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#yesirboys: Horny & Cruel Mickey Taylor Punishes Casper Ellis in Destroyed 2

Casper Ellis has been left roped and naked in a dank dungeon for any stranger to use and abuse. After getting fucked and punished once, Casper is found by tattooed punk lad Mickey Taylor, who has always got a hard cock ready to fuck a stranger. Helpless, Casper must withstand a whipping with a riding crop and then an anal intrusion with a huge toy before Mickey orders the bound slut to pleasure his cock.

Mickey forces his thick, engorged prick into Casper’s mouth until the pretty lad is gagging and drooling. He’s getting Mickey cock lubed for a hard fucking, and Mickey can’t wait to mount that sweet ass. Casper’s ass is already wet and sloppy and Mickey gives him a hard, rough fucking. He’s not quite done punishing him though. Mickey doesn’t just go for the quick cum dump. He whips Caspers ass a few more times before going around to face his helpless sex slave. Stroking his cock furiously, he shoots his cum all over Casper’s face and eyes. he leaves the helpless little cum slut roped on the bench for another depraved pervert to have fun with. Click here to watch more rough sex with hard English lads at YesirBoys.com.

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#yesirboys: Master Aaron Fucks Hungry Sub in Kinky 3-way

Master Aaron takes his boy toy Alex Roman to a dark underground dungeon. As they sit in a shady corner, Aaron orders his personal slave to pleasure him. As well as Alex might know what his master desires, tonight it’s simply not good enough. What would satisfy him far more is sharing his toyboy with Leo Bunny, who’s spotted the two from a distance and is obviously enjoying the view.

Aaron beckons to Leo who doesn’t need any convincing at all. He immediately pushes his rock hard cock inside the submissive boy’s hole and mouth. What follows is a hot threesome with lots of rough fucking and sucking, building up to Alex being double penetrated. Both masters put the sub on the floor, having him suck both their solid dicks, shooting hot loads of cum which completely cover the boy’s face. That’s all they wanted, they walk off, leaving Alex to finish himself off. The kinky boy, so hungry for more cock finds himself a stretching toy and rides himself to a climax, shooting his own load far in front of him, splattering all over the concrete floor. Click here to watch Master Aaron wreck this sub’s hole with his good friend and shower him with a double load of cum at YesirBoys.

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#CMNM — Hetero Stud Terry Faces a Barrage of Anal Probing and Rough Kissing

Terry’s trip to the toilet has been nothing like he ever expected. He’s been stripped and probed by a perverted vicar and the hard-ass park keeper, and he’s had a naked maniac reeking of lust and hormones trying to kiss and grope him. Now his boss from the construction site is in on the action, fingering his tight hole and kissing his juicy butt.

The park keeper had no trouble getting Terry’s supervisor at the building site, Jack, to jump in and start abusing and degrading the tall, tattooed builder. They take turns penetrating Terry’s hole with their thick fingers, and the park keeper starts milking Terry’s uncut cock like he’s tugging on a cow’s udder. During all of this, Nick’s horniness overwhelms him and he demands his turn with Terry. He roughly kisses Terry’s face, their beards scratching against each other and their cocks press together as Nick forces the hard embrace. Click here to watch Terry getting treated like asexual toy for these horny and depraved lechers at CMNM.net.

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#yesirboys: Mickey Taylor Forces Ollie’s Hole Wide Open

The young toyboy Ollie Blue is chained to the table in the dark dungeon and ready and willing to be used by the dominating Mickey Taylor. Mickey arrives naked and semi-erect, his mind focused like a hunter on what he’s going to do to the helpless blond twink. He begins to toy with the boy making use of him, forcing his cock down Ollie’s throat before moving down to his tight hole. Ollie begins moaning as Mikey sucks his dick, deep, wet and slow and then begins to spread his hole with his fist.

Mickey is deepthroating Ollie and stuffing four fingers up his asshole and Ollie responds with an incredibly hard erection. He loves it and he wants Mickey to keep punishing him. Multi-talented Mickey is feeling greedy though, and he wants ollie’s cock for himself. He mounts the twink’s throbbing boner and bucks his ass up and down. When he’s ready to unload, Mickey gives Ollie what he deserves with a cum soaked face and then leaves the boy for the next guy. Click here to watch Mickey Taylor getting hardcore and kinky at YesirBoys.com.

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#CMNM — Lusty Terry Gets Stripped, Kissed and Groped in the Public Toilet

This public toilet gay sex epidemic is reaching scandalous proportions. Nick, naked and still sporting a chubby semi hard-on after his group wanking, strips Terry the builder out of his clothes at the instruction of the park keeper and the lecherous vicar. Terry protests, but they threaten him with blackmail: either submit to their lusty whims or they’ll tell all of the other lads on the job site about Terry snogging and finger-fucking horny Nick.

Terry sees he’s got no choice and he lets Nick rip off his clothes. The three men surround him and start kissing him, licking his flesh and groping his bulging muscles. The park keeper inhales his manly musk from his big, bulging dick and starts to caress, lick and kiss Terry’s shaft. Nick is all over Terry, kissing his bearded face and licking his nipples. The park keeper joins in as well, planting deep, full kisses on Terry’s mouth and licking his sweaty, hairy armpits. The four men as pulsing pheromones, and the park keeper order Terry to get into a toilet stall. There, Terry’s asscheeks are spread and the park keeper starts teasing his hole to get his muscular ass ready for a deep fingering from every man in the room. Click here to watch Terry submit to kissing, groping and fingering at CMNM.net!

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