#Classic: Russian Lad Vasia Viciously Whipped by Dave

One thing that I love about reviews classic Straight Hell gay bondage scenes is that it’s a view into the other world’s formerly inhabited by Dave and Adrian. These days, most of the BDSM torture occurs at the main home base dungeon, but back in the day, they used a far greater variety of bars, warehouses, and other foreboding backdrops for Straight Hell’s painful gay bondage videos.

Take Vasia for example. Dave met Vasia at a bar and befriended the 18 year old Russian in a game of pool. Dave being Dave, he was playing grab ass with the straight teen and pushing the tension up even before he pounced. Once Vasia’s back was turned, Dave grabbed the vulnerable lad, stripped him naked and tied his wrists high above his head to a ceiling beam. With his legs pried apart with a spreader bar, Vasia was completely defenceless and dreading what Dave was about to unleash.

Painful Flogger Training

Dave’s go-to punishment implement has always been the leather flogger. In Vasia’s scene, Dave was showing a lot of gusto, taking big windups and lashing Vasia’s back so hard that he spun himself around. Dave is clearly taking great enjoyment in watching Vasia’s suffering.

Vasia has been gagged so his cries are muffled, and he can only see Dave in his peripheral vision, stalking him, waiting to unleash another blast of pain across his soft buttocks or back. Vasia is still young and has a layer of childish chubbiness to him, but that soft cushioning will not protect him from the cruel leather whip.

Intense Electro-Genital Stimulation

Dave also brought some fun electrical gadgets to play with. He fits a contact point of an electrical stimulator to Vasia’s cock head and starts running the juice through his sensitive penis. Vasia’s knees start to buckle at the very strong stimulus shock. Dave keeps zapping his cock and Vasia keeps getting more frantic, but also aroused.

Dave moves in. He’s right in Vasia’s face, licking his ball gag, spitting in his face while his hand work’s Vasia’s throbbing little cock. Vasia finally succumbs and shoots his load like a good little slave, and Dave gets ready to keep pushing the budding Russian filth over the edge. Click here to watch Vasia’s classic cruel whipping and astringent genital electro-shock video in the Straight Hell archives!

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Casting Room Bonus: 18 yo English Lad Chris Has an Unusual Wank Habit

Hey y’all, just thought I’d give you a special bonus preview from the Casting Room this weekend. Featured this week is scruffy 18 year old Chris, eager to let the world get a good look at his thick cock and his heavy hanging balls. He’s slender, but he’s got a tight chest; he’s got blond hair and a nice round bouncy bum. Dave puts him through the usual paces, having him strip naked, measuring his height, weight and taking his measurements, and then turns the camera focus on his prize parts.

The camera zooms in close on his thick uncut cock and Chris pulls back the foreskin to show off the perfect head of his penis. Dave gets him on the table to spread his asscheeks and the camera gets right in tight to check out every wrinkle and fold of his puckered asshole.

Chris’s Unusual Masturbation Technique

Chris gets comfortable in the chair and gets his cock lubed up. He’s hard very quickly and he’s stroking deep and long, up and down the shaft. Chris has a technique I don’t see very often: he likes to cup the underside of his girthy meat and stroke it all the way up and down. No topside stimulation with the thumb, just all underside friction. Very cool to see a young man who knows his cock so intimately!

It doesn’t take long for Chris to reach his climax. He starts stroking quickly, his pecs flex and the cum shoots, in high spurting arcs towards the camera. Chris was really horny in this shoot and very eager to win new fans. Show him some love and watch his entire examination and sexy wanking audition video at the Casting Room!

Bonus Fashion Update

I spend so much of my time watching Dave, I’ve seen his style evolve over the years, and I was delighted to see him wearing this ghastly rag — I haven’t seen this pink-on-pink mess in years, I think Dave should keep it in the regular rotation. And the Crocs! Please Dave, force some poor slave to cum on your Crocs!

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Weekly Roundup 3/3: Brutal Top Work Boot Trampling

This week in the roundup, Master Liam steps up to new levels of cruelty at Brutal Tops — he’s pulled on his boots and he’s trampling his sniveling victim and he feels like he’s 10 feet tall. Cum squirting Chris makes an impressive debut on the Casting Room, and Straight Hell Hall of Fame model Terry makes an appearance at CFNM to be humiliated by the domineering staff. Enjoy the weekend and wank it long and strong!

Brutal Tops — Brutal Tops feature Liam Burlington getting very cruel in a leather boot trampling video. He’s got his heavy leather work boots on and he’s trodding all over the chest and belly of his weak and pleading slave. Liam really loves the sadistic joy of making another man beg for mercy, and he never gives the poor fucker a minute’s respite. Liam’s a wicked bastard!
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The Casting Room — Chris is 18 years old and is very proud of his thick cock and heavy balls. He’s horny 24/7 and ready to fuck anyone who’s willing. His porn audition goes swimmingly, especially when the slim blonde pumps his cum in long arcs all over the floor.
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CFNM — Straight Hell fan favourite Terry has smouldering eyes and a winning smile, but there isn’t a lot going on in his noggin. Editrix Kate Stone is thrilled that her buff new photography subject is dumb enough to be tricked into stripping down totally naked. She wonders how much further she can get him to go.
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CFNMtv — Being so out of control of the situation is a new and unpleasant situation for the proud sportsman. He’s having to learn to take orders from women which he finds deeply demeaning. It’s not yet certain whether the deal will even go through. So he must find an inner reserve and continue to take the punishment if he wants a part of the riches.
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Sneaky Peek — Here’s another stolen locker room video of a beefy jock brazenly showering in front of a hidden camera. He’s black, muscular and hung, and he flaunts his thick cock and bouncy buttocks without a thought that his every move might be recorded for the gratification of tens of thousands of internet perverts.
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Strip Search Hell — This white collar cunt gets a very unpleasant hosing down with the pressure washer. The ice cold shower makes him howl and beg for mercy, but the warders don’t have an ounce of pity for this wretched worm.
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Classic boys like Charlton available at BreederFuckers.com

Hi gang…I just wanted to give everyone here a friendly reminder that a year’s worth of totally awesome content from Straight Hell is available in the archive at the new BreederFuckers.com site. That includes old favourites from back in 2008 like Charlton, a completely delicious scruffy morsel who was thoroughly punished, humiliated and devoured by burly ginger bear Colin. This video trailer shows Charlton’s anal de-flowering, tossed on a dirty mattress in the dungeon by this horny red-haired devil and rammed by his hard nine inch cock. Charlton’s wrists are bound, but he’s not gagged, and he pleads for mercy and shouts with pain. Colin sneers and keeps slapping him around, pumping his hairy asshole until he’s ready to cover the terrified lad with his hot cum. Click here to watch all of the vintage Straight Hell BDSM episodes included at Breederfuckers.com!


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#Classic: Shower Slave Alec Dunked and Forced to Deepthroat 2 Cocks

When was the last time you had fun in the shower with your buddies? Back in 2009, rising rugby star Alec had a crazy shower with Adrian and Stan in the athletic clubhouse. All three are naked and ready to get wet in the whirlpool room, and Adrian and Stan are acting very rowdy, dunking Alec’s head under the water and pretending to drown the flailing sucker.

After getting his head pushed under the water a few times and fighting for air, Alec finally gets a merciful reprieve. Instead of getting his face pushed under water, he can fight for air when his face is pushed into Stan’s ass. Alec is forced to give the nasty Afrikaner a rimjob while Adrian pushes the back of his head to make sure his tongue gets deep into Stan’s nasty asshole.

Nipple and Ball Clamps Make Alec Compliant

Alec gasps for breath and falls to his knees after he’s released from his forced rimjob. His naked tormentors don’t give him a second to rest however, and Stan pinches his nipples with a pair of tight clamps and run a rope leading through a steel handle on the tub; now Stan has leverage to pull Alec’s face down to his cock just by tugging on the nipple ropes. They stretch Alec’s tiny nipples and force him to get face-to-face with Stan’s thick cock.

While Alec is busy swallowing Stan’s hard erection, Adrian sees his opportunity to violate the athletic bugger. He squeezes Alec’s scrotum with another pair of tight clamps and ties them with rope to another steel handle on the tub. Now he can force Alec’s leg’s to buckle by pulling his rope; it’s just the thing to get Alec’s tight bum in position for fucking.

The naked trio make quite a spectacle: Adrian is aggressively fucking Alec’s tight hole while Stan is impaling the young blond jock on his hard cock. Stan is the first to bust his nut and he shoots cum all over Alec’s face. Adrian cums in Alec’s asscrack, leaving him humiliated and completely miserable when Stan and Adrian rip the clamps off for one last agonizing blast of pain. Click here to watch this humiliating naked double team of this defenseless Jock at BreederFuckers.com.

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Weekly Roundup 2/24: Naked Coach Anally Violated by Brutal Student

This week’s roundup features some really special gay fetish videos from O&C Entertainment. First, the thrilling conclusion to Coach Bullock’s humiliation is available at CMNM; Fan favorite twink lad Bobby returns to the Casting Room for a display of his dirty new sexual turn ons, and Beefy Brad dominates his very rugged daddy-slave at Brutal Tops! Wank it hard and often this weekend my fellow perverts!

CMNM.net — The humiliation deepens for Coach Bullock while he’s at the mercy of furious Mr. West and his sneering thud Daniel Johnson. The football coach has his asshole rudely fingered by Daniel and then his cock is roughly jerked until he shoots an embarrassing load of cum into Mr. West’s hands. The vengeful redhead forces Bullock to lick his own cum off West’s hands and then he’s herded naked into a bathroom stall to cower for the rest of the day while students come and go.
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The Casting Room — Bobby returns tot he Casting Room for a special edition of Sordid Auditions. Bobby has appeared as a slave on BreederFuckers a few years ago and now he’s back to show off what a filthy little pervert he’s blossomed into. Stark naked, he lies on the floor, fucking himself with a dildo and then giving himself a messy enema. These boys learn their dirty tricks fast!
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Brutal Tops — Brawny Brad is back on Brutal Tops with his grizzled Daddy sub. This week, Brad is finally going to release his built up rage, and he rams his hard pecker up the woofy slave’s ass, riding him hard while shoving his face into a urinal. So dirty and nasty this week!
[click here to see more gay domination and perversion at Brutal Tops…]

Sneaky Peek — Sneaky Peek has more stolen locker room video of a construction worker finishing work and showering off the grime of a hard day’s toil. This young man is still very fresh and a little soft — he hasn’t been turned hard by a lifetime of labour yet!
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CFNM — Cassy is really getting into her role as the mysterious Miss Wilkes. She is so convincing that Mr Bagshaw completely believes she is the Headmistress! The sense of power thrills the schoolgirl but she has to remain composed or risk blowing her cover. There is much at stake and it’s important she get the businessman completely under her power in order for the plan to work.
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CFNMtv — Carl thinks himself as being in top shape so isn’t overly concerned about the school physical at first. But when Cassy turns up he starts to feel a little unnerved. He knows she doesn’t like him, so why does she seem to be so pleased to be there? Stood in just this underpants Carl doesn’t yet realise that he’s being tricked and this is going to be one physical exam that he’d wish he hadn’t agreed to.
[click here to see more perverted CFNM video…]

Strip Search Hell — Men who have been in and out of correctional institutions almost their entire lives cannot behave like the rest of us. They often create mayhem wherever they go and in jail they do not calm down. On the contrary they kick off all the more as they are surrounded by their own kind. The screws put up with these characters for a certain length of time but then it calls for more extreme measures to show them who is really in charge.
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#Classic: Straight Cop Humiliated to Tears by Gloryhole Homo Sex

In this week’s Straight Hell Classic, we get a great view of Officer Matthew’s full potential, as the straight cop was forced to stick his dick through a gloryhole and his partner Nick was on the other side to get him hard and get him off. Joining Officer Nick in the box is fan fave Darren, the cowering slave who was the torture boy getting abused by Stan and Terry at the start of this entire debacle.

Terry has Nick and Darren naked and cowering inside the glory-hole box, each slave boy fitted with an electroshock collar. One press of the button and they get a jolt of pain searing through their bodies. Matthew’s flaccid penis hangs through the hole, and Terry orders his little pups to start sucking and stroking and get the cock nice and hard or face the punishment.

Straight Cop Humiliated by Male Blowjob

While Terry terrorizes Darren and Nick in the box, Matthew stands miserably on the outside, with his limp dick getting manhandled by unseen hands and mouths. Stan keep him engaged, zapping his ass with a cattleprod whenever he stops pumping his hips. Matthew’s uncut cock gets harder and thicker as Nick and Darren suck him and stroke him. Matthew knows its his best friend and partner Nick getting him aroused on the other side of the gloryhole, and he can’t stop that orgasmic feeling rising through his loins.

Tears start streaming down Matthew’s face as he builds to a climax. Darren’s mouth sucks his knob while Nick’s hand caresses and pumps his shaft. Matthew can’t resist any longer. Release washes over him and he shoots his cum all over Darren and Nick’s faces. Terry orders them to keep sucking and stroking until every last drop of Matthew’s cum is all over their dirty faces. How are Matthew and Nick ever going to be able to look one another in the eye again? Click here to watch these two macho straight cops forced to debase themselves in a horny gloryhole scene from the StraightHell archive.

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