Weekly Roundup 4/13: Scruffy Russian Wrestled into Naked Submission at CMNM

How did it take so long to get to the weekend? It seems like the last week lasted ten years, and I promise there’s enough smut in the roundup to make the weekend worth it. Check out the new series hitting CMNM this week featuring swarthy Mikhail getting wrestled into submission and stripped naked. Brutal Tops has Leo and Aaron punishing their slave and force-feeding him cock, and the Casting Room features a thick chunk of chocolate — Roland — getting naked and ready for inspection. Keep it hard and lubed this weekend my friends!

CMNM.net — CMNM debuts another new series this week, featuring Russian teacher Mikhail barging in on St. Dunstan’s headmaster Mr. Swallows. After the pair exchange harsh words, the Russian is wrestled to the ground and stripped, not knowing what kind of sexual deviance he’s about to experience.
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Brutal Tops — Leo and Aaron have their slave boy Tony belted into the bondage bench, and while Leo takes care of whipping the slave boy’s ass, Aaron makes sure Tony deepthroats every last inch of his cock, right down to the hilt.
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The Casting Room — With his big muscular body sprawled out, Roland enjoys being filmed stroking his dick and showing off. He feels like a fucking king demonstrating what a strong man he is and what a big virile cock he has. His rugby days might be over but he’s still a champ!
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Strip Search Hell — The prison guards have particularly sadistic ways of making disobedient young prisoners obey their every command. In this dismal basement this tough but feaful guy learns a lesson that he won’t forget in a hurry. Notice how he tries to maintain his controlled demeanor despite the onslaught of cold water bashing against his body and chilling his naked body to the core.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Sebastian’s dedication to staying on the straight-and-narrow didn’t last long, and his Dad is about to offer him an attitude correction. The brash boy is struck with fear when his Dad takes off his belt and orders him to get across his knee for a punishment that will stick in his mind!
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CFNM — Ikraam has always been the responsible older brother of the family. He wants to build a successful business and work hard to ensure they have a secure future built on traditional values. He knows his little brother Hasip is more of a dreamer, hoping to get rich quick. So he’s always been really protective of him making sure that his big dreams don’t lead him into trouble.
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Sneaky Peek — Another blissfully unaware working man gets stripped for a shower after work, oblivious to the hidden camera streaming illicit video of his hairy ass and uncut cock to tens of thousands of horny perverts across the internet.
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