as well.
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CFNMtv — The fearsome Mrs. T is determined to punish Leonard Mackintosh for exposing himself to the two female students staying at her hostel. Little does she realise that the poor young man has a perfectly innocent explanation for his behaviour. Unfortunately he’s not given a chance to explain himself before she meters out her stern punishment.
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CFNM –- The women are thrilled to have this sexy sporty boy between them. Andrew is one of the hottest boys in school and here he is stark naked and very erect making him totally under their spell. They revel in teasing his dick and watching him blush intensely with embarrassment as there is nothing he can do to hide his excitement.
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Sneaky Peek — This working man is quite a treat to behold — a tough, muscular body developed by years and years of hard manual labour. He’s cocky about his body and not afraid to strut around the locker room without a towel, but would he be so sure of his naked body knowing that leaked video of his cock was being shared all over the internet?
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#CMNM: New Hire Gets Mr. Swallows’ Cock Hard

Being a powerful man in business has its perks. Adrian is well connected, and when one of his affluent friends has a fuck-up son, they can always ship him off to Adrian’s factory for a basic job and lessons in humility.

James fits this description to a tee. He finished school a few semesters ago, bombed his professional placement exams and has been leeching off his father’s largesse. Finally he’s sent to interview for a position with Mr. Swallows, and James puts his very casual attitude on display. He says he would feel at home in management. Swallows thinks he’d be more at home on the production line getting his hands dirty.

Sensing James wavering on the prospect of manual labour, Adrian has him stand up and strip to see how well the protective coveralls will fit. Once James is down to his underwear, his massive bulge is in full view. Adrian tells him not to worry. The factory is all male and everyone is used to seeing loose cocks. In fact, Adrian used to see James’ father’s cock on the regular as well.

It seems that during their school days, James’ father and Adrian were quite the close pair, and Adrian waxes fondly of getting his cock sucked by James’ dear old dad. James can’t hide his erection from Adrian and Swallows sees it’s going to be like father, like son. Adrian pulls out his own turgid cock and orders James to his knees, instructing him to get that knob in his mouth like a lolly and suck it. Before long, Adrian has the hesitant lad by the ears, thrusting his throbbing erection down his throat. So fucking hot! Click here to see Adrian taking advantage of his new hire’s gargantuan dick at CMNM.

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Slave Boy Dale: Roped, Caned, Milked and Forced to Suck Cock!

Dale’s third episode in the BreederFuckers Dungeon certainly impressed me. He’s roped on his hands and knees and set up like a hobby or project on a table top for busy pervert Daniel. He’s wearing tighty whitey underwear and he’s still angry as hell. His body still bears all of the welts and bruises of his previous whippings. Daniel is eager to start exploring his slave’s hole and he cuts a hole in the seat of Dale’s underwear so his asshole is accessible. Dale screams — he wants nothing more stuck up his ass, and Daniel uses his flogger to enforce his domination. Dale is ordered to be still and be silent, but he keeps screaming and fighting, and Daniel uses the flogger to teach the noisebag some manners and discipline.


Dave arrives after several minutes and takes up the project. The sadistic captors jam a vibrator up Dale’s tight herero hole and tease him with an old school cane. He manages the pain of the old-fashioned punishment when the cane whips his buttocks, but starts to break down into tears when Dave canes the soles of his feet (aka BASTINADO). Dave ties a rope around his balls and starts to over-stimulate Dale’s cock-head with a Hitachi magic wand. Despite his efforts to control his body, Dale starts sprouting an erection, and Dave jacks his slave’s cocks mercilessly. Daniel yanks his pants down and jams his thick cock in Dale’s mouth. THe poor bastard gets it at both ends until he can’t take the pressure any more and he shudders and shoots a wad of thick slave-boy jizz everywhere. Hooting with laughter, his sadistic captors leave him to wallow in his shame. Click here to see Dale whipped mercilessly and milked until he cums like a geyser at BreederFuckers.


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#HelplessBoys: Alen is an Exposed Mark for Lusty Predator in a Van

Skinny white-boy Alen Jackson is stranded somewhere in the woods. He manages to flag down an anonymous white van and persuades smoldering Latino driver, Tim, to give him a lift to the nearest payphone. When he reveals that he’s got no money to cover gas, Tim gives him an ultimatum; sexually submit or get out and walk. Alen relents and soon his wrists are bound with rope and he’s choking on a mouthful of Latinx cock.

Tim brutally fucks poor little Alen’s pale ass red while choking him. These backwoods boys like it rough! Alen struggles to recover while Tim pries apart his legs again and slams his throbbing boner up his pulsing hole for another round. Tim is so confident in his domination of bitch boy Alen that he even lays back and lets the pathetic cunt ride him cowboy style without fear the punk-ass bitch will try to run away. After all that fucking, Tim is finally satisfied and he erupts with cum all over Alen’s tear streaked face. Tim looks at him with disgust and wonders if he even wants to ride next to this sloppy mess to the next gas station. Click here to watch this wide-eyed virgin take a raging cock up the shitter for the first time at HelplessBoys.com.

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Dirty Boy Max Trained to Use His Mouth to Give Pleasure

18 year old Max is back in the dungeon this week, and for a lad that’s been ambushed, beaten, violated and fucked, he’s still full of fight and breathing fire. He’s roped by his wrists and bent over a big wooden crate — his ass is sticking up in the air and he’s basically useless. He flails a bit, trying to pull himself free, but he’s still a trapped sex slave at Adrian’s mercy. Adrian enters and Max unleashes his verbal fury, threatening his perverted captor and hurling the crudest insults he can imagine.

Adrian is unfazed. He literally tut-tuts the struggling teen and points his face to the camera and whispers in his ear that he’s going to be sucking cock and he’s going to be taking it hard up the ass, and there’s not a single thing he can do to stop it. Max tries to struggle but Adrian starts paddling him like a schoolboy. Max’s ass is already bearing the bruises of previous beatings, so his cheeks must be tender. He cries out and tries to twist free, but even Adrian’s light strokes make him howl with pain. Adrian asks Max if he’s ready to suck cock. Max refuses so Adrian dials up the intensity of his spanking. After literally seconds of the pain, Max gives in and Dave appears as if by magic, no pants on and ready to slam his dick down Max’s throat. Max reluctantly takes Dave’s cock in his mouth and sucks like the most creeped out hetero you can imagine. No use of the lips. Cheeks puffed out like he’s sucking in air but forgetting to exhale. If you were paying for this blowjob, you would demand a refund. Dave even threatens to throw a punch if Max isn’t more careful about scraping his teeth against his master’s thick shaft.

Adrian makes good on his promise and spreads Max’s ass cheeks apart so he can plunge his raging erection into the lad’s hairy hole. He fucks him deep and hard, making Max groan and heave as Dave’s cock continues to choke him. Adrian doesn’t take long to build to climax, so he quickly switches with Dave so he can shoot his spunk in Max’s face, and what a sticky load he delivers! Dave is not far behind, splattering Max’s bruised purple ass with more filthy cum. Click here to watch Dirty Boy Max getting punished and trained to take cock in both holes like an obedient slave at BreederFuckers.com.

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#CMNM: Watch William Get His Willy Wanked

William is the latest in a long line of young straight guys too lazy to work and possessing too high opinion of their own good looks and sexual prowess. He figures he can earn money doing sex work for gay men and still come out with his dignity intact.

he’s been hired to be an on-call boy toy for businessmen looking for a convenient way to blow off stress and bolster their ego. William’s been pawed and groped, his hole has been fingered and fucked with a toy, and now he sits taped to a chair, waiting for the perverted gays to descend on him and take control of his cock.

He tries to play it off in his detached, emotionless way. But his masters fondle his cock and it grows stiff in their hands. Soon his boner is raging as the men pass it between their slippery hands, and William is both desperate to cum and fearing what happens to him once they push him over the edge.

With a hand pumping his cock shaft, another swirling his balls around and another teasing and pinching his nipples, his climax is foregone. He spills cum all over his thighs and hairy belly, and the businessmen scoop it up and feed it to him. William doesn’t bother to pretend to resist. The feeling of three strong hands manipulating his cock and pushing him past the threshold was unlike any other sensation he’s ever felt. If this is what they want next, he’s happy to eat his own cum for them. A young man like this could probably be ready to go in another ten minutes. Click here to watch this three-on-one wank scene at CMNM.net.

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