Weekly Roundup 5/27: Master Leonardo’s Rage Fueled Fuck!

In this week’s roundup, Master Leonardo struts his stuff, fucking his ugly troll sex slave like a beast and them pinning him down to fill his face with cum at Brutal Tops. Adrian and Dave work on loosening up anal virgin Carl’s asshole at CMNM and the bossy bitches at CFNMtv order schoolboy Raymond to suck a strapon cock!

Brutal Tops — Master Leonardo is in full force this week on Brutal Tops, expressing his raw rage and sexual aggression. He fucks his cowardly slave until he’s limp as a rag, then mounts his face and fucks his mouth until he spews his hatefuls and angry cum all over the naked fag slave.
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CMNM.net — Chav scum Carl is stuck in prison and he’s trying to play the bully to ensure his survival. Inside the prison walls, there’s no tougher hardass than the warden, and he’s going to see to it that Carl is cowed into homosexual subservience, and he penetrates the virgin’s asshole for the first time.
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CFNMtv — Raymond’s detention gets worse, as he has to suck off smug classmate Cassie’s strapon under the watchful eye of his stern teacher. This will teach him to call the girls in his class “sluts” and “whores!”
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CFNM — Rage filled Enrico is getting groped and molested by a trio of cackling harpies. The bodybuilder is at their mercy as they get him hard, wank him off and then smear his own thick jizz all over his face!
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Strip Search Hell — Sometimes prison warders feel like their doing young inmates a favour, giving them a sharp correction in order to keep them from going off the rails and falling into a criminal lifestyle. Either the prisoners can submit and benefit from the guards’ experience, or they can fight them and really feel the wrath!
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of Australian rugby league player Daniel Holdsworth jerking off!
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