Weekly Roundup 5/18: Brutal Tops Take Their Slave on a Field Trip

There are co many hot guys in the roundup this week, all getting nasty and filthy, trying to satisfy your every kinky desire for male flesh! Mo and Dave return to Brutal Tops in a classic domination scene in a public space, while twinky Andreas is getting desperate to escape a bad situation at CMNM. Another clueless jock gets ambushed and forced to take a hard dick up his ass in a very rough scene at Helpless Boys. Enjoy the weekend my friends, shit is getting hot and sticky out there!

Brutal Tops — We get another classic Brutal Tops scene featuring alpha tops Mo and Dave double teaming their hapless slave in a semi-public spot. Young Dmitri is forced to choke on Mo’s thick cock while Dave fucks him from behind, then the pathetic slave must eat Dave’s ass while all the while fearing someone will see him and recognize him.
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CMNM.net — After Andreas gets scooped up for shoplifting, he’s interrogated and strip-searched by store security. This 18 year old lad is not prepared to get his asshole violated over a £5 bottle of booze! He’s ready to squeal on his friend Damien in exchange for mercy. You can bet what happens to the cowardly informant!
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Helpless Boys — Cute young hiker Garter Michaels has gotten separated from his buddies and has no way to get home. Suddenly hunky Latino stud Brent arrives in his white van and agrees to give him a ride. A little later Garter reveals that he’s got no way to pay. Incensed, Brent offers him a choice; sexually submit or walk home. In a flash, poor naive Garter is bound with rope and has thick Latin cock stuffed in his mouth. Brent pounds his new boy toys tight ass savagely and then coats him with cum.
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The Casting Room — Hetero Justin doesn’t only get messy in his job as a mechanic, but he also likes it fucking filthy in the bedroom. This is the very first time this former rugby player has been naked on film. His total nudity and submission in displaying every part of his body is amplified by the knowledge of how submissive he likes to be to women. Justin won’t participate in any man on man action, but it’s so sexy knowing how much he likes having his arse played with and fucked with strap ons while watching his bare his arsehole for the camera.
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UK Hot Jocks — Dark and surly Teddy Torres sits and waits for a willing sub to enter the AGGRO pit. Blue jock and harness contrast hard against the almighty red glow of the lights, shimmering steel and chunky chains that dominate the mood. He’s hard and ready to fuck something! In walks cute-as-pie but downright filthy Koby Lewis. Don’t mistake his size and stature for weakness, Koby can take a serious rough-housing along with the biggest of muscle boys, in fact he fucking loves it.
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Strip Search Hell — The sadistic guard takes real delight in mocking this defenseless naked prisoner as he’s viciously jet washed. The mean criminal does his best to obediently comply but his cock, balls and arse are harshly hosed down. He clenches his fists as the onslaught of freezing cold water hits him – this is embarrassment and physical discipline which allows the guard to maintain his absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious muscular thugs just like this one.
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CFNMtv — The confused debt collector is completely out of his depth. He thought he could muscle his way into the offices and bully the women into handing over what they owe. But now he finds himself stark-bollock naked and being bossed around! He can’t work out just what happened but is starting to realise that these women are not to be messed with…
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CFNM — Liam has steadily been led through the humiliating stages of punishment for peeping on the girls. He’s stripped down, submitted to their groping hands and even debased himself by crawling naked over the floor to worship their shoes! But now that he’s been led this far he doesn’t see how he can refuse Ms Langdon’s order that he kneel naked on the desk so the girls can get a lesson in taking a man’s arse!
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Sneaky Peek — Here’s a stolen locker-room video of a doughy young lad with a shrimpy pecker getting changed after work. What he lacks in the manhood department, he overcompensates with a full swath of bushy pubes.
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