Dave Toys With James’ Fat Cock while ordering Slave to Feast on His Ass


Dave loves having time alone with donkey-dick slave boy James. The hetero college dude hates being roped and touched by other men, but his giant cock is dumb and responds to any stimuli with a betraying arousal.

James is roped to a wooden pallet in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon; he’s stark naked with a ball gag stuffed in his mouth. His wrists are roped above his head and his ankles are also restrained. He can’t squirm loose, but his wriggling makes his fat unit loll from side to side in a way that’s irresistible to his captor.

Dave enters and toys with James a bit, squeezing his nots in his hand and pinching his nipples until James starts tearing up. Dave is ready to begin the formal program. He wraps rough twine around each of James’ testicles and fixes a weight to each end. James’ plums look like they’re going to pop as they are stretched so perilously.

While James’ balls are aching, Dave takes his giant dong into his mouth. Despite the suffering, James gets magnificently hard as Dave masterfully sucks his cock. (Note to Breeder Fuckers: more video of Dave sucking large cocks would be appreciated.) James’s head is swimming with mixed sensations of pain and pleasure and his face is twisted with anguish.

Dave reluctantly pulls himself off the cock and starts prying open James’ asshole. He wants to get him warm and loose so he brutishly finger fucks James and then gets ready to stuff a giant dildo into the straight slave’s hole.

James continues to moan and cry out with the enormous dildo stretching his ass, but Dave returns to the cock (as we all would, not doubt.) He leaves the dildo pushed in as far as it will go and starts sucking James’ cock again. Agin he gets ridiculously hard and engorged, but Dave’s ne trick is to see how long James can stay hard when he gets caned. Dave lashes James’ inner thighs with an old-fashioned rattan cane and James twists in pain, never able to get the dildo out of his ass and never quite losing his erection either.

Finally Dave gets to the end of the program. He takes off his own pants and squats over James’ face. He commands the college boy to lick his asshole and really give him a thorough rimming. James complies and Dave continues to pump the lad’s eager cock in his fist. The hard cock is quickly pushed past its limits and James sprays his spunk all over the floor. Dave cackles at how easy it is to turn these straight cunts into benders and walks away, leaving James bound with a giant rod up his ass. Click here to watch James’ shame-based arousal and humiliating ejaculation at Breeder Fuckers.

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#BOYCREEPER: Masked Invader Delivers Domination

Husky Latin hottie Guy Lima is incensed waiting for his special package (a new dildo) to arrive. When the package finally arrives he rudely tells off the delivery guy. Not a smart move. He’s having fun with his new toy he gets a lewd call from some mysterious creep. Like the cocky manwhore he is, Guy invites the creep to come and fuck him.

Within seconds the creep, the delivery guy appears behind him, wearing a skimask, restrains the frightened slut then puts him through a BDSM whirlwind. Edging, bondage, sensory deprivation, electro shocking and brutal rough sex. He milks a tsunami of cum from the desperate and grateful boy whore. Guy must pay the rough daddy back and he’s ordered to his knees to take his thick cock in his mouth. Guy has been sucking cock for so long time, his skills are apparent, even under duress. The masked man shoots his load as Guy is deep throating his throbbing erection, and cum spills from his lips. Click here to watch this masked brute fuck this delicious twink with his throbbing cock at Boy Creeper.

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Dimwit Jock Liam Lacks Basic Survival Instincts


Let’s just say that Liam has a hard time learning lessons and making them stick. It’s been just over a year since he was a plaything for Dave and Adrian in the BreederFuckers dungeon, and after weeks of humiliation and painful sodomy, he was discarded like a dirty rag. But now sheepish and broke, he’s back in the dungeon, believing their false promises about a simple sports kit modeling job for easy cash.

When faced with the two men that previously threw him in the back of a van and plundered his virgin hole, Liam naively believes this time will be different. He changes into a tight football uniform, socks and cleats at their request, and promptly stands there like a dumb post while they rope his arms and neck! He’s fallen back into the hole without a single thought of self preservation fluttering through his head.

After getting Liam’s shirt off, Adrian and dave twist his nipples playfully then pinch them tightly with a set of clover clamps. Now Liam is feeling some sharp pain as he’s led around by his nipples. He’s stripped naked and his cock is fondled and his asscheeks spread apart. He’s forced to his knees to futilely get his cleats off with his bound hands and punished with more rough anal fingering when he fails.

Ultimately, Adrian and Dave are concerned with getting reacquainted with Liam’s body and hairy asscrack in this video, putting the young jock in a submissive posture while exerting their physical dominance over his tender genitals and causing him anxiety over the security of his asshole. There’s no corporal punishment, just the feeling of Liam’s dread as he feels himself slipping down that feared and familiar rabbithole of the BreederFuckers Dungeon. Click here to watch Adrian and Dave getting their kicks trapping fit young Liam in the BreederFuckers Dungeon.

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Freaked Out Martin Learns To Suck Cock Like His Freedom Depends on it


Martin’s captivity has nearly driven him to the edges of insanity. He’s roped now to a sawhorse in the dungeon, no pants on and his bare ass is sticking up in the air. Dave circles menacingly. The only way out, Dave informs Martin, is for him to suck cock. Dave pulls down his jeans and presents his legendarily thick boner in Martin’s face.

Martin wants no part in pleasuring Dave, but there’s precious little choice. Either Marting can suck cock willingly or go back to getting beaten. The memory of the pain is too much, and Martin submits to Dave and begins kissing and licking his cock, starting with the head and taking more of the shaft. He tries to steel his nerves, but the pulsing flesh in his mouth repulses him and makes him want to gag. Having a straight man gag on his cock is a huge turn on for Dave, so he keeps insisting Martin go deeper and deeper until his throat is impaled on the shaft.

Martin’s suffering while choking on Dave’s turgid prick has made the tormentor full aroused. Now he’s ready to go round back and fully experience the pleasure of his roped slave’s body. Martin begs him not to fuck his ass, but Dave ignores his please and rams his stiff cock as far into Martin’s ass as he can go.

Dave pumps Martin hard and deep, taking the slave’s breath away. Adrian arrives on the scene before the fun is over to join in on the fun of putting this prostrated straight man through hell. Martin must repeat his ordeal: suck Adrian’s cock until he’s stiff and dripping precum, all the while Dave explosively fucks his hole.

Dave feels his his climax building in his loins. His tempo ind intensity reaches a crescendo as he pulls out and shoots a very juicy load of cum all over Martin’s ass. The sperm runs down the crack and starts to pool in Martin’s still-gaping hole. Adrian is ready for sloppy seconds and he rams his throbbing pole into Martin’s slick and slimy asshole. Adrian drives just as hard as Dave, his cock slick with his best mate’s spunk until he’s ready to cum too. Dave eggs him on while he orders Martin to suck his cock dry. Martin gets a second load on his ass and the perverts laugh at his shame and pain. Dave adds to the humiliation when he lets a torrent of piss spray into helpless MArtin’s face. He’s left with cum leaking from his ass all the way down his leg and the haunting feeling he’ll never be the same again. Click here to watch Martin bent over and taking throbbing cocks from both ends at Breeder Fuckers.

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Weekly Roundup 9/20: More Intense Gay BDSM from Boy Creeper

Here’s another load of spicy gay fetish porn to satisfy all of your weekend urges. Welcome to the Straight Hell Videos Weekly Roundup! Boy Creeper has another great update featuring the masked creeper having his way with all of the stuck-up boy sluts in South Florida. The Casting Room features newbie Falco spreading his very munchable hole for the camera and Sneaky Peek features more kilted strongmen lounging around between events, unaware their naked penises are bing filmed by horny voyeurs. Get your freak on and get your lube on, its the last weekend of the summer!

Boy Creeper — Sexy soccer boy Derek Reed is practicing in his backyard, unbeknownst to him, his buff gardener is checking him out the whole time. Later, when Derek’s cooling off in his house he gets a lewd call from some creep. Derek challenges the guy to get inside his house and offers to fuck him if he does. Wrong move slut! Creeper, his gardener in a dark mask, suddenly appears and ties him up. First he teases and sexually tortures the little boytoy for a while then he goes after his tight ass. He hammers Derek’s hole like a machine then gives a gooey facial.
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Bad Lads — More intense male/male spanking from Bad-lads. This tough street lad is no match for the discipline of an older daddy. Going over the knee and getting a relentless spanking leaves every lad in tears and rubbing their stinging red bum.
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The Casting Room — Falco’s experience shows because he’s very good at taking directions and pays attention to where the camera is. It’s sexy feeling the tension when he bends over to spread open his ass because he absolutely won’t allow anyone to penetrate him. Maybe one day we can convince him to get his cherry popped!
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Straight Lads Spanked — Dexter’s in deep shit with his football coach. Not only has he broken a serious club rule and brought a girl into the clubhouse, he was caught shagging her in the shower room. To make it worse, the female in question was the team captain’s girlfriend and now the whole club is in an uproar, choosing sides and trading rumours and gossip. Dexter looks uneasily at the coach’s paddle, and he’s told to get over the old man’s lap and take his painful punishment.
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CFNMtv — Charlotte is fascinated by how freely and easily the members of the working class are with each other’s naked bodies. It seems only natural a man of low intelligence like Smythe who is used for hard manual labour should be taken in hand like this when he enters such elegant surroundings. The women busily take control of his body as if it were any other chore in the household, but with this work they are completely enthralled by the hairy naked man in front of them.
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CFNM –- Joe knows that he’s at a disadvantage being stark naked while these sharply dressed women surround him. Now he feels them exerting their total control over his body making him pose and flaunt himself like a back alley whore. Part of the tension is not knowing what they’ll demand of him next or how degrading it will be!
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Sneaky Peek — Another good looking guy has no idea he’s being filmed while he’s lounging in the grass at a highland festival. While he’s chatting up the girls, the camera is catching peeks at his soft, fleshy knob and his wobbly balls. Hot stuff!
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#BustedBoys: Dirty Cop Makes Rent Boy Eat His Own Cum


Officer Kenny has had a long two years on the vice squad and he’s come to despise the endless stream of filthy boy whores selling their asses online. He thinks he’s busting his ass everyday making an honest living, why should these little fucking douchebags have such an easy life of sucking cock, getting fucked and walking away with the cash? He hates these shifty lowlifes, but he can’t help a dark part of his mind getting aroused by their tight young asses, their thick cocks and their hot bodies.

So on this dismal Saturday night, Officer Kenny and his partner set up another bust. Gabriel falls into the trap and begs Kenny to let him go. He offers the cop a freebie to look the other way. Kenny snaps. Does this little boy-cunt think he can bribe a cop with a free blowjob? Kenny pulls out his twitching cock and shoves it down the rentboy’s throat. Does that cock taste like a ticket to freedom to you, bitch?

Kenny chokes Gabriel, pulls his asshole open, shoves his meat inside and pumps him hard. He’s thrusting like he wants to send Gabriel to the ER. To Kenny’s horror, Gabriel is into his aggressive macho bullshit, and his cock gets harder as Kenny pumps his ass. Kenny grabs Gabriel’s cock and strokes it in time with his pumping cock, and Gabriel shoots hi cum all over the bed. Then the raging cop pulls out and shoves Gabriel’s face into the mess and orders him to eat his own cum.

After Gabriel humiliates himself, Kenny shoves his cock back up the prettyboy’s asshole, fucks him deep and rough until he hits his own crescendo, flipping Gabriel onto his back and towering over him, stroking his cock and covering his face with cum. That’s going to be a hot look in his mugshot photo. Click here to watch this aggro cop fuck this hot male prostitute with extreme prejudice at BustedBoys.com.

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Toby: Bitch For Life


Toby’s return to Breeder Fuckers has shown him to be humbled and cowed. In the eight years since he debuted on Straight Hell as a lean, back alley chav thug, he’s filled out and assumed a mundane life of subsistence labour. With capitalism bearing down on him, Toby returns to his roots seeking a financial lifeline.

In giving himself over to Dave and Adrian in exchange for cash, Toby must submit to their whims. In his return a few weeks ago, Adrian fucked him deep in front of his jeering pals. Now, Toby is alone with Dave, and the bald bastard wants to get reacquainted with his old slave.

Dave doesn’t bother tying Toby up. He’s not even locked the door to the dungeon. He’s got his phone out, making the whole endeavor like a POV video horny young lovers would make for porn hub. Toby is instructed to remove his shirt, remove his pants and then submit to fondling of his cock, balls and ass.

After Dave has thoroughly felt around Toby’s package and made good and sure his lover-of-the-moment is feeling on edge and squeamish. Dave tells Toby to get on his knees. He gets a great, long shot of Toby’s face staring right into the camera as Dave’s hand caresses his lips and his beard. Dave asks Toby if he knows what’s coming next. Toby nods, knowing he’s going to have to suck Dave’s cock.

Toby pulls down Dave’s jeans and underwear, exposing his fat prick. Dave tells him to get it hard, and Toby dutifully complies. Like he’s remembering old talents laying dormant for years, he pumps Dave’s cock into his mouth, deeper down his throat until he’s swallowing the entire pole. Dave is impressed with Toby’s ability to swallow cock, but he wants to make sure Toby remembers who is in charge. When Toby has swallowed Dave’s entire length, Dave thrusts a little deeper until Toby’s gagging on his cock, and drool webs of the head of Dave’s cock when he withdraws it from his paid fuckboy’s mouth.

Dave asks again, do you know what’s coming next? Toby nods grimly. “You’re going to fuck me.” He gets on his back and Dave prepares to mount him, keeping the camera trained on Toby’s hairy hole. Dave is relentless, pounding Toby’s broke ass with his thick pole, playing with his straight cock until it starts to spring to life. Dave captures the look on Toby’s face as the arousal and pleasure starts to hit him. Dave fucks him harder and faster and then orders him to the floor. Once again he asks, do you know what’s coming next? Toby answers, “You’re going to cum on me.” And Dave lets his creamy way fly, right into Toby’s waiting mouth, where the reluctant straight man tries not to make a face as he tastes Dave’s semen. Dave tersely instructs Toby to lick it all up, and Toby indeed sucks the remaining cum from Dave’s still throbbing dick. Click here to watch the full POV submission fuck at Breeder Fuckers.

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