Weekly Roundup 2/8: Beefy Bear Mocked While He Jerks it at CMNM

Holy Crap, what a weekend to just lock the door and hunker down! There’s a ton of kinky porn to keep you company as you try to keep the cold world at bay. Like beefy bad boy Andy, forced into sexual submission by a throng of perverts at CMNM, or lithe Jonny, a Czech model eager to impress the visiting Englishman with displays of his sexual prowess at the Casting Room. Or if you really want it rough, check out rentboy Jason at Busted Boys, getting his head dunked underwater by a vice cop until he’s ready to give out free sexual favours. Keep it hard and hot this weekend, my friends.

CMNM.net — Escaped convict Andy is completely out of options and at the mercy of Adrian and his gang of leering perverts. The beefy bear is naked and his mouth is pried open with a spider gag. Each man gets a turn beating his cock and shooting spunk into Andy’s pathetic face. When they all finish, and is ordered to get his own cock hard and shoot a load of his own. How could prison be any worse than being at the mercy of Adrian and company?
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The Casting Room — Johnny’s whole life is spent crafting his body so it’s not surprising to discover he’s fit as fuck when his clothes come off. It only takes a few strokes for his dick to rise up which shows how professional he is. More than anything he enjoys showing off so the producer makes sure to get all the extreme close ups including his taboo asshole.
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Busted Boys — Jason Wolf has been picking up dates online for a while in South Beach and he thinks he’s been playing it pretty safe. But this Friday night, he hooked up with Officer Joey Liberty who has been itching to bust a nut. Angry that Jason gives him attitude about getting a free BJ, Joey drags him to the bathroom and sticks his head under the water. Jason is freaked out and panics. He agrees to be Joey’s sex slave for the night or whatever, and Joey eagery fucks this boy slut’s hard ass and shoots his load right in the mouth.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Alex’s attitude hasn’t improved since his last spanking for breaking curfew. He figured the bare hand spanking he endured wasn’t the worst, and if that’s the price to be paid for sneaking out and breaking curfew, why not risk it? But he doesn’t anticipate that Dad would escalate the situation, using a leather belt to deliver a stinging corporal punishment to Alex’s very red ass.
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CFNM — The two policemen are seriously regretting entering the chilly, cavernous hall. They thought they’d be in and out – check the girls’ paperwork and if they didn’t have the correct license, close them down. But they allowed themselves to be sweet talked by the pretty young females and are now totally at their mercy. Their bulky bodies exposed, the two men start to sweat as the schoolgirls edge them ever closer together.
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Sneaky Peek — A pair of chubby dads are getting stripped for a shower after a friendly neighbourhood football match. You can still see glimpses in their former glory: Faded tattoos around big biceps, muscular chest going a bit soft, chubby bellies and big, soft bums. How embarrassed would they be knowing that these stolen pics are circulating around the internet?
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Strip Search Hell — A criminal is an odd thing. First he’s usually supremely thick. Criminals, you see, think everyone is more stupid than they are. They cannot carry out their crimes if they thought that everyone is ahead of them, wise to their every move. But they just keep getting caught! The guards are wise to how stupid most prisoners are but it is always fun to see it carried out in the flesh so to speak. Criminals think if they act like being in jail is very hurtful they will be treated with kid gloves. “I’m innocent and in the wrong place, etc, etc.” is their thinking. These officers aren’t having any of it.
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Piss Spy — Daft bastard actually pulls his pants all the way down at the public urinal. Who does he think he is? Some kind of internet frog? “Feels good man.” Whatever, the kids are so hard to understand these days, but at least we get a good show of this weird fella taking a long piss with his pants down.
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