Weekly Roundup 11/30: Master Sarge Marc Punishes His Feeble Slave Cunt

Looks like we finally made it to another weekend, my fellow perverts. Thank god, because my balls are aching and dying to be drained. There’s so much awesome, filthy gay fetish porn to get the job done this weekend. Master Marc punishes his unworthy slave with a belt at Brutal Tops, while Andy and Gareth reluctantly touch penises at CMNM. And last but not least, we’ve got a new site in the family — Piss Spy. Watch amazing creeper videos of young men caught on camera with their succulent cocks out taking a leisurely piss! Keep it lubed, because it’s going to be rock hard all weekend my friends!

Brutal Tops — Master Sargeant Marc is becoming unhinged as he punishes this failing recruit. First he walks up and down on the bastard’s back with his combat boots, he then makes him eat out his dirty asshole. Finally, Marc delivers an agonizing belt whipping across the maggot’s back. Marc is really loving his opportunity to dominate weaker men!
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CMNM.net — Andy and Gareth are convicts on the run, but they’ve run into a foe more intimidating and scary than any law man. Adrian Swallows is an immoral scourge, and he sees an opportunity to make these jail hardened men disappear into his sex club, where they will be his on demand gay sex slaves until their bodies are worn out and useless. Now is the time Adrian examines the goods. If he likes what he sees, they’ll disappear forever!
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The Casting Room — Filipino boy Alon cannot leave his dick alone! At every opportunity he grasps his cock and strokes it. He’s got a tight sexy body that he loves showing off which is great. But he’s so eager to pose and perform it sometimes make it challenging to direct him. Since he’s such a natural submissive it’s unsurprising that his favourite position is on his back spreading his hungry arsehole.
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Piss Spy — Piss Spy is a brand new site featuring dozens of unsuspecting young guys caught at public urinals with their cocks out, taking long delicious pisses. If you love watching guys piss, if you want to see hot guys touching their cocks in the semi-privacy of a public toilet, or if you get turned on by seeing these young studs get violated and get their nude dick pics shared all over the world, then Piss Spy is going to be your new favourite site!
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Helpless Boys — After having it out with his girlfriend Latino cutie Rodrigo is abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Desperate and upset, he waves down the first vehicle he sees, a white van, and begs for help. Luckily for him, the driver Todd is willing to provide transportation for a small fee. Rodrigo doesn’t have any cash, but he does have a tight brown ass. Without any other alternatives, Rodrigo submits and is soon tied up and gagging on big white cock. Todd drills his tight ass in the van and back at the dungeon. He fucks him in several degrading positions then covers him with a huge facial cumshot
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Straight Lads Spanked — Sebastian and Spencer have been feuding for weeks. just days after getting Spencer in trouble at work and earning his former friend a spanking, Sebastian, the nervy cunt is confronted with his own betrayal. Spencer has just broken up with his girlfriend for exchanging sexy text messages with another guys. And who is the culprit? Sebastian! Spencer takes the douchebag asshole over his knee and takes out all of his anger and frustration on Sebastian’s plush ass.
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CFNMtv — Ms Stern decides that Chris’s punishment provides the perfect opportunity to improve Evie’s education! As well as atoning for his sins, she demands that he masturbate for them so that the schoolgirl can learn more about the process. The helpless lad must toy with his penis whilst surrounded by the domineering women!
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CFNM — The girls are astonished at how cop Tony has grudgingly submitted to their every command. Even bending over to bare his big muscular arse to them! Now they have free reign to explore the most hidden and shameful part of his body, toying with his sphincter while they stretch him open and eagerly plunge inside him.
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Sneaky Peek — Another video of another working man with an average dad bod, and a medium sized chubby prick. Maybe he’s a stout five inches when he’s throbbing hard, but he’s not likely to get turned on any time soon after learning from his friends and neighbours that his cock pics have become public over the internet!
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