Weekly Roundup 10/12: Chav Scum, Brutal Tops and Brutal Cops

We’ve made it to another weekend my friends…time to rock out with your cock out and we’ve got all the nasty raunchy gay porn you’re going to need to satisfy you. Gutter punk Leo is forced to wank his thick cock before a trio of perverts with their cameras out at CMNM, while Master Sargeant Marc has got a vicious discipline style he likes to use at Brutal Tops. Finally, busted rent boy Aaron gets his hole wrecked by a ruthless cop at Busted Boys. Keep those cocks hard and slicked up, it’s going to be a great weekend!

CMNM.net — Scally lads like Leo don’t deserve a penny from the government, but they’ve constantly got their hand out, waiting for free money to buy their track suits, their £200 sneakers and their ridiculous Burberry hats. Fed up office workers Adrian, Dave and Tristam have decided to humiliate this prick, get him to strip naked and film him jacking it, and the chav idiot hast to do what they say or else they’ll report him to the cops as a sex pervert and he’ll get kicked out of public housing. humiliated Leo is their slave and they jeer him as he’s instructed to masturbate and shoot his wretched load for their amusement.
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Brutal Tops — Master Sargeant Marc has gotten a very ugly incident report concerning one of his poorest performing soldiers. The tough NCO is going to give him such a humiliating and degrading punishment, this maggot is going to quit the army and make everyone’s lives easier. Sargeant Marc orders the squaddie to strip and get on his knees. The Sarge has got a filthy power tool that’s going to have this cowardly shit begging for mercy and cowering in fear.
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Busted Boys — Cute young call-boy Aaron Perez gets caught soliciting by undercover cops. As they’re about to haul him away he begs for leniency. Silly slut, the only way to avoid jail time is to sexual submission. This little Latin boy is soon sexually dominated by hulking arresting officer Austin. The cruel cop brutally fucks, gags, humiliates and then cums on the poor desperate boy.
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The Casting Room — There’s something so sexy about the boyish way Bob’s cheeks go bright pink as he’s reaching his peak. All his experience serves him well as he delivers one fucking hot cum shot. And it’s horny to see him talk casually afterwards while he’s still sporting a tumescent dick and delays putting on his underwear.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Strapping brute Andy Lee is stuck with the worst employees. When Sam doesn’t show up for work again, Andy drives over to his flat and finds his laziest employee sleeping off a big night. Exasperated, Andy pulls Sam out of bed and over his lap. His angry swats leave Sam’s ass cherry red and stinging. Andy might give him another chance, but my bet is that this punishment won’t take and Sam will continue the cycle of fucking up and earning searing punishments.
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CFNMtv — Ali is shocked by the sensation of being totally naked here in the confines of the Headmistress’ office. As a basketball star he’s used to all eyes being on him and feeling all that simmering desire directed at him. He’s been able to own it with brash confidence, but here with his dick and balls hanging in the open with these controlling women staring at him it feels totally different!
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CFNM — Jonathan has tried to be completely professional. But being stark naked and having his body manipulated by these girls has made him lose all his composure. He’s been driven crazy with desire being under their commanding control. Now that he’s hunched fully exposed beneath them they can do whatever they want to his body.
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Sneaky Peek — This is an amazing video of a busy shower room full of some really hot guys. The main guy focussed on here is 100% perfect with a great body and very suckable dick.
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