New Whore Ross Refuses to Suck Cock

Story: Freshly minted boy whore Ross is making problems for his pimp Adrian. He still refuses to accept that he is now a piece of property, an object owned by Adrian for the sole purpose of using his soft, wet holes to make money. This simple concept eludes dunderheaded Ross, so Adrian devises a simple lesson. He strips the lad down, straps him into a special bench and instructs the boy whore to suck his cock. Ross refuses over and over. Adrian zips up his fly and begins corrective training. He flogs Ross hard and fast, without any breaks or mercy, until Ross is screaming in pain, but still defiant. He refuses the cock again. Adrian switches to the leather strap and beats the bejesus out of Ross’s swollen, puffy backside, but still Ross won’t give in. What’s it going to take to convince this boy he’s no longer a real person, but just a squishy bit of meat with holes that men pay to fuck? Adrian won’t be denied and he fucks Ross’s face and then pries open his ass and shoves his turgid cock deep into his tight hole. Adrian fucks him powerfully and with sharp thrusts. Ross’s head bounces up and down from the force Adrian is driving into him, and then Adrian dumps his angry, furious load into Ross’s asscrack. And then he rims him out! Sick fucking old man!

Analysis: Definitely better than the first video in Ross’s whore training phase! Even though Adrian’s dialogue wasn’t at it’s most sparkling, he was still very engaged with Ross, and both of them put out really good energy. Adrian was very strong-armed with the flogger and Ross was really feeling the pain. This episode was much more CP dominated than other recent clips, but Ross takes it so well it’s hard to argue with the result. Adrian also gives Ross a very hard fucking to close the scene, and dumps a very messy load right on his asshole before proceeding to give Ross a very sticky rimjob. So kinky and over the top. Well done episode from Ross and Adrian just when it looked like they might be getting stuck in a rut. Click here to watch the full force Corporal Punishment and Furious Bondage Chair Fucking video at BreederFuckers!


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#theCastingRoom: Horny Alan is Proud to Show You His Mad Cock Skills

There’s an extra frisson of excitement auditioning Alan because his chick is waiting on the other side of the door. They have an understanding where he makes porn videos to fund their lifestyle. But it’s sexy getting a private tour of this hetero man’s body where he presents his sizable dick and parts his firm ass cheeks for inspection. And he lets the producers know if they’re willing to pay the right cash they can take his sweet cherry!

Alan is pretty vanilla in real life, so instead of getting him to tell what turns him on it’ll just be a case of trying him out in a few videos to see what gets his dick the hardest. And it will be very interesting to see how he reacts to getting fucked!

Maybe it’s the horny masculine energy Alan gives off or that he just told the director he will be fucked for the right price, but when his inspection of his dick and balls begins, the camera’s drawn to the tight curve of his ass. What anyone wouldn’t give to flip him over and screw him. This boy knows his value and knows how to show off his body to make you want him.

When it comes to the stroke show, Alan likes it wet! Notice how he gobs on his dick to give himself some lubrication. When he works himself up to the climax, he presents a really impressive, explosive cum shot. When he displays his leaking semi-hard dick and tight ass in his orgasmic afterglow, it’s sheer perfection. Click here to watch Alan’s full audition video with a big splattering cumshot finish at the Casting Room.

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Toilet Slave Liam Endures Repulsive Training and Forced Bootlicking

Adrian and Dave are disgusted with the condition of their office toilet — too many of the young men they bring in to film are sloppy, entitled brats who don’t care when their piss splashes all over the floor. So today we get a behind the scenes look at the Breeder Fuckers janitorial service and how the bathroom gets cleaned. It falls to naked and shivering Liam to clean up, with the proper motivation.

Liam is led around on all fours by Adrian, who has his thick leather belt at the ready to whip Liam’s backside to give correction when the toilet slave falters. Dave lights a cigarette and starts flicking ash on the floor, and Adrian instructs Liam to lick each fleck of ash of the filthy, pissy floor. Liam is disgusted by putting his tongue on the dirty floor of the toilet, but the pain of the belt whip keeps him compliant and running his slobbering tongue all over the floor.

After Dave butts out his cig in the urinal, Liam is ordered to lick out the filthy fixture. Laughing at their pathetic slave boy, the sadistic perverts order up a boot shine and command Liam to start licking their heavy leather workboots until they’re gleaming. Liam licks the boots eagerly, as they are cleaner than the floor and not so disgusting, but Adrian and Dave won’t relent in their creative punishment.

Adrian stuffs a puppy tail buttplug in Liam’s hole while Liam licks and grovels at Dave’s boots. By the time Adrian figures his slave is wormed up, he plunges his own hard cock into Liam’s gaping asshole and squat humps him until his ass is making sloppy squishing noises. Realizing the groveling cunt is not worth the effort, Adrian pulls out and instead of cumming, decides to stream piss all over Liam. Dave joins in, pissing on the back of Liam’s head while the piss boy continues to lick the repulsive urine off the leather. Click here to watch Liam endure the worst indignities of toilet slavery, boot-licking and piss drinking at

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Genital Electroshock is Just the Start of Aaron’s Pain and Misery

BreederFuckers is giving a third helping of Aaron in a row, but they’ve really done their best to lay the punishment on thick to make sure we’re not getting bored with the scruffy, tattooed lad too soon. For torture session #3, Aaron starts on his back, in white underpants and his legs tied above his head and his wrists roped wide, leaving him helpless with his ass completely vulnerable.

Adrian sidles up to the helpless con man and speaks to him like they’re about to go for coffee — very friendly and cordial. Aaron responds with venom and threats, and Adrian simply shuts him down by stuffing a dirty sock in his mouth and taping shut with industrial grade duct tape. Adrian pinches Aaron’s nose shut and lets the flim-flammer thrash about for air for a few seconds just to show him who’s in charge and what’s at stake.

Part 1: Agonizing Cock Torture and Electro Shock

Adrian starts Aaron’s punishment with one of my favourite tricks: using chopsticks and rubber bands to improvise a humbler across the balls and then additional clamps across the shaft of the cock. I’ve been trying to coin the term “Shanghai Ladder” to describe the position and I encourage you to do the same and share. After the chopsticks are cruelly crushing Aaron’s shaft and ballsack, Adrian reveals his secret toy: the electro shock wand — a cattle prod that delivers a jolt of blinding pain wherever it’s applied. And Adrian cruelly jolts Aaron’s throbbing cock and balls over and over while he’s whimpering and shrieking through his gag.

Aaron thinks relief is upon him when Adrian removes the chopsticks, but he’s got another cruel toy to continue the perverted game. He slips Aaron’s cock and balls through an acrylic ball-crusher and tightens the screws, squeezing the lad’s testicles until they look like flattened mush, and then Adrian applies more painful clothespins to Aaron’s cock and brings back the cattle prod! Aaron is kicking and thrashing trying to get away from the agonizing torture of the electricity jolting through his aching balls, but there’s no escape in sight.

Part 2: Relentless Anal Pummeling and Savage Caning

Aaron’s anxiety jumps when he sees Dave enter the torture chamber. Surely he’s not just there to watch. Adrian puts down the electro-shock wand and picks up a new tool: a fucksaw fitted with a thick rubber dildo and he asks Aaron if he’s up for a little DIY? Aaron screams through his gag but Adrian couldn’t care less about his protests. Even though Aaron has already been fucked up the ass by both of these perverted brutes, the dildo is much bigger than either fleshy cock he’s had up his hole. Adrian inserts it without much foreplay and pulls the trigger. It pounds his hole full speed and Aaron feels like he’s getting ripped in half.

Dave looms overhead with his nasty looking cane. While Adrian is pounding the slave-boy’s ass with the fucksaw, Dave starts lashing his buttocks and thighs with the cane, building in intensity until Aaron’s ass is covered in red and purple stripes and he’s crying hysterically through his duct tape gag. Aaron is proving his value in the dungeon…Click here to watch this intensely cruel cock and ball torture video and the agonizing fucksaw pounding and caning punishment at

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Weekly Roundup 5/17: Adorable Muscle Pup gets his Big Bum Spanked

How happy are to you have finally made it to the end of another ball-busting week? If this is your oasis of calm, enjoy this bounty of kiny, filth and sexual humiliation. Try this adorable muscle stud from Prague at Bad Lads, and watch him get his bouncy butt groped and spanked. Or check out nervous amateur Alex stroking his meaty shaft for the gay porn directors at the Casting Room. And if you want it rougher, check out abusive prick Officer Todd fucking a pleading rentboy at Busted Boys. Grip it tight and never let it go, my friends!

Bad Lads — Dominant lad Ruben (or Pig Boy to his adoring fans) is administering a lesson in discipline and submission at Bad Lads. His subject is a vision of pure male youth and vitality. A strapping muscle pup, only 19 or 20, being stripped and groped by Ruben in the shower, then spanked with growing intensity on his slick skin. So fine!
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The Casting Room — How sweet is it that we get to inspect every inch of this banging hot mechanic’s body?! Something about Alex’s facial features and expressions make him appear like a dumb jock and this is such a turn on while watching him in detail. He prefers women but for the right cash he’s willing to screw anyone. Alex enjoys showing off his muscles and though he’s hesitant about allowing a finger up his ass, but he’s instructed to spread it for a clear view. Alex gets an erection that’s so meaty and tempting it’s difficult to resist not bending down and sucking it like the video he’s jacking off to. This sexy fella knows how to put on a show and I’m ready and willing to buy a ticket for it!
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Busted Boys — Officer Todd is obsessed with cleaning up the streets of Hollywood, FL. He sets up prostitution stings every weekend to snare these immoral boy whores, but in reality, Todd’s obsession is rooted in his own lust for male flesh and his need to dominate to get aroused. He busted Valentino, chokes him on his throbbing cock, then slaps the cuffs on and reams his rentboy ass. The final humiliation is bringing him to the jailhouse with cum smeared all over his face.
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Strip Search Hell — This chap has been in for a few days and he’s not having a very good time of it. You’ll see that he doesn’t have a particularly nice looking cock, which entertains the lags when he’s told to strip and flop it out. Also, his arse is coming into use by sexually ravenous criminals who get hold of him at their leisure. He’s got a wife and a few kids outside so you can see on his face a look of perpetual upset. He knows that he’s becoming a figure of sexual release in the prison and, on top of that, he’s getting a taste for being fucked on a daily basis! What will his missus say when he gets out and he confesses what he’s been up to?
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Straight Lads Spanked — Tardy Blake gets a taste of real punishment. This is his first time working with Dave, and he’s already rescheduled and then turns up late and hungover. Dave is pissed and turns this into a real life lecture about keeping your promises and living up to your commitments. Blake looks supremely uncomfortable as Dave spanks him for real while chiding him about being a fuckup. Real spankings are my favourite!
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CFNMtv — Henry’s heart beats madly in his chest as the doctor’s words sink in. Having to expose his privates to the doctor with his penis fully erect is incredibly distressing for him. He is only a simple man and is totally bewildered by the way the women bossily order him around. But he hasn’t the wit nor the will to disobey them.
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CFNM –- Rowan is outraged that Ms Stern has just stripped him of his tighty whities! It feels so wrong but what can he do with the double authority of his teacher and the head teacher demanding he take this punishment? This is so embarrassing – he wants to disappear totally – but all he can feel is their gaze alongside that of cheeky schoolgirl Evie.
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Sneaky Peek — A young scruff gets naked for the shower, but could he dream his suckable cock is being broadcast around the world to tens of thousands of leering perverts?
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#theCastingRoom: Horny Young Bob Lets Adrian Own His Cock and Ass

Second auditions at the Casting Room are always great fun. Adrian is always in a great mood when a nervous young man comes back for a test of his sexual abilities. Young Bob (23) is certainly not afraid of being with men, but has he ever had such a powerful partner as Adrian?

They start off with some intense tongue kissing, and Bob is immediately smitten with his strong, older partner. His cock is hard and throbbing from the moment of Adrian’s touch, and Adrian loves these young lads that con’t master control over their bodies. He strips Bob down so the camera gets a great view of the young man’s erect prick, and Adrian takes his time giving him a proper, knee-buckling blowjob. Bob seems like he might faint or prematurely blow his load in Adrian’s mouth, but he regains his composure, and he’s ready to go the distance with his domineering daddy.

Adrian gets Bob on his back on a table and eases his thick cock into the slender lad’s hole. Bob needs a minute to get warmed up, and Adrian is feeling charitable. He lets Bob have a minute to get used to his girthy prick in his ass before he starts pumping, but he’s not waiting all day. Right away, he ratchets up the intensity and start slamming his wood into Bob’s hole, making the young man moan and gasp in awe of the macho fucker bearing down on him.

Bob also gets his opportunity to get his dick wet as well. Adrian is a generous daddy, and he bends over to see how well this new pup can use that big cock of his. Bob slams Adrian’s ass, fucking him deep from behind and Adrian loves this young cock stretching his hole. He gets to his knees and catches every drop of Bob’s spunk on his tongue; then it’s Bob’s turn to take Adrian. Adrian’s prick is raging. Bob closes his eyes and opens his mouth and Adrian shoots his load across the young pup’s face and eyes. Then he orders Bob to suck out every last drop of sperm and Bob eagerly takes Adrian’s entire shaft down his throat to give his master more pleasure. Click here to watch Adrian breaking in Bob’s tight ass at the Casting Room.

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Bound Stud Lee Force-Fed Gay Cocks

If you haven’t already voted in the “Favourite Slave” poll on the right, please take a moment to do so. I don’t mind sharing that I voted for Lee, because I love the anger, hate and fear in his face as he was rendered utterly helpless and violated in the most fitting way possible. Lee is portrayed here as a blossoming fascist thug, full of hatred and bile for gays and immigrants. Naturally, the delicious irony of this criminal creep getting jumped and bound and forced into sexual servitube by REAL dominant thugs Adrian and Dave nearly brings a tear to the eye. Dave and Adrian appear almost like folk heroes in this video, although it has to be said they are probably the first fucksaw wielding gay advocates (but hopefully not the last). While Adrian brutally pounds Lee’s tight virgin asshole with the fucksaw, Dave fucks his face and forces Lee to deepthroat his thick cock before shooting a humiliating gob of spunk on his face. Lee looks like he might start bawling any second. Click here to see the full length face-fucking BDSM video.


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