#CMNM: Italian Daddy Learns Who’s Boss

After having a devious go at young soccer stud Paolo, Dave and Adrian are back to the negotiating table with his uncle, Italian media mogul Dino Gentilé. It seems like trying to strongarm Mancastle FC into signing his nephew as part of television contracts has backfired. Now Dave and Adrian have lurid video of Dino’s nephew Paolo getting assfucked and appearing to love it, and the billionaire is at their mercy.

So in addition to a new contract that will pay them gobs of money, Mancastle will retain Paolo as Dave’s personal fuck-puppet, and Dino will submit to a rigourous and utterly humiliating undressing and physical probing. Refusal to bow down and concede will result in the embarrassing porn video going public, and Dino’s reputation will be in ruins.

He looks like he’s in shock as Dave and Adrian start pulling off his expensive suit and stripping him naked. They marvel at his fit physique, still showing off his marvelous muscles left over from his own playing days in the 80s. This Italian daddy has it all — a broad chest, hairy back and a thick cock dangling between his legs.

Dave and Adrian inhale his musky scent, lick his nipples and spread his asscheeks wide enough to get a good glimpse at the older man’s asshole. He’s spitting mad, but his tough guy bluster only makes Dave and Adrian laugh. They take turns giving his thick-yet-still-soft cock a gentle stroke, hoping to coax an embarrassing involuntary erection out of him, but the old man is too much in control of himself for now. The fun is just getting started for these depraved English perverts and their kowtowing Italian slave. Click here to watch the full clothed male/naked male domination and humiliation video at CMNM.

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Weekly Roundup 8/9: Thick Italian Sausage on Offer at #CMNM

This week’s gay fetish porn roundup is outstanding, featuring great new kink, humiliation and voyeurism. The perverts in charge of Mancastle United have an older, suave gentleman in their clutches this week at CMNM, while Italian deviant Paolo makes a big wet splash in his porn audition video at the Casting Room. Finally, we’ve found a new site that we love: Boy Creeper featuring clueless studs stalked and fucked in their homes by masked criminals. Oh my aching erection! Try to keep both hands on your stick this weekend, it’s going to be very wild!

CMNM.net — Mancastle management team Adrian and Dave pull their ace during their negotiations with Italian media mogul Gentilé. They’ve got compromising video of his nephew getting fucked up his ass with a giant dildo, and if he doesn’t want his family and business reputation trashed he’ll submit to a humiliating physical groping himself. Incensed but having no choice, he submits and they leering duo eagerly strip him out of his suit and grope this thick Italian sausage.
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Boy Creeper — A brand new gay bondage and hardcore BDSM site from the Fetish Network. Boy Creeper features young, innocent college dudes and cute male students chilling at home, when suddenly their world is shattered and a masked intruder breaks in and ties them up for sexual degradation. Watch as these masked monsters subdue these lads and rip their clothes off, choke them and stretch their assholes open with their thick cocks. If you love stalker fantasies and strugglefuck scenarios, you are going to love BOYCREEPER.
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The Casting Room — Paolo is a proper slut because when he’s asked to strip he immediately whips down his trousers first so his dick flops out. This boy’s enthusiasm is perfect! As is his greedy arsehole! Look at what a hungry bottom he is showing off his arsehole as if he’s aching to be penetrated by as many men as possible. There’s a palpable tension as if he is desperate to be used.
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Bad Lads — Pig Boy Ruben has a fun afternoon ahead of him. Another muscle boy thought he would try his luck against the tattooed thug, sure that a spanking wouldn’t hurt him at all. Discipline expert Ruben knows otherwise, and he relishes the long painful bare hand spanking he lays on the beefy young stud.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Spencer has run afoul of Dad yet again, and the thirty-something fuckup must submit to a bare bum spanking or pack his stuff and get out of the house. Having no where else to go, he submits to the embarrassing punishment and winces as his dad punctuates each burst of bare and swats with a droning lecture on what a disappointment Spencer is.
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CFNMtv — Mrs. T seems determined to punish Edward fully for upsetting her young female guests. The foreign backpackers are delighted with how things have turned out – having turned a simple misunderstanding into an excuse to grope and humiliate the young man. Now they wait keenly to see what the angry landlady will suggest they do next.
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CFNM –- The women’s focused gaze and groping of Antonio’s stark naked body has caused him to grow a big fat hard on. He can feel how debased he’s become being turned into their plaything and that shame has made him even more horny! All he can think about is ejaculating but he’s been firmly told he’s not allowed until the women want him to.
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Sneaky Peek — Sneaky Peek has another great “upkilt” video from a Highland Games competition. This beefy brute is lounging around on the lawn, scoping out the ladies, but little does he know that 50 meters away, a pervert has a zoom lens pointed at his crotch, just waiting for the brainless bull to flash his uncut cock and his powerful thighs.
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Straight Russian Dude gets His Asshole Wrecked!

Yuris is back at BreederFuckers this week, and the tall strong Russian is treated like an utter joke and piece of trash by Adrian and Dave. They mock his suit, asking him if he just came from a mobile phone store. They deem him oblivious and guilty of teasing and distracting too many men with his lean, muscular ass all day. They’re going to cure him and lift the fog. Yuris is going to get his tight hole trained and broken in to keep him mindful of showing it off in public. He’s ordered onto the exam room table on all fours and he’s roped at the wrists and ankles. Next, his trousers and underwear are pulled down and Dave and Adrian take their time massaging Yuris’s hole and admiring his big, heavy balls. But their benign playfulling fondling quickly turns much more invasive. Adrian and Dave slip their fingers into Yuris’s asshole and start trying to widen his hole. They pull his asshole apart, trying to get it gaping wide, and Yuris is just bellowing in pain. At one point they have six fingers from three hands all pulling in different directions, trying to stretch Yuris’s man-cunt until it splits wide.

Finally they let Yuris have a break, but it’s just to tie a tight rope around Yuris’s cock and stretch it tight. Yuris is bellowing again and Adrian impales his asshole with his dildo spear. Dave and Adrian take turns ramming his asshole with the spear and applying painful treatment to Yuris’s cock and balls. They stretch out his long foreskin and spread it wide open. Then Adrian starts caning Yuris on his naked backside just to add to his misery. Yuris is groaning and bellowing so much, they even tape his mouth with duct tape just to shut him up. Dave and Adrian aren’t finished yet; they slip the stainless steel nose-hook into Yuris’s nostrils and run a rope from his nose to an anal hook. The hook goes deep into Yuris’s man-cunt and it yanks his head back. Yuris can’t move; he’s trapped and he’s thrumming with pain, but he’s got to wait for his masters to release him. Click here to watch Yuris endure excruciating punishment and humiliating asshole training at BreederFuckers.com


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#CMNM: Beefy Hunk Embarrassed at his Job Interview

Richard is looking for a new line of employment that plays to his strengths…that is to say, his strength, his brawn and his powerful physique. The caveman-brain lunk wants a job pushing people around for cash, and a tip from one of his workout buddies led him to Dave’s debt collection agency.

Dave sees strapping morons like Richard regularly, and he constantly has to disabuse them of the notion that collections is more than shaking a borrower upside-down by the ankles while money falls from their pockets. Actually getting them to understand that the job is not like a cartoon is difficult.

But Richard stirs something in Dave. He wants the job and he says he take all the difficult cases. “Whatever it takes” is the mantra he keeps repeating. Dave puts the this to the test. What if being a hard man doesn’t work? What if it means letting a sissy grope your dick to collect a debt? Would Richard do that?

“Whatever it takes.”

Dave knows he’s got this lummox on a string now. He orders him to strip to see if the uniform fits. Of course it’s a ruse to grope Richard’s bulging pectorals and thick thighs. The bearded brute grunts and is obviously uncomfortable with Dave’s hands running all over him, touching his cock even, but he must really want this job! Dave’s just getting started with this hot, scruffy stud. Click here to watch the full video at CMNM.

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Chav Scum Lee Endures Agonizing Nipple Torture

Lazy Lee has been a leach on society all of his life. It was that slothfulness and idleness that made him both a target and so susceptible to be lured into the BreederFuckers dungeon. In this fifth episode in the painful gay BDSM series, Adrian has Lee roped with his arms behind his back and his thighs roped to his knees, forcing him to kneel. Adrian fixes magnetic clips to Lee’s nipples and a third clip is painfully pinched onto his foreskin. Adrian scatters a bunch of magnetic weights across the floor and orders Lee to crawl and wobble across the filthy carpet picking up the weights with his nipples and his cock. It’s an incredibly difficult task to perform with your arms roped behind your back, and to make it even more agonizing, Adrian is providing extra encouragement with a riding crop, lashing Lee’s back and bottom while he staggers on his knees trying to pick up the tiny weights with his nipples.

When he has finally completed his task, Adrian pushes him over onto his side and rams a dildo up his hole, which is by now getting quite worked in. Lee twitches as his asshole gets fucked but ADrian just leaves him on the floor, helpless with the toy vibrating in his ass and his arms and legs roped. Click here to see Lee’s agonizing nipple torture full video at BreederFuckers!

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#HelplessBoys – Party Boy Diego get Punished with Connor’s THICK Cock

Hungover hottie Diego Hawkins is lost in the woods and exhausted. He’s been plodding for hours after wandering away from a wild bush party in the middle of the night. Now, in the light of day, he’s praying for help, and trying to convince himself that all of the campfire rumours told last night about wild, sexually threatening rednecks prowling the area are just tall tales. Someone talked about a hidden dungeon deep in the swamp where they take pretty boys and fuck their brains out. Just an urban legend thinks Diego, only half convinced.

When Conner suddenly arrives in his white van and agrees to give him a lift, Diego can barely get the words out to say thanks. Don’t worry, slut! Conner thinks. He’s going to compel Diego the best way to show appreciation. Faced with an impossibly long walk home, Diego submits to Connor and is quickly tied up and dominated in the van. Conner then takes him back to the mythic dungeon for some rope bondage torment and brutal ass-banging action. He savagely fucks poor little Diego then sprays his face with his torrential cumshot. Click here to watch the full video of lost hitch hike Diego getting punished by big-dick beast Connor Maguire at HelplessBoys.com.

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Casting Room Bonus! Pocket Dynamite Stefan Shoots a gooey Load

If you really love powerfully built men, the Casting Room has another great update for you this week in the member’s area. Stefan is 34 and works in IT, but he’s got a serious freaky side. Despite standing 5’5″, he’s developed his body impressively and he’s happy to show off his sculpted pecs and massive bulging thighs. His toned body is evenly tanned and shaved as well; Stefan obviously knows he looks good and he works hard to maintain this great body. His skin is flawless. After he strips down, we get a good look at his uncut cock and he pulls back the foreskin to let ups see the whole thick member. When he’s ready to wank, he grabs his mobile and loads up a special video. That gets him hard in a hurry and he strokes his fat cock at a methodical pace, until he’s squeezing out shot after shot of his white. creamy jizz all over the floor. Click here to watch this dynamite little muscle man stroking his fat uncut cock in hopes of making the porno big-time at the Casting Room.

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