Weekly Roundup 3/15: Rigorous Physical Exam at #CMNM

Here’s a hot new roundup highlighting all of the submission, voyeurism and kink we couldn’t get to this week. Suffering builder Oleg is ordered to demonstrate his physical range of motion for the doctor at CMNM, while lean lad Warren showing off his booming cum cannon at the Casting Room. And if you want it rough, check out Helpless Boys, where clueless lad Logen gets picked up hitch hiking only to get a hard cock rammed down his throat. Keep it warm and slicked up this weekend my friends!

CMNM.net — Dim bulb Oleg struggles to keep up with his demanding doctor, who demands that his patient go through a rigorous physical regimine while they try to suss out the source of his injury. The probelm is so mysterious that Dr. Swallows requires a second set of eyes on the problem.
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The Casting Room — Warren’s full balls slam against the leather of the seat while he’s joyfully pounding his hard on. Notice how he arches his feet while jerking off as every muscle in his body is strained in his frantic need to get off. And for someone who won’t take anything up his bum he sure knows how to invitingly spread his sphincter.
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Helpless Boys — Slim little party boy Logan Reiss has gotten himself stranded in the woods. Just when all seems lost muscled hunk Dustin arrives in his white van and is kind enough to agree to take him to town. When Logan conveniently reveals that he’s got no cash to pay for the ride Dustin gives him a different pay option; complete sexual submission. Desperate and naive, Logan submits to him and very quickly regrets it as Dustin ties him up, gags his mouth then brutally pounds his tight young ass like there’s no tomorrow. Dustin viciously dominates and humiliates little Logan in several grueling positions then covers him with a facial cumshot.
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Strip Search Hell — The prison officers have to assess whether a prisoner will cause them problems. A chap can come in with the full intension of behaving but then become really really bad. They can kick off, fall out with other inmates, cause jealousy in others or spread trouble throughout the whole jail population. That’s why cleanliness and lots of big intimate inspections are so important and it doesn’t matter how many times a guy is stripped and closely prodded and investigated. This guy is clean, but it’s great to watch him being revealed and have to open up his arsehole cheeks.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Alex’s wild hairstyle annoys his soccer coach to the breaking point. The dizzy lad is pulled over the old man’s knee and given a hard bare bum spanking and lecture questioning what the hell is going on in that dim-witted head.
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CFNM Casting director Louise and actress Fay are reveling in the big huge stiffy they’ve caused George to grow. He looks even more vulnerable now that he’s stark naked sporting a hard on and is desperate to get off. Here’s a big buff man at the peak of health with an overwhelming sex drive and he belongs completely and utterly to them!
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Sneaky Peek — More great hidden camera footage of working stiffs getting changed after a long day in the pit. They strip down to reveal their muscular, manly bodies then head straight into the shower for a few minutes of peace and comfort. How quickly that would be shattered if they knew their nudes were circulating around the internet and their cocks and asses were being ogled, rated and critiqued.
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Piss Spy — Sexy black guy with tattooed hands whips out his dark, uncut cock at the urinal and has a long, satisfying piss. Wouldn’t you love to cup those balls for him and direct the spray?
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