Weekly Roundup 1/5: White Collar CMNM Humiliation and Anal Probing

Welcome to 2018 and a year of hot new possibilities! This week’s roundup is bursting with kinky gay porn, starting with Ed and Simon humiliating their subordinates in a hot workplace CMNM series; up-and-coming porn model Leo Bunny is eager to stroke his thick cock and spread his ass at the Casting Room and fan fave Mickey Taylor looks sexy as hell in his jockstrap and rubber singlet at UK Hot Jocks! Make sure you’ve got enough lube — You’re gonna have more porn than you can shake a dick at!

CMNM.net — Ed and Simon are having loads of fun forcing their subordinates to humiliate themselves in this office CMNM series. Joey and Kieran strip naked and lie together on a desk while Ed and Simon warm up their asses with thick dildos. The naked office slaves are instructed to kiss each other and Kieran gets into the spirit of the punishment. His cock gets hard and soon he’s spilling his load all over Joey’s tight stomach!
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The Casting Room — Leo Bunny is devoted to working on his lean physique and he’s eager to show off the results of all those hours at the gym and on the track. He’s dreaming of a glamorous life in porn and is eager to show off his jicy asshole and thick cock. His boner is thick and long and before long he’s shooting a thick load for the camera. Leo is going to be a rising star very soon!
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UK Hot Jocks — Punk-boy Mickey Taylor pops up again at UK hot Jocks, looking incredibly sexy in his rubber singlet and jock strap. He strips naked to reveal his throbbing erection and then sits down on a massive toy and lets the camera see his spread asshole. Such a bad boy — could you tame him?
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YESIR Boys — It’s payday and Leo Bunny is feeling horny. There is no better moment to spend 50 bucks on a nice, tight hole that’s able to take a rock hard dick. As Leo walks into the room he encounters Theo Paul taped up to a pole. After some long and rough playing with the submissive boy toy, Leo cums all over his body after which he leaves the worthless cum slut behind in the dark, cold cellar.
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CFNMtv — Bolstered by the support of the imperious Professor Yeltsin, Latitia feels free to explore her fantasies with the big hunky countryman. She can tell he is intimidated by the two women and is happy to use this to her advantage. Now it’s time to milk him like the big-balled bull he is!
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CFNM — Shane is submissive and meek after the girls pounded his arse with a dildo. He’s totally surrendered his body to them. The girls have noticed how his cock has been twitching from the excitement of being fully exposed in his old school. Now they want to see what a big strong potent man he’s become since he was a student.
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Sneaky Peek — This black stud has no idea there’s a tiny camera hidden in the locker room. What would he do if he finds out his meaty ass has been shared with thousands of perverts across the web, and that his suckable cock has been leered at by the masses?[click here to see more stolen male locker room videos…]

Strip Search Hell — You have to feel for some of these prisoners jailed for crimes of passion. They can’t stand seeing their wives flirting with another man and take the law into their own hands. And what happens? They are banged up with nothing but men whilst the wife is out getting fucked by whoever she wants! They also have “loser” written across their faces. And sexually frustrated!
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