Exclusive Preview: Liam Gets a Super Filthy Piss Enema!

How has everyone been over the past 24 hours? Feel like you’ve taken a beating? Or perhaps you feel like a triumphant superman ready to crush a weakling under your bootheel? As always, BreederFuckers is ready with some truly raunchy and fucked up catharsis. You might remember Liam from two weeks ago, when he was ambushed by Dave and Adrian and assfucked in the back of his delivery van. Now, the sadists have driven Liam to their lair and propped his naked ass way up in the air so it’s a nice, big, brown defenceless target. In goes the funnel into his sphincter, and out come Dave and Adrian’s cocks, streaming their hot, disgusting piss deep into Liam’s violated hole.

Liam moans in stressful agony as his asshole is filled with his attackers’ piss. When they’ve filled him up, they plug his hole with a big buttplug and strap an electroshock collar around his balls and order him to sucking cock. Liam struggles to suck Dave’s throbbing member, and every time he’s less than perfectly enthusiastic, Adrian shoots a bolt of electricity through his genitals. Finally, Dave stops trying to choke Liam with his dick and just shoots his horrible jizz all over Liam’s face. They lay him on his back and remove the buttplug. All of the piss shoots out like a jet, and filthy pervert Adrian is ready to start fucking Liam’s wet hole. Liam cries out in pain and shame as Adrian fucks him like a piston. It’s such brutally dominant gay sex! Click here to watch the full Video of Liam getting filled with piss and covered in cum at BreederFuckers!


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Forgotten Classic: Noah’s terrifying foreskin torture

One thing I love about running this blog is that i can spend hours perusing old favourite videos from the Straight Hell catalog and get away with calling it “work” but every once in a while, even though I think I know these videos like the back of my hand, I’ll see something and it’s like I’m seeing it with fresh eyes again, and the old thrill returns. Noah was already one of my favourites of all time at Straight Hell. His type of young-husky boy body with hints of baby fat and that clean shaven look, no chest hair, for me, that’s the ideal type of straight man that needs to be featured as much as possible. Innocent, sexy without being a total slut pig and wasted by too much experience…curious with the capacity to be truly fearful, even terrified. Ginger boy Noah is topped by old guard doms Colin and Reuben, and they show this tender lad no mercy. They spread his legs and get right to work on his cock and balls, locking them up and using clamps on the panicky boy’s foreskin. They tether the clamps to his big toes, so any kicking or struggling only pulls and tears the foreskin more. Noah settles down a little and they fit him with a tongue clamp and work on his pink fuck hole. Reuben pushes a dildo into Noah’s virgin ass while Colin puts clamps on his nipples. Noah is so overmatched an overwhelmed with the painful sensations that tears start rolling down his face. This Straight Hell classic is in the BreederFuckers.com archive, but is only available for members. Do yourself a favour and splurge on the membership…reliving scenes like Noah’s unbearable foreskin torture is totally worthwhile.


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#classic: Obsess Over Gabriel’s Feet and Thighs while he gets a Mouthful of Piss

So, where do you think sweet young Gabriel hails from? I think his family must be Greek. There’s no other way such a sweet young boy could come to possess such hairy legs and and ass cheeks. Dave and Adrian are obsessed with Gabriel’s furry thighs and they gleefully start flogging his tender flesh before moving on to the cane. Gabriel is roped loosely, but his hands are secure and he can’t get way. He sits on his ass with his legs spread, giving Adrian easy access to his tiny, scared penis, and Adrian sadistically pinches Gabriel’s ballsack with a set of heavy clamps and ties them to another pair of clamps attached to his delicious little nipples. If you’re a foot freak, you’ll love what comes next. Adrian holds Gabriel’s foot in the air and Dave canes the soles of his feet, making the angelic teen scream in pain. If this isn’t too much for such a young man to bear, Dave crams a dental gag into Gabriel’s mouth, forcing his jaws open and magically turning the boy into a human piss receptacle. Dave empties his bladder into the teen’s mouth while Adrian rigs him with clothespins for one last blinding jolt of pain! Click here to watch the Straight Hell full video of hairy teen Gabriel getting caned, tortured and soaked with piss!


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Straight Hell Terry: Pissing Humiliation

Terry is one of the best looking men to appear on Straight Hell (IMO), and vicious top Dave played to his vanity by staging a phony modeling gig to entrap the hunk before going medieval on him. In this installation of Terry’s torture, Dave has him roped to a wooden chair that’s conveniently missing its seat, allowing Dave to cruelly fuck Terry’s virgin hetero ass with a thick dildo. While Terry squirms and tries to scream for help, Dave, twists and pinches his nipples with clamps and then ropes off his cock and balls in an intricate and agonizing configuration. While Terry howls and moans at the pain, Dave unzips his fly and gleefully pisses all over his slave’s face, mouth and chest. Terry’s future is not looking so promising at this point. Enter here to watch the full video archive of Terry’s beastly CBT torture and piss drinking humiliation.


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Weekly Roundup 11/04: Forced Cum Facials at CMNM

This week in the roundup, sexual predators are lurking everywhere! Craig and Mr Douglas are forced to give each other hot cum facials at CMNM, while Master Kyle debuts at Brutal Tops and forces his sniveling slave to take a big drink of piss. Eric Deman doesn’t disappoint either with a new video of a pair of beefy trucker daddies getting naked and hard in an anonymous roadside hookup. Have a weekend full of wanking my friends!

CMNM.net — The headmaster of St. Dunstan’s Academy and his sick cronies continue their debauchery behind closed doors. Little do the other students and faculty know what goes on in there. Headmaster Adrian and his assistant David have Mr. Dawson and problem student Craig in hot water up to their eyeballs. Both teacher and student are naked and splayed across the laps of their superiors. The perverted administrators are jacking the pair off and they plan is to force Mr. Dawson to ejaculate in Craigs’s face and then have Craig return the favour. Private Schools are so twisted and raunchy!
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Brutal Tops — Brutal Tops features another crazy aggressive top in their dungeon, Master Kyle, aka Lee from recent BreederFuckers appearances. He’s thrilled with having the chance to dominate this wretched slag. He knocks his slave around and forces him to drink a load of piss straight from the dick!
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Strip Search Hell — Prisoners convicted of burglary/robbery are watched like hawks in jail. These are the guys that have always got something tucked away that they shouldn’t have. They look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths yet their cell, and body cavities, are full of contraband. It’s not a bad idea to get the sucker naked and walk him around the prison as an example to others. And if you’re lucky something will drop out of his arse and he can be caught red-handed. Or red-arseholed so to speak
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CFNMtv — Having left Mr Douglas exhausted and spent, Julie and Maggie have returned to the classroom to join the others. On the way they bump into a startled looking Malcolm. But nothing prepares any of them for the sight that greets them when they open the door!
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CFNM — Lloyd has never felt so embarrassed in all his life. Having to strip naked was bad enough, but to add to his humiliation he’s been photographed dressed as a baby! But if he thinks things cannot get any worse he’s in for a nasty surprise. CFNM4Girls readers are about to find out a lot more about the much feted pop star.
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Sneaky Peek — Sneaky Peek returns to the roundup and features several hard lads in the shower getting lathered up. If they ever found the cameraman who shot this illicit shower video, they would probably let their fists do the talking!
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has a new video of a hot truckstop totally naked encounter! Stripped down, fingering and jerking each other off! These guys get off on having sex in a very public spot where they might be caught at any moment and also filming themselves being naked and dirty out in the open!
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