Weekly Roundup 9/16: Daniel Johnson is the King of Kink at Brutal Tops!

I’m super pumped to present this week’s roundup because it features Daniel Johnson back to terrorize the locker room at Brutal Tops! He’s looking handsome as fuck in his expensive suit and he’s there to horrify and shame his cowardly underling and wash his mouth out with hot piss! Do not miss this amazing gay BDSM humiliation video! Elsewhere, the Casting Room features hetero boy toy Lance, spreading his ass and wanking for the camera, and a pair of randy soldiers goof off naked at Eric Deman. There’s loads to wank to this weekend…gentlemen, get lubed and get ready!

Brutal Tops — Hot Damn! Savage Master Daniel Johnson is back at Brutal Tops, but he’s playing the role of the undercover corporate psychopath, looking immaculate in his business suit. He’s just finished his workout and is getting ready to go back to the office when he spies a weak and sniveling toady in the corner of the lockerroom. Doesn’t he work in the mailroom? Is this faggot stealing a peek at me while I’m getting dressed? Daniel reacts like a sociopath, backing the whimpering baby against the wall and forcing him to his knees, telling him if he wants to see him naked, then go ahead, get the full frontal show; Daniel pulls out his thick, uncut cock and sprays hot piss in the pathetic wanker’s mouth. A+ scene, do not miss this one!
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The Casting Room — Lance is a tough hetero man who works hard all day lifting heavy goods. He unwinds by boxing at his local gym or looks to get laid at his local pub. Failing that there’s late night sessions on webcam showing off his cock to strangers. He’s a sexy straight hunk they never thought they would get access to in the real world but here his taut muscular body is examined in close detail presenting his purple-headed cock, tight round arse and jerking off on command. He’s led through each stage like an animal struck-dumb by the headlights, barely realizing how the producers getting off on his stripped down slutty exposure before he’s ushered to the door and assured he’ll be called if any work becomes available.
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Strip Search Hell — This fucker just got sentenced to five months in lockup and he’s been whisked here straight from the courthouse. He didn’t have any chance to pack a toothbrush, let alone stuff any contraband up his hole to help him get through the days and nights, but the guards are about to give him a thorough and uncomfortable examination to root out any hidden secrets he’s got on him, or in him.
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Sneaky Peek — This week’s hidden camera video shows smuggled video footage of a whole gang of strapping young footballers getting wet and soapy in the shower after a practice. No doubt they would have murder on their mind if they knew they were being filmed and where the video was going to end up!
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has a hot new video of two soldiers hosing each other down while stark naked! One even bends over to spread his ass cheeks to give his hole a power cleaning!
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CFNMtv — In the new video at CFNMTV.com, Julie and Maggie are desperate to get closer to Mr Douglas. Julie in particular wants to know if reality lives up to her fantasies of him. In the silent school with no other teachers present, perhaps she’ll get her opportunity.
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CFNM — At CFNM.net, the success of CFNM4Girls is down to one woman – self styled “editrix” Kate Stone. The tough and determined businesswoman knows just what her readers want – and how to give it to them. She uses her influence and power to get male celebrities to agree to appear naked in her magazine. She arrives at the publisher’s offices ready to start work on the second issue when the tea boy enters wearing far too much for her taste.
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Male model tricked; Terry gets roped, gagged and viciously whipped

Terry is one of the most handsome straight me to appear on Straight Hell, IMO, and the story that they told about Terry’s bondage and punishment training begins with Terry being approached by Dave under the ruse that Dave’s a fashion photographer and he’s scouting modeling talent. Terry’s ego is much stronger than his common sense and he immediately agreed to Dave’s offer of a paid modeling gig, and it was far too late when he realized that there was no film in the camera and there was not going to be any free hot tub filled with hookers for him. Dave binds Terry’s wrists with rope during the session ,and then buckles a ball gag into his mouth. Terry finally comes to his senses and realizes something is dreadfully wrong, and about 3 seconds later, Dave slices off his clothes with a knife. Terry tries to escape, but the rope bindings are too tight, and he’s helpless when Dave first tightens the nipple clamps onto his perky little hetero nips, and when Dave starts pummeling him with the heavy leather flogger. Dave is wielding that whip with two hands and swinging it like a cricket bat. Terry absorbs most of the punishment across his stomach and his back and he twists and screams in pain. Enter here to watch the complete video series of Terry’s time at the merciless hands of Dave at StraightHell.net
Male model Terry gets roped and savagely flogged

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Craig Enters BreederFuckers Male-Whore Training Program

BreederFuckers’ focus this week returns to Craig, the Strip Club greeter who got lippy and insulting with Dave and Adrian and who is now paying a dear price for his insolence. Dave has got Craig alone in the dungeon for his first stage of Male-Whore training. A fresh young man like Craig will fetch premium dollars from wealthy out of town clients looking to fuck scruffy young men behind closed doors. In order to get Craig ready for his new career, Dave is going to make sure his ass is ready to take cock after cock and that his own fat, uncut dick is ready to be manhandled and abused if his trick wants to play rough. Dave straps a ball gag into Craig’s mouth to shut up his weak insults and then he proceeds to flog and fondle the lad, and then he starts inserting his strong, thick fingers into Craig’s aching hole. You might remember that the last time we saw Craig, he was fucked deep and hard by both Adrian and Dave, and that was when they saw his ass was worth selling for cash.


So now Dave’s aim is to make sure that Craig’s hole doesn’t shrink and tighten after it’s been fucked by multiple cocks. He finger fucks Craig’s still-tight hole and then penetrates him with a tiny vibrator; a sex-toy like the one your teenage sister might have. Slender, purple and delicate, just enough to massage the G-spot inside Craig’s hole and get him used to the feeling of a cock pumping inside of him. Dave is trying to get Craig’s fat, uncircumcised cock hard and erect but as skilled as his hands are, he can’t get Craig to give him a boner. So Dave moves on to the cock torture portion of the training…If a client feels the need to torture his man-whore’s package, he has to be able to take the pain! Dave ropes Craig’s cock and balls tightly around the base. He throws the end of the rope over a ceiling beam and then ties a heavy bowling ball to the free end of the rope. The weight yanks Craig’s throbbing junk and he groans with pain. Dave gets right in his face and starts finger fucking his hole again. This is really preparing Craig for the depraved depths of degradation he is sure to see in his new life as BreederFucker’s Male Whore for Rent! Click here to watch Craig’s tight asshole getting fucked and his thick, uncut cock getting tortured and abused at BreederFuckers.com!


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College boy turned out: Kristjan gets punished

Adrian has 18 year old college lad Kristjan in his clutches and after wearing him out in the dungeon for a while, he decides he is going to maximize the lad’s humiliation and start pimpimg him out as a rentboy for any pervy slobs that wish to get a taste of his freshman ass. After forcing Kristjan to make a video for a hookup site, Adrian puts out flyers of him all over local cruising spots, and before long, they get a reply from a local preacher. The slobbering holy man fondles Kristjan’s soft cock while Adrian flogs his backside and probes his hole with a massive dildo. Kristjan endures the gag training and the painful rope bondage but nearly breaks into tears and hysterics when Adrian whips the soles of his feet. Penitence for his sins, intones the priest as he catches Kristjan’s spunk in his hands after Adrian milks the 18 year old lad. Click here to see Kristjan’s full archive of painful, perverted prostitution videos.


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#Classic: Gleeful Adrian gives Shamus a Savage Caning

I hope you are well rested after the weekend to deal with this morning’s #classic, because it’s not for the feint of heart. I decided to feature a clip with Shamus, who crossed paths with Dave and Adrian in 2013 and endured an incredibly savage torture and punishment between bouts of rough, riotous fucking. Tall, muscular and lean, he’s very much Adrian’s type of guy, and his attitude earned him extra penance in the dungeon.


It all started when Shamus decided to pop in on Dave and Adrian in their office. Shamus worked for the landlord and he decided to spy about to see what Dave and Adrian were up to all day. Not liking lookie-loos, Dave and Adrian resented the intrusion and things escalated quickly. After being stripped and flogged, Shamus found himself in the bowels of their dungeon. In this terrifying scene, Shamus is strapped to the bondage bench and Adrian is ecstatic about delivering a long caning punishment to Shamus’s tender and throbbing buttocks. The lanky Irishman’s cheeks are already bruised, purple and striped. Adrian’s cane deliver’s Shamus to new depths of fury and misery. He tries in vain to break out of his bonds, but he’s locked in at Adrian’s mercy. Adrian finally shows Shamus some mercy when he puts the cane aside, only to give the bound slave’s balls and cock a good manhandling; after rubbing his helpless chattel’s genitals and curiously probing his tightly clenched asshole, Adrian decides he’s rather spend time fucking this gorgeous lad, and he viciously penetrates Shamus’s virgin hole with his stiff pecker. Adrian fucks Shamus hard and deep and Shamus tries to scream and break away, as the tears roll down his face. Click here to watch Shamus’s fantastic Gay BDSM Sex Slavery ordeal at BreederFuckers.com.


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