Weekly Roundup 4/20: Master Terry Demands His Slave Worship His Filthy Ass

Welcome to the weekly Straight Hell Roundup, where we’ve got tons of kinky filth to make the weekend hot and sexy for you. Master Terry demands sweaty armpit worship at Brutal Tops, while Leo Bunny gets stripped and inspected in another new CMNM episode. The Casting Room has an excited newcomer who makes a very splash (and splatter) in his gay porn audition tape. Keep it hard and shooting, my horny friends!

Brutal Tops — Master Terry’s return to Brutal Tops is going smashingly, and the beefy dom demands his pathetic slave worship his stinky armpits. After worthless slave Tony satisfies his master, he’s ordered on his knees to rim out Terry’s funky, hairy ass.
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CMNM.net — Adrian is taking his new obsession with his workers to absurd and kinky lengths. Now every blue collar line worker must report for an exhaustive checkup in the bosses office, and Leo arrives, sweaty after a shift on the hot factory floor. He’s stripped and his thick cock is groped and stroked so Adrian cand see if Leo has been slacking off on the job.
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The Casting Room — Jozef is an handsome chap who looks like an upright businessman, but harbours some serious kinky practices and fantasies. There’s something so intriguing about the sexual life of a man that calls himself straight but has such a big fetish for transsexuals. This causes him to have a complicated set of limits when it comes to working with men so definitely watch his interview before seeing him eagerly show off his asshole and drain his balls for the camera.
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Butch Dixon — Mostly straight Dan Johnson can’t say no to a blowjob, and floppy-haired Keiron is eager to get Dan’s thick meat in his mouth. No one sucks cock like a man, so soon, Dan’s raging hard on is choking Keiron and turning him on. Dan says fuck it and slam’s Keiron’s hole, pounding him hard and deep until they’re both cumming like greedy fags.
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Strip Search Hell — This arrogant bloke considers himself too clever for prison. It seems to annoy him that his clothes are bundled up and thrown about like rags. The look of contempt on his face as he’s taken through the strip process says it all. This adds to the guards’ horny relish in embarrassing the idiot, stripping him down and examining his body closely. They drill into him that in this prison he’s lower than dirt and every part of his body can be inspected at any time the guards wish.
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Straight Lads Spanked — The latest release from your favourite purveyor of male spanking movies introduces Zach, a young man in big trouble. Zach goes over Dad’s knee and gets a good spanking on the seat of his jeans, just like when he was a teenager. Then the jeans come down and the spanking continues on the lad’s pants.
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CFNM — The girls eagerly strip Liam down and take advantage of the situation to get an eyeful and feel of this handsome popular boy. He’s notorious for bragging about getting flashes of the girls’ panties and tits. Now they can go back to all the girls in the school and describe how they’ve seen this sporty stud totally in the buff!
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Sneaky Peek — Another blissfully unaware working man gets stripped for a shower after work, oblivious to the hidden camera streaming illicit video of his hairy ass and uncut cock to tens of thousands of horny perverts across the internet.
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