Casting Room Bonus: Straight Lad Chris Learns to Take a Cock (and a Load)

Chris, the blond cutie with the unique cock stroking technique, has graduated from broke horny straight guy to full on gay-for-pay porn model. He’s lean and fit with a gorgeous pair of low-hanging balls, and he’s willing to get naked and nasty with dirty pervert Adrian for cash, and for opportunities to be a filthy fetish slave down the road (hopefully).

Chris and Adrian start by kissing, and then Adrian teases him by licking his armpits and sucking his nipples. Adrian wants to get the straight boy erect and see his sexual prowess when he’s faced with another man, so he starts expertly sucking Chris’s cock, and the 21 year old gets stiff and soon his erect cock is too big to fit in Adrian’s mouth. Adrian is eager to get the young man inside him, so he hops up on the table and puts the young man to work, fucking his soft, wide ass. Chris doesn’t look thrilled, but in the end, friction is friction and his cock stays hard and Adrian is pleased with his cocksmanship.

But Adrian has to get his own rocks off. Chris’s ass is incredibly tight and it takes some doing to get Adrian’s hard-on stuffed deep inside of him. He takes it easy for a little bit, but soon, he’s plowing the sinewy blond jock with fast thrusts and then shooting his gooey load all over the young twink’s beautiful face. Chris’s gay fucking audition is epic: over 60 minutes of Adrian toying with the lad and teaching him to take a cock. In the end, Chris gets to blow his own load all over Adrian’s face, and both are satisfied with the messy outcome. Click here to watch cute straight lad Chris get fucked by a man for the first time at the Casting Room!

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#BrutalTops: Handsome Young Man Fucks Ugly Old Man

This week’s update from Brutal Tops features a handsome young man fucking an ugly old man. Not for pleasure. For money only. The younger man is supposed to be dominating the older ugly man, but the older ugly man is clearly enjoying being fucked vigorously by the handsome, virile young man. For money. The older ugly man is clearly having a good time being fucked by the younger handsome man because he knows that outside this room, the younger man would never fuck him, but because of money, the young handsome man will willingly fuck the old ugly man. The young handsome man would never consider fucking the older ugly man under any other circumstances except for getting paid to do it. The older man lets the young man fuck him hard because that’s how guys fucked “in his day” and because it’s fun for him to see the younger man work so hard to earn his money.

The young handsome man thrusts hard and pretends he’s fucking another handsome man; the ugly older man pretends he’s not enjoying being fucked hard; the young man spits in the old man’s face because he is a “Brutal Top” and the old man is fine with it because he got paid. The handsome young man ejaculates on the old ugly man’s face and the old man is fine with swallowing it. The camera stops, they get up, get dressed and collect their money, not exchanging a word and then they leave, each man happy to leave the room with the stinking brown carpet. Click here to watch the handsome young man fuck the ugly old man at

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#CMNM: Scheming Delinquent Pays Dearly For His Badly Backfiring Blackmail Plot

Rowan has dug himself into a very deep pit. He has been gathering salacious video of all of the perverted acts occurring at his notorious boarding school, but instead of turning the evidence over to the police, he chose to try to extort his teachers. When Mr. Granite played tough against Rowan’s “fag tax”, the young man found himself in a veritable viper’s nest in the Headmaster’s office.

After being stripped naked from the waist down and bent over Headmaster Swallows’ desk for a bum caning, Rowan is told to strip naked for a complete physical inspection. His asshole draws close attention from Swallows, Mr. Granite and Mr. Walker. All of the teachers want to get a close look, sniff and lick of that delicious bumhole. Through it all, Rowan is mortified but refuses to give them the satisfaction of seeing him squirm.

After the intrusive inspection of his rear-end, Rowan’s cock is the next agenda item for inspection. It’s meaty and thick, a fine specimen for a lad his age. Swallows pulls back the foreskin and gives it a good sniff to make sure he’s been properly cleaning himself. Mr. Granite sticks out his tongue to lick the shaft. Mr. Walker positions himself between Rowan’s legs so he can get a heady whiff of the pupil’s testicles. It’s humiliating for these three men to be pawing, sniffing and licking at him like feral dogs, but Rowan knows he’s at their mercy. He dreams of his revenge as they close in and keep groping his tender flesh. Watch the full clothed male/naked male school discipline scene at CMNM.

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Weekly Roundup 2/1: Suckup Footballer Submits to Penis Inspection at #CMNM

If you’ve spent the last week feeling like you’re freezing, here is a great roundup full of hot, kinky porn to get your motor running for the weekend. Rude jock Aaron is going to be submitting to Football coach Dave in the sexiest ways at CMNM, while Adrian introduces curious male model Bob to his first cock at the Casting Room. and Check out Busted Boys where another clueless rentboy gets handcuffed and anally stuffed with a dirty cop’s cock then covered with cum for his mugshot photo. Keep warm, stay hard and keep it slick my friends!

cmnm-update — Aaron is a newcomer to the football team and he has dreams of being a star in the league. He sees how much attention the Danny, the top player, gets from Coach Dave and he has heard it’s because Danny lets Dave fuck him in the ass. Aaron thinks if the Coach sees him in the same light, he might get the same treatment. He’s not shy about letting Coach dave see or touch his semi-erect cock in the locker room.
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The Casting Room — Adrian loves when these shy lads come back to the Casting Room for a second audition. They were secretly turned on by flashing their asshole for the camera and wanking their cock in front of the male producers, and another stack of cash seals the deal. Sweet young Bob is eager for another payday, and he happily lets old man Adrian suck his throbbing cock, and fuck his hole.
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Brutal Tops — Aaron is back to torment and humiliate slave boy Tony. This time Tony is waiting naked for Aaron in the filthy public toilet, hoping he can please his master today. Aaron is determined to make this wretch feel miserable and he forces him to lie on the dirty floor while the wicked master hooks a hose up to the bottom of a urinal. Tony is ordered to take the other end of the hose in his mouth and Aaron drains his bladder from the putrid urinal into the hose and into Tony’s godforsaken mouth.
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Busted Boys — Ariano thinks he’s going to be the hot new Instagram star, and he makes discreet dates for cash just to pay his rent until he’s rich and famous. His life is about to get derailed when he falls into a trap laid by the South Beach vice squad, and he has to do the bidding of horny corrupt cop Office Todd. Todd loves jamming his massive dong up this tiny fag’s asses. With a mammoth prick like his, every whore boy feels tight as a virgin.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Marco has become so preoccupied with punishing Jason for his screwups at the bank, it has led to an increasing number of mistakes of his own. Now the bank president is in his office to investigate, and when he hears the whole story, he orders Marco to strip and receive a stinging spanking of his own as a lesson for wasting too much time and bank resources on this low level staffer. Jason smirks as his boss is punished even though he’s probably going to get a taste too.
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CFNM — George knows this audition has gone way too far, but he’s physically chained in place so there’s nothing he can do to stop these women ripping up his costume and exposing him! He’s heard about how women are taken advantage of on the Hollywood casting couch but he’s never heard of it happening to men! He’s ashamed and furiously angry while they gawk at him!
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Sneaky Peek — Here’s a sexy bear stripping and getting ready for the shower after a hard day at work. Even a rough guy like this is gentle soaping up his penis and balls. I wonder how crazy he would go if he found out his nude pics were being shared all over the world by filthy perverts?.
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Strip Search Hell — The perverted officers conducting this search must love their jobs. You can even catch them rubbing their hands together in eager delight seeing this hot young man who has just fallen into their clutches. They particularly relish treating him harshly. I don’t know what this horny offender did to wind up in this position, but I would have happily shared a cell with him.
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Small Dick Slave Whipped and Forced to Worship Dirty Feet

Jozef is in really deep shit in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon. This is his second level of punishment after getting ambushed and rudely double fucked as an introduction…now he’s going to be trained and humiliated as he learns his true place in the hierarchy of slave and master.

He’s stripped naked and on his knees, tied to an old wooden chair. It seems that Adrian and Dave have so little regard for Jozef’s physical capabilities that they tied him to this seemingly ancient and flimsy bit of furniture, practically inviting him to hulk out and break free, but the office drone can’t muster up strength to make the old chair even creak noticeably.

With his ass defenseless, terror strikes Jozef. Adrian lays out what’s going to happen — it’s not going to be pleasant, but transformative training rarely is. Soon he’ll be a slutty boy whore, ready to make loads of cash for his masters, so he better get used to punishment. Adrian follows up his promise with a hard lashing across Jozef’s ass. His cheeks turn cherry red while Adrian laughs and whips his round bum.

Dave wants his fun too. He gags Jozef and ties a rope to the leather headgear. He’s got a polished steel hook tied to the other end of the rope, and naive Jozef hasn’t a clue what it’s for. As soon as Dave inserts the hook into Jozef’s ass, the tight rope means his head can’t move and inch, and his blood runs cold with fear.

Dave keeps fiddling with his genitals. He uses heavy clamps to pinch down on the slave boy’s foreskin and he ties them off to his feet. If Jozef puts up too much of a struggle, it will feel like he’s ripping his own cock off. Adrian gets a few more flogger lashes in, and then they remove the hook and taunt Jozef with it, making him smell his own anal juices on the cold steel.

Now Adrian replaces the slender anal hook with a big fat vibrating dildo and really starts fucking Jozef deep, getting him loose and ready for the hard cocks of his future johns. Dave still isn’t satisfied that Jozef is being deumre and docile enough, and he thinks that learning to worship a man’s feet should suitably lower his last remaining willpower and dignity to the dirt. So Dave strips off his musty socks and orders Jozef to sick his toes and lick his feet like he’s giving a rock star a blowjob. Jozef hates himself for doing it, but the indignity of worshipping this ugly pair of feet is less painful than the whipping or the foreskin torture. He gives it his best in hopes of ending the punishment, but of course it just gives theBreeder Fuckers the validation they need to treat him even worse. Click here to watch this vulgar display of gay foot worship at

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Boy-Whore Aiden gets his Ass stretched out and Electrified

Boy Whore Aiden is going to get a real workout with Adrian in today’s update. Adrian has the lad up on his hands and knees with a ball gag and harness fixed to his face. He can’t speak and he can’t crawl away. Adrian is mocking his whines for mercy, and he’s going to teach this lad what complaining will earn him. Adrian ties a rope to the top of Aiden’s head harness and pulls the lad’s head back. then he ties a metal anal hook to the free end of the rope and slips the cold steel into Aiden’s tight hole. Aiden’s head is now stretched back and he’s starting to drool all over the place, a perfect time for Adrian to start stinging his buttock with a leather slapper. Aiden flinches and tries to pull away every time he feels the painful lash, but he’s stuck.

Adrian really wants to get Aiden’s hole nice and loose, so he takes out the hook and starts prodding the boy slave-whore’s hole with a giant dildo. Aiden fears what’s coming next and he is trying to keep his tight anus clamped shut. Out of the shadows pops Dave, who grabs Aiden by the ears and forces him to beg for the hard and relentless assfucking he so richly deserves. Adrian slams the dildo deep inside Aiden and his eyes pop out. Dave thinks the slave’s cock looks a little floppy and he aims to rectify that. He dumps an entire bottle of baby oil all over Aiden and gets him slicked up and shiny. Then he grabs the boy’s cock and starts stroking him with a very hard grip. Despite himself, Aiden is getting and erection, and Dave’s slippery hands succeed in getting him aroused to the point of ejaculation. Aiden’s jizz is smeared over his head and face, and Adrian takes one last opportunity to torture the lad. Improvising a humbler with chopsticks and rubber bands, Aiden’s long cock and balls are squeezed behind his thighs, and Adrian steps in with his electro wand, jolting Aiden several times on his glans, scrotum and asshole. The lad jumps every time he feels the shock but can’t do anything to run and hide. Click here to see Adrian and Dave fuck their boy whore and then zap his hole at BreederFuckers.


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#classic: Submissive John Eats Ass and Drinks Piss

Today’s classic post revisits brawny Russian MMA fighter John in his grim torture-fest from 2011. The fierce fighter was tamed and cowed into submission by Dave and Adrian, and he appears in this video like a weak little kitten. Adrian demands oral satisfaction and john humbles himself before Adrian’s cock. Dave wants more of the same. While John swallows as much of Dave’s cock as he can, Adrian fills his ass with a giant dildo, using his foot to push it all the way to the hilt. Dave turns around and presents his ass to John, demanding a rimjob. The blond slave has no choice and reluctantly starts licking Dave’s smooth hole with his tongue. Adrian thinks he needs a bit more encouraging, so he shoves John’s nose deep down his sadistic comrade’s crack.


Dave and Adrian take turns fucking John up the shitter while fucking his face. Then Adrian starts pissing in John’s mouth and then lets Dave do the same. Adrian finishes fucking John until he’s ready to climax; he shoots cum all over John’s face and chest and then showers him with another spray of piss. John lays on the floor, soaking and defeated, with every ounce of fight fucked out of him. Click here to watch the dirty, raunchy full video at


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