Weekly Roundup 5/19: Aaron Brutalizes his Ass Eating Slave

This Week’s Roundup features another stellar update from Brutal Tops — Master Aaron is going berserk with the tools of torture on his cowering slave — such brutish force! CMNM features more humiliating anal penetration and involuntary boners from Darren and Luke, and the Casting Room features a throwback stroke show from Ronni, a former Straight Hell model eager to get his wank on. The weekend is so close and you’ve earned you’re perverted satisfaction my salacious friends.

Brutal Tops — Sadistic Master Aaron is back in the Brutal Tops locker room, going one-on-one with grizzled slave Turd. This scene actually feels like a domination/Dave centric scene from BreederFuckers and Aaron performs very well: lots of hard gut punching — no faking; Aaron works the flogger with savage confidence, whipping Turd’s back and abdomen, and then he uses a cane to whip the soles of the agonized slave’s feet. That would be enough for most updates, but as I’ve said before, Brutal Tops is on a real roll right now. Aaron fills his ass with water and forces the slave to chug his enema juice, and then he beats Turd’s backside mercilessly with the cane when he makes a mess on the floor. Master Aaron is so fucking hot and savage — Another can’t miss Brutal Tops update!
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The Casting Room — The Casting Room is going back in time with Ronni, a buff straight lad from the Czech Republic who auditioned a few years back. You might remember him as Andre on Straight Hell. Ronni’s got a strong body and decent cock, and he’s not shy about getting hard and milking a juicy cumblast for the camera.
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CMNM.net — Darren and Luke are still a pair of hopeless drunk frat boys in the Falishatti Tattoo studio, and they are still getting groped, molested and humiliated at the hands of Aaron, Dave and Adrian. Apparently, getting tattooed requires a lot of anal penetration beforehand, and Darren is getting increasingly desperate while he lies naked on the table and Aaron and Adrian finger fuck his hole at the same time,
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CFNM — Ms. Corefuterex enters the classroom to discover Cassy and Barbara have tied foreign student Alex Dobrovolski to the wall! Just when the boy thinks his saviour has come she marches over with a pair of scissors to clip off his pristine white Y-fronts. This has turned into his worst nightmare!
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CFNMtv — Simon thought that by now he’d be shagging his latest conquest senseless. He never in his wildest dreams expected events to turn against him in such a dramatic fashion. What had started as a promise of a quickie in the ladies is now turning into the worse nightmare of Simon’s life.
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Sneaky Peek — Just an average Dad with an average cock, captured on camera in the locker room. Uncut, shaggy pubes and a hairy gut. Typical Dad-bod stuff.
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Strip Search Hell — It’s clear from the moment this gut-bucket is bundled into the cold tiled room for a hosing this man is used to the finer things in life. What will see now is probably the hardest work he has done in his life. The officers take particular pleasure in giving it to this one. Watch him being made to pull his big hairy cheeks apart so that the hose can clear out his tight over-privileged arsehole.
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