Weekly Roundup 2/10: Scruffy Daddy tries hard to please Beefy Brad

We made it to another weekend my perverted and kinky friends, and their’s so much perversion to get us through to Monday. Brawny Brad is forcing his rugged, handsome Daddy to worship his armpits and cock at Brutal Tops; newcomer Sebastian is hot to get sucked off at the Casting Room; and belligerent gym teacher Mr. West is stroked off by his colleague Mr. Bullock in the most humiliating physical exam at CMNM. Wank it hard and strong my fiendish friends!

Brutal Tops — Beefy Bodybuilder Brad is back relishing his role as the bully in the Brutal Tops toilet, again with the very woofy daddy slave. Brad gets the scruffy older dude in a headlock and forces the older slave to lick his armpits then suck his cock. To top it off, Brad lowers his massive, thick butt down on the stubbled chin of the older but submissive dude. These perverts are amazing together, don’t miss it.
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The Casting Room — Sebastian is a burly muscular straight dude who is all about getting pleasure. He loves getting blow jobs so much he doesn’t mind if it’s a man or a woman doing it. It strikes him as a clever idea to become a porn star because he thinks he’ll get all the BJs he wants while being paid for it. Thus with a big meaty arse gets a rude awakening when he discovers in his audition that making porn isn’t about his pleasure but his ability to turn us and the viewers on.
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CMNM.net — Mr. West’s physical examination continues in the locker room at St. Dunstan’s at the hands of Daniel Johnson and Mr. Bullock. The tall, athletic ginger is ordered to stand still while they extract a semen sample. Mr. Bullock wanks Mr. West’s reluctant cock while Daniel films the embarrassing scene on his smartphone. No doubt the other lads will have a great laugh watching the new gym teacher getting stiff and blowing a load into the hands of another man!
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Sneaky Peek — Sneaky Peek features a very soft fleshed young man obliviously changing into his work uniform. He’s still got a layer of baby fat, but his ass cheeks are very spreadable and present an irresistible target!
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CFNMtv — the schoolgirls are putting Alex Dobrovolski through his paces – much to the confusion of the dumb foreigner. But they haven’t forgotten about the pervy caretaker, Mr Ryan. Barbara and Cassy have a special plan for him. But first they need to see how much sperm they can extract from Alex’s cock.
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CFNM — Carl is relieved to be free of the terrifying “doctor” and her assistant but his ordeal is far from over. As he sits at home in his bedroom in shame, his father has been summoned to a meeting with someone he believes to be the Headmistress. Little does Michael Bagshaw realise that Cassy is about to lure him into a trap using Carl as the bait. He’s used to being the one in charge but he’s soon going to find out what it’s like to be powerless and at the mercy of Cassy and Barbara.
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Strip Search Hell — A significant minority of prisoners are middle-class lads who have gone off the rails. They may come from relatively wealthy families and have had good schooling. However they have been hanging around with the wrong crowd and rebelled against society’s laws. Although it is the job of prisons to incarcerate and rehabilitate these men in the conventional sense, in these cases it is also a good idea to punish the lad in a way that will put him back on the straight and narrow.
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has new videos perving on motorists who stop off for a quick piss and have no idea their cocks are being captured on the hidden camera!
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