Weekly Roundup 2/23: Forced Foot Worship at Brutal Tops

This week’s roundup of kink and filthy gay sex is going to keep your hands full all weekend! If you’ve been loving Master Leo’s snarling attitude at Brutal Tops, you are going to love him demanding foot worship from his pathetic slave. The Casting Room has another very tasty newcomer — Xavier — who is eager to show off his thick cock and shoot a creamy load on command. And if you are into bushy-bearded dudes, Straight Lads Spanked is veering into new territory with a very woofy dad getting a serious OTK spanking. Keep it firm and lubed my horny friends!

Brutal Tops — Master Leo reclines naked in all his chav glory while pathetic slave boy Tony services his stinking socks and smelly feet. When Leo feels his whale-shit sub is not showing him the proper respect, he beats him with a belt until he’s cowering and properly pitiful.
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The Casting Room — Chav lad Xavier might not strike you as a kinky freak, but when he gets naked, he’s eager to flash his asshole and present his pendulous cock for inspection. He gets hard really quick, an excellent sign for a young man, and he shoots a creamy jet of cum across the floor when he’s told to. Wouldn’t you like to take him home and properly train him?.
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Straight Lads Spanked — SLS features Clark, a virile dude with a lumberjack-style beard and sexy tattoos. He’s accused of messing with the books and his boss offers corporal punishment instead of getting the cops involved. Have you ever seen a bearded daddy get an OTK spanking like this?
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UK Hot Jocks — Kolby Lewis and Jeffrey Lloyd are sexy soccer player pumped up on adrenaline and testosterone, so it’s completely natural that they can’t resist each other’s cocks after the match. These two tight-bodied studs suck each other’s thick cocks before Koby bends over and spreads his ass for Jeffrey’s throbbing rod.
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CFNMtv — The lads are eager to impress the girls at the school dance, and when they think they might get laid, they are easily persuaded to do anything. one of the dirty girls suggest the boys should get naked and dance like strippers for them and the dumb dolt do it! The ladies have these dumb naked boys wrapped around their finger.
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CFNM — models Gina and Abby have lured Hasip into their studio but first he must pass Belinda’s approval. She’s very picky about the men she has in her exclusive videos. The boy does seem very shy and nervous which is a turn on. But from the slovenly look of him he doesn’t appear too promising, but once the girls lift up his shirt she starts to get ideas.
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Strip Search Hell — It’s amazing where a night of overdoing the partying can get a young lad. Banged up inside! It’s great when these men sober up and realise what they’ve done and that they are going to be incarcerated for what they can hardly remember doing. Fit young men who find themselves at the mercy of hardworn prison officers who don’t take any nonsense. The first thing they do is really embarrass them by stripping the sucker totally naked and having a good old look at what he’s got in his pants. No secrets in jail son!
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Sneaky Peek — This handsome older builder has no idea he’s being filmed in the locker room. He’s got a thick cock that you would love to suck, you degenerate internet pervert!
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