Weekly Roundup 2/19: Charlie the teen thief gets wanked by a circle of men.

This week’s roundup features more of Charlie’s exciting series from CMNM — He’s wanked and shamed by his favourite football players and shoots his sticky teenage seed in front of a circle of cackling men! The Casting Room features a new American model Eric who has a hunger to explore his kinky side! Lots of shaming and debasement on all sides to keep you jerking it for the weekend!

CMNM.net — Teen burglar Charlie has snuck into his favourite football team’s clubhouse, and the roughhousing players have caught him and are subjecting him to a shameful hazing. After getting stripped naked by the players, his cock is jerked stiff and then stroked until he spills his teenage cum on a jockstrap. The players cackle like hyenas when the sticky jock is shoved in his face!
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The Casting Room — American exchange student Eric is keen to explore his sexuality while overseas, and the Casting Room really gives him his chance to develop his kinky side. He fucks his hole with a thick dildo while he jerks his stiff cock. Looks like this lad would love to be abused!
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Strip Search Hell — This young criminal scumbag enters prison with a big chip on his shoulder and the screws are eager to see him reduced to a snivelling worm. They know the easiset way to make a tough case into a whimpering wreck is to probe his hole and fondle his cock and question his manhood.
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CFNMtv — Young Tarquin thinks he’s got this job interview at the bank in the bag. Used to being coddled at his private school, he’s rude to the receptionist and even slaps her ass! The bank manager, Mrs Barcliff, sets about teaching this entitled little shit an embarrassing and shameful lesson.
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CFNM — Lionel is a worker who tries to sneak a pervy look at his colleagues. They get him back by stripping him totally naked in the middle of the office! Lucinda and Siobhan have swiftly got him in a compromising position – now they have all the power they need to change him and take advantage of his cock and ass.
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of American “rugby player” Colby Jansen, showing his stiff cock in a series of selfies. Which is to say, Rugger Bugger has pictures of porn star Colby Jansen playing rugby. Which is hot on it’s own.
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Sneaky Peek — The Sneaky Peek camera is set up in the camera just a few feet away from a tattooed stud. He has no idea he’s being filmed and shows off his ass, cock and armpits.
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Eric Deman — EricDeman has a new video perving at very sexy cyclists changing. They try to hide behind car doors to protect their modesty but his hidden camera catches their pert bums fully [click here to see more…]