Weekly Roundup 11/02: Beefy Fireman Proudly Shows off Trunk-like Erection

This week’s roundup features some achingly good male-male fetish action. For example, CMNM features Adrian and “Padrew” giving their dirty new slave a much needed bath. The Casting Room features fireman, pro footballer and bodybuilder Rob in one of their most exciting porn auditions ever! And Officer Kenny force feeds his cock to a wretched amateur boy whore at Busted Boys. Make this weekend count my friends…keep it hard and stroke it like you’re strangling a snake.

The Casting Room — Rob is a wonderful specimen discovered on the recent recruiting swing through Prague. Not only is he a firefighter, a professional footballer and a bodybuilder, he’s got a stout cock like an axe handle and he’s a very kinky exhibitionist. Can’t wait to see this strapping, beefy hunk milked for more loads in the future.
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CMNM.net — Dirty escaped con Gareth is at the mercy of deranged pervert Adrian Swallows. He’s got no choice but to tolerate the debasement and humiliation while he’s on the run from the law. Fearing he’ll be turned out in Swallows’ illicit sex club as a man-whore, he tries to be obedient and non-threatening while Adrian and his accomplice wash him like a filthy street cur.
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Busted Boys — Frightened young boy-toy Logan Reiss gets busted trying to sell his sweet white ass to undercover cops. He begs Officer Steele to show him some leniency and quickly discovers that there’s only one way to avoid the slammer; sexual submission. Seconds later the skinny little pale slut is gagging on the officers cock and getting savagely fucked like the man-whore he is. Once he’s done punishing his ass, Officer Steele blasts Logan with a big facial cumshot.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Jason has been busted for peeping in the girl’s locker room. Some parents wanted him hauled off to jail and put on trial, his own parents begged for another chance at reform. It’s fallen to community punishment administrator Mr. X to properly punish this lad with an OTK spanking and a supremely humiliating lecture.
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Strip Search Hell — This arrogant young lad considers himself too mean and smart for prison. It seems to pain him that his trendy clothes are bundled up and thrown into bags like rags when he’s stripped for a total body search. The look of contempt on his handsome face as he’s taken through the strip process says it all. This adds to the guards’ relish in embarrassing the mean-spirited prick, stripping him down slowly and examining his naked body more closely than what’s necessary, especially his very fuckable arsehole.
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CFNMtv — For one of the men working at the CFNM Restaurant, his latest customers are proving to be particularly demanding. And Ricky is not only serving the imperious owner, but also his own ex-wife! The women openly grope him and give him instructions – which he must obey if he wants to keep his job. As things progress the helpless waiter realises just how lowly he has become.
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CFNM — The girls excitedly circle around the innocent and fully exposed boy relishing every second of his humiliation. They spank his arse and watch him shrink away from their insistent groping and prying eyes determined to milk him for all he’s worth!
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Sneaky Peek — A couple of very dirty workmen strip off their filthy uniforms after a hard shift and hit the showers. They have no clue their sexy dad-bods are being recorded and visible to hordes of drooling perverts all over the globe.
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