Weekly Roundup 12/15: Executive Foot Worship at CMNM

The holiday times are in full swing, and we’ve got an XXX-tra large roundup for all of you horny kinksters! Check out our favourite blond Simon, looking smart in his business suit and coldly watching his subordinate worship his shoes at CMNM; Master Aaron is humiliating his slave by treating him like a human ashtray at Brutal Tops; Nervous Lyle is sporting a thick cock and a silky foreskin for your review at the Casting Room. So mush sexy smut for the holidays! Stay warm and keep it lubed up my friends!

CMNM.net — Simon is the top salesman in the office and he thinks the new recruits are for shit. Let them learn som proper respect, and the only way to do that is with a humiliating office hazing. One of the new flunkies is stripped naked and forced to his knees to kiss Simon’s shoes. That’s a good start!
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Brutal Tops — Master Aaron is having a ball tearing into his slave and destroying every last shred of dignity. Aaron enjoys a drink and a smoke, and his slave is waiting on him hand and foot, ready to be of service in any way required, including offering his mouth as an ashtray (or urinal).
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YESIR Boys — Dirty slut Koby Lewis is closing down the bar and tells last customer Jack Taylor to leave. Jack doesn’t have to listen to anything a hungry cum slut like Koby tells him, so he pushes him up against the wall and edges him hard until he lets him cum all over the floor, making the bar dirty again. As this dirty toy’s got messy, he’s got to take his own load back in his mouth.
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The Casting Room — Lyle is a very timid, twinky tyope lad with a big secret. He’s got quite the bulging package and even though he’s nervous about stripping on camera, his boner pops to life when he starts stroking. Check out his juicy cumshot and the way the warm cum pools in his foreskin after he’s blown his load.
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CFNMtv — Miss Warburton is getting into the swing of things. She’s enjoying the power she has over the lowly naked males and happily orders them around. Now she has more slaves to sell to the screaming women – including muscle-boy James who she’s sure will fetch a good price. Waving her crop around she insist the schoolboys cower at her feet like proper slaves should.
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CFNM — The girls are fascinated by this gorgeous tanned man’s body. All the other boys at the CFNM Academy are so pasty white, but Shane looks like every inch of his skin has been kissed by the sun. They excitedly examine him under Miss Twitch’s guidance, pushing him to go further and further until Shane feels like he’s totally lost control.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Big bulging bodybuilder Charlie is in trouble with his dad for going vigilante on school bully Ashley and giving him a good spanking. Now that Dad has spent the morning apologizing to Ashley’s step-father and humiliating himself, he’s home with a thick leather strap to punish Charlie for causing him so mush aggravation. Big boys like Charlie need the heavy straps to create the painful memory — Don’t do it again!
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Strip Search Hell — They say that incarceration is its own punishment. Being stuck away from society a punishment? I think we’re all a bit cynical about that. The screws too. They know their job isn’t just locking and unlocking doors. They are part of the programme to make crims think twice before carrying out their mischief again. One tool they have is strip searching the hard lads whenever they like. The other is administering an ice cold hosing.
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UK Hot Jocks — Miles can no longer resist and succumbs to Jack Taylor’s advances. This is the kind of negotiations that Miles is a master of.  He lures Jack onto the dining table with his meaty cock, and before long, both are pulling out all the stops to seal the deal.  Miles devours Jack’s uncut cock through his underwear, before pulling it free and taking every inch of it in his mouth.  Jack groans with pleasure as he watches the red headed Miles work his magic. 
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