Weekly Roundup 3/8: Brazilian Stud Shoots a Hot Load at #theCastingRoom

We have a petit roundup this week, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of kinky porn and hot guys to get your cum spilling all weekend. The Casting Room features hot Brazilian stud Alexander wanking his thick cock for the camera, while Straight Lads Spanked features bad boy Josef getting pulled out of the bathtub by his landlord for some painful OTK discipline. Finally Florida boy Jax get the tables turned by an ornery redneck and he ends up choking on dick at Helpless Boys. Keep those cock stiff and lubed this weekend my friends!

The Casting Room — Alexander gets quite confused on the method of measuring his cock, but all that tugging and pulling has an added side effect of giving him a big fat stiffy. His dick perpetually springs up throughout the audition. Everything about this lad screams he’s a lean mean fucking machine. While he won’t allow any arse play on himself it’s satisfying getting him to bend over and spread it for our delight. He’s already half passed the test because he’s proven how easy it is for him to get hard. As soon as he sits down for the ejaculation test his dick is already leaking precum! Alexander doesn’t rush it either but takes his time have a luxurious pleasurable wank and has a very satisfying orgasm.
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Helpless Boys — Out of towner Jax has gotten lost trying to grandma’s place. Fortunately local stocky southern stud Austin happens by in his white van and has pity for the exhausted boy traveler. When Jax reveals that he has no way to repay him for his kindness, Austin shows him one; sexual submission. The desperate blonde soon finds himself bound, gagging on cock and even getting his head dunked in a container of water! As Austin’s sexual domination continues Jax is manhandled and brutally ass-fucked in several humiliating positions then blasted with a huge facial cumshot.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Josef’s time as a foriegn exchange student is not working out. He has been missing his college courses and his landlord is complaining about the late rent. Tired of lecturing Josef about his dereliction to his responsibilities, the stern older man pulls Josef out of the bathtub (interrupting a relaxing wank) and pulls the lad over his knee for a painful discipline session.
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CFNM*** Return of Straight Hell Favourite LEE ***
Nicole knows the Mayoress is a very busy woman and doesn’t like to be kept waiting. But she’s sure the powerful woman will appreciate their next set of techniques. And she’s personally very keen to get her hands on the school jock Lee who will be their guinea pig. It’s all the more fun for her and Jessica when they get to subjugate someone as confident and cocky as the hunky sportsman.
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Sneaky Peek — The hidden locker room camera catches nude footage of an aging weekend jock stripping off his work clothes and getting his uniform on before a match. Great opportunity to see this formerly buff jock getting soft and cuddly in all the right places.
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Piss Spy — If you like large volume piss videos, this guy has a full bladder and takes an epic piss. Watch his thick, uncut cock streaming the crystal clear urine; he takes his time shakes it, squeezes it, and gives his balls a gentle cupping as well.
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