Weekly Roundup 4/12: Cruel Dave mocks Egotist’s Tiny Penis at CMNM

We’ve got another great Friday roundup of all the smut and kink you might have missed during the week. Dave delivers cruel taunts and jabs to an egotistic medical patient with a wee cock at CMNM, while the Casting Room has a buff new stud who is nervous about revealing his delightfully hairy asshole. And finally at Busted Boys, corrupt vice cop Todd Haynes busts another rentboy and commands him to suck his 11″ cock with his hands cuffed behind him. So much domination, shame and perversion this week — grab a handful of something greasy and get ready to stay in for the weekend.

CMNM.net — Joseph is in a real dilemma. He’s at the mercy of a perverted doctor and a sadistic medical assistant who is openly mocking the size of his undersized penis. But Joseph can’t go back to work without his insurance forms signed by the doctor, so he’s going to have to suffer through their game and fantasize about revenge later.
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The Casting Room — Andrei gives the bizarre request to keep his socks on during his physical, but naked means naked. It’s not surprising that a dopey horny hetero wouldn’t notice if actors in porn films keep their socks on or not. Andrei may pretend to be totally relaxed while being in the buff but he can’t conceal the fear in his eyes at having a man film his bits so closely.
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Busted Boys — 22 year old Javier has been making some sweet money as an escort in Miami, but he took a call for a hookup up the coast in a skeevier part of SoFlo: Hollywood, Florida. It was against his better instincts, but the cash was good, so he took a chance. Now he’s been busted by cruel vice detective Todd Haynes, who has a fetish for humiliating rentboys before bringing them down to lockup. Javier is order to choke down Haynes’ 11 inch cock and spread his ass for a hard pulverizing. All the cops downtown arte going to laugh when Javier is getting his mugshot taken with Officer Haynes’ creamy spunk dripping from his beard.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Foreign exchange student Josef is proving to be quite a handful for his host family. He’s been fined £60 for littering, and his host dad Mr. Roberts is embarrassed and angry at Josef and his shitty attitude. He orders Josef to strip and lie across the bed. He’s going to have to endure a whipping across the bare bum with a belt. Maybe this will finally teach him some sense.
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CFNMtv — Clarissa and Ursula are enjoying having Robbie around – it certainly makes things more interesting. While he tries desperately to make a sales call, the two of them begin to strip him off and explore his naked body. He must concentrate and not get distracted no matter what they do to him. But it’s going to be quite a challenge as they get ever more intimate with the big man.
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CFNM – Arrogant boss bully Nick always needs to be the one in charge and the dominant one when he’s fucking a girl. Never in his life has he allowed a chick to so much as touch his arsehole! But now that Janet has subdued him, the dazed businessman bends over while she inserts a vibrator up his incredibly tight shapely bum!
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Strip Search Hell — Prisoners know when they are being mistreated. The officers royally take the piss out of them and love seeing them damaged and abused. Weaker-willed lags kick off and perpetually add to their sentence but often know when to just roll into a ball and let the guards do whatever they like with them. They have all the tools and the power to humiliate this tough prisoner. Every day is a chance to dish out their sadistic fun.
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Sneaky Peek — If you are a fan of small penis fetish videos, you are going to love this illicit locker room footage. This dude has a shrimpy cock and he’s getting ready for the shower after work, unaware that a secret camera is filming him and spreading images of his teeny wiener everywhere.
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