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#HelplessBoys – Party Boy Diego get Punished with Connor’s THICK Cock

Hungover hottie Diego Hawkins is lost in the woods and exhausted. He’s been plodding for hours after wandering away from a wild bush party in the middle of the night. Now, in the light of day, he’s praying for help, and trying to convince himself that all of the campfire rumours told last night about wild, sexually threatening rednecks prowling the area are just tall tales. Someone talked about a hidden dungeon deep in the swamp where they take pretty boys and fuck their brains out. Just an urban legend thinks Diego, only half convinced.

When Conner suddenly arrives in his white van and agrees to give him a lift, Diego can barely get the words out to say thanks. Don’t worry, slut! Conner thinks. He’s going to compel Diego the best way to show appreciation. Faced with an impossibly long walk home, Diego submits to Connor and is quickly tied up and dominated in the van. Conner then takes him back to the mythic dungeon for some rope bondage torment and brutal ass-banging action. He savagely fucks poor little Diego then sprays his face with his torrential cumshot. Click here to watch the full video of lost hitch hike Diego getting punished by big-dick beast Connor Maguire at HelplessBoys.com.

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#HelplessBoys: Stranded and Pounded

Using a dirt road shortcut to get to a friend’s house in order to beat the traffic isn’t a good idea when you’re low on gas. Slim city boy Blue Cole has just learned this the hard way and is now stranded in the woods. His phone battery died too, and now he’s gotta hope for a ride from a friendly face. Trouble is, not too many friendly folk live out in this neck of the woods.

Country boy Dustin arrives in his white van and agrees to give Blue a ride, for a fee. Cole was so desperate to get off the rode before dark that he never even stopped to hear Dustin’s offer before he climbed into the passenger seat. Desperate and broke, Cole reluctantly submits sexually to the bearded brute. Dustin ties him up, slaps him around, and chokes Blue with his throbbing cock. He rips off the dumb hitch hiker’s pants and shreds his underwear. Dustin slams his pulsing meat into Blue’s tight hole, brutally pounding his tight ass then pulls out so he can hose him with a big facial cumshot. Click here to watch aggressive redneck Dustin sexually dominate and punish this college bro at HelplessBoys.com

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#CMNM: Adrian Draws Impressive Cum-blast From New Office Boy Whore

Adrian is really enjoying exercising total control over his new hire James. He’s got the lad stripped naked and sporting a mighty erection. Adrian has made no bones about the lad’s fuckability, and he’s going to have the lad right on his desk in the executive office.

Being successful in business means having leverage, and the first business lesson Adrian teaches James is that you always need to have the upper hand on everyone, because everyone is a potential rival. For that reason, while James lubes Adrian’s cock with his mouth in preparation for his ass-fucking, Adrian is filming him on mobile phone taunting him as he struggles to deep throat the boss’s thick prick.

When James gets on his back, Adrian rams his throbbing erection into his tight hole and pumps him deep and hard. He wants to make sure he gets great angles of his cock penetrating James’ slick cunt for his home video. James is loosening up during the video, letting moans of pleasure slip out while Adrian bangs his ass.

As Adrian’s climaxes, James rushes to his knees to catch the boss’s load in his mouth, sucking every last ounce of semen from the hard prick. His own cock is rigid and his balls are heavy and aching for release. Adrian gives him permission to jack off, and James strokes himself furiously, punctuating his orgasm with a high, arcing jet of cum from his thick cock. Adrian does his best to contain his admiration, and continues the pattern of debasement, ordering James to lick the cum from his hands, hinting that soon, he’ll be passed around among the horny brutes working on the factory floor. Click here to watch James get his tight ass fucked by his cunning perverted boss at CMNM.net.

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#HelplessBoys: Angel Ventura Driven to Submission

Cute young Latinx Angel Ventura runs out of gas in the middle of the woods in hostile territory. He’s incredibly nervous about the locals not being friendly to young Hispanic men. After a few hours on this desolate road, he’s so desperate he begs the next passerby, Conner, for help and quickly hops in his van. When Angel reveals that he’s broke, Conner gives the hitching hottie a blunt choice, suck cock or kick rocks.

Angel reluctantly agrees and is quickly tied up and fed Connor’s big white cock. Connor definitley wants this party to continue, but not out in the open where someone might see them (and want to join). Once they’re in Conner’s dungeon the punishment intensifies as poor Angel is bound, flogged, spanked and brutally fucked in the ass. Connor drills the thick-assed boy hard then blasts him with a massive facial cum-shot. Connor’s so pleased with his new friend, he might keep him around for a few more days. Click here to watch Connor’s pickup and hard fuck of this clueless hitch hiker at HelplessBoys.com.

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#theCastingRoom: Sexy Scotsman Marc Learns to Pleasure a Man

Marc’s been an unstoppable force since he walked into Dave and Adrian’s office. He’s been an immediate fan fave on BreederFuckers, where his series as an ambushed fitness trainer has just gotten started. And as is the custom, when a lad gets to BreederFuckers, the Casting Room releases their porn audition tapes, where they show they’ve got the stuff to take a hard cock, follow instruction and even suffer some abuse.

It turns out that Marc considers himself bisexual, with more of a taste for the dick rather than the pussy. Seems like his audition was happening at just the right time too. Marc’s been in a bit of a sexual dry spell, going weeks without bedding another guy. Dave is eager to taste and feel his talent, so after some preliminary banter, they are both eager to get nasty.

They start with some very hot kissing, lots of tongue action, lots of groping hands as Dave strips Marc and starts fondling his stiffening cock through his underwear. Marc needs no encouragement here. As soon as Dave has his pants off, the sexy Scotsman is diving in on his cock, sucking it down and doing his best to deepthroat the thick monster. Dave likes Marc’s sucking abilities; he’s leaking precum like crazy, and he’s really ready to give this lad the full length of his cock.

Just to make sure Marc’s ready, Dave gives him a good rimjob, getting his asshole warmed up with his tongue while he strokes his own stiffie. Finally it’s time for them to get down to business. Marc lies back on a wooden table and Dave pushes his entire cock inside of him, banging him slow at first, then building momentum, stroking Marc’s cok while he thrusts. It’s safe to say Marc has probably never had a lover fuck him like Dave before.

Dave’s not quite finished with Marc’s ass though. He wants him from behind, and the camera gets a great shot from underneath of dave plowing his throbbing cock into Marc’s hole from behind while Marc’s own pendulous cock flops back and forth with the rhythmic pumping. Marc feels when Dave is going to shoot, so he gets on his knees and catches the bald bastard’s entire load on his tongue with a smile. now Dave starts slipping into BreederFuckers mode, giving Marc some verbal abuse, ordering him to clean his cock and suck off every last drop of cum. Dave can’t help being a cunt, even when he likes you. Click here to watch this hot gay porn audition video from #theCastingRoom.

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