Weekly Roundup 11/9: Anal Capacity Check at CMNM

Lots of sexual humiliation happening in the roundup this week….if you love seeing beta males squirming uncomfortably while their sexual equipment is criticized, judged and abused, this is the place to be! For instance, Mr. Swallows and his sidekick are eagerly evaluating their latest sex slave’s anal capacity at CMNM, while arrogant straight boy Allesandro ends up spreading like a bitch at the Casting Room. And for everyone who like a throwback, CFNMtv features a very young Nicholas (aka Marshal Arkley) getting kinky on the dance floor in his first nude male revue. Keep your throbbing monster happy and fed this weekend my friends!

CMNM.net — Escaped convict Gareth has fallen into the clutches of depraved sex club owner Adrian Swallows. The dastardly one is going to put Gareth on display and make him available for all of his horny customers. But before Gareth becomes the featured boy toy, Swallows has to check to see if his asshole was ruined in prison. Can’t let a convict with a broken down asshole be the star of the show!
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Busted Boys — Police have set up a sting operation to take down Latino twink prostitute Ariano. Once he is cuffed, Officer Todd Haynes starts to explain just how fucked Ariano truly is. In an effort to avoid jail time, Ariano agrees to do anything Officer Haynes wants. Big mistake! Poor little Ariano is quickly naked and bound to a chair with Officer Haynes’s large, white cock clogging his throat. He brutally finger-bangs him, then hammers Ariano’s tight brown ass like crazy before spraying him with a facial cumshot.
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Helpless Boys — Hunky Latino cutie Valentino Moran has been ditched in the woods by his so-called friends and has no way to get home. Just as it’s about to rain along comes Todd in his white van. He agrees to give the stranded boy a ride, but not for free. With options like suck cock or walk home, Val quickly submits and is soon tied up and gagging on Todd’s big white cock. Todd savagely pounds his tight ass in the van and back a dungeon. When he’s done sexually humiliating Val he blasts him with a gooey facial cumshot.
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The Casting Room — Because Alessandro is so slender his cock looks massive when he’s fully hard and rearing to cum. Here’s a boy that models in expensive fashion shows pumping out gallons of semen for your pleasure and displaying his bumhole on command!
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CFNMtv — The three men are working up a sweat to put on the hottest show they possibly can for the exacting women of Mantis. They have forced themselves beyond their comfort zones to drive the women crazy. Future cabaret king Marshal Arkley is here in one of his very first stripper shows, kissing his fellow dancers and getting his asshole rimmed out.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Mr. West and strapping Andy Lee take a couple of slackers over their knees after discovering them loafing on the job and pilfering the client’s wine. Connor and Sam have finally pushed their luck too far, and now their bare bottoms bet turned an alarming shade of pink.
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CFNM — It’s typical that as soon as anyone starts finding success and making lots of money, the police have to come around sticking their noses in things. The girls are startled by the sudden appearance of these strong intimidating uniformed men. But they’ve become quite skilled at handling tricky males so are confident in how they should handle these burly thugs.
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Sneaky Peek — Close up shots of a chubby dad getting stripped down and ready for a shower after a rigorous soccer match. He would be mortified to know illicit shots of his wobbly little prick are being scrutinized by perverts around the world!
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