Weekly Roundup 3/31: Taste Master Brad’s Beefy Butt

This week’s roundup is a little thin, but there’s still plenty to get you hard. Brutal Tops features Bodybuilder Brad tormenting sexy gruff slave Turd, and SneakyPeek features a very wet and sexy group shower scene. CFNMtv also debuts a new series featuring lovely stern bitches ready to expose and humiliate beta males for their twisted amusement. Enjoy!

Brutal Tops — Bodybuilder Brad continues his rampage at Brutal Tops as he continues to humiliate and demean his sexy older slave. Brad is demanding the woofy daddy rim out his asshole until it sparkles and shines. The grizzled old man’s best isn’t good enough for Brad, and he gives the senior slave a sound spanking before gobbing in his mouth and siting on his face.
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Sneaky Peek — The hidden locker room camera captures a cocky dude in the shower. He’s all tatted up and thinking he’s quite the sexy fucker, although his doughy body suggests he’s been slacking in his training regimen for a few months. He even takes a piss on the sly before he’s joined by the rest of his mates for a sudsy group shower.
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CFNMtv — The ambassador’s annual luncheon comes at a critical time in the world’s economy. Although on the surface informal, these receptions are attended by some of the most powerful people in the world. Alliances can be built that benefit the host nation immensely. British Ambassador Rose Edwards has invited a select group of female representatives to her luxurious residence in the hope of attracting investment. Fiercely intelligent she knows just how to impress her guests and is confident she’s thought of everything to make it a huge success.
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CFNM — Cassy and Barbara have prepared a great surprise for their teacher Ms Corefuturex’s anatomy class. Two naked male specimens for them to learn from! They’ve entrapped Mr Bagshaw and his son Carl into being their models and they’ve blackmailed them into standing naked right in the middle of the room!
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