Weekly Roundup 6/1: Sexy Damien Not Shamed By Groping Touch at CMNM

We finally made it to the weekend and let’s make this one count! This week’s roundup features a ton of hot, raunchy guys wanted to get fucked hard! CMNM features bad boy Damien getting hard during a strip search by a security guard, while bad boy Leo Rex shows off his throbbing cock in his UK Hot Jocks debut. And if you’re looking for rough and raunchy, check out Damien getting ambushed and fucked hard over at Helpless Boys. Keep it hard and lubed up slick this weekend my friends!

CMNM.net — Damien has been getting turned on watching classmate Andreas get punished and strip searched for shoplifting. Now the rent-a-cops are interested in Damien’s bulge and order him to get naked too. Damien doesn’t look sheepish at all when he’s getting stripped or when the head of security massages his cock until it’s stiff and glistening. Impressed with the lad, the older guard order him on the floor to do some boot licking.
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UK Hot Jocks — Fun loving, sweet and unbelievably charismatic, Leo is also unmistakably Essex! You have to be from the UK to know what that means. Leo lives in London is a trained and born performer doing the likes of aerial silks, pole dancing, acrobatics, burlesque as well as dancing and, well, porn! He’s toned, tatted, dark skin and comes with a sexual energy like no other, as soon as the camera starts rolling he can turn it ON! Off camera, he’s the bubbliest boy you’ve ever met.
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The Casting Room — Austin obviously knows he’s sexy as fuck but he’s sweet enough to feign being humble about it. Just imagine him walking into some of the sex parties he frequents and everyone crowding around to get a piece of him. Those big strong thighs are built up from doing countless squats and it’s made his sexy arsehole all the more tempting when he readily spreads those cheeks to give a totally clear view.
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Helpless Boys — Stranded young cutie Damien Nichols has run out of gas in the middle of nowhere and now has no way to get to his girlfriend. Damien quickly hops into Kenny’s white van and they drive off toward civilization. Unfortunately for poor broke Damien the ride isn’t free and it’s gonna cost him his sweet tight ass. He very reluctantly submits and is soon subjected to water-boarding, bondage, intense sexual humiliation, and savage sexual domination from his new black master Kenny.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Brothers Conor and Sam have to pay a painful price for neglecting their household duties. After a pipe breaks and causes a lot of damage, the bothers have earned a painful OTK spanking punishment. First Conor, then Sam gets bent over Mr. X’s knee for a firm swatting, and then their lined up against the wall for another round of ounishment with the leather belt. Ouch!
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Strip Search Hell — It’s clear from the moment this long haired stud is bundled into the cold tiled room that this man is used to the better things in life. The officers take particular pleasure in giving it to this one, watch him being made to pull his hairy arse cheeks apart so that the guards look up his arse and thoroughly check his dick and balls. His victims on the outside will be very happy if they get to see this video – justice is being served!
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CFNMtv — The tough men sent by the debt collection agency have proven themselves no match for the clever businesswoman Cheryl and her colleagues! They were meant to get payment but instead they’ve ended up naked and totally humiliated: their virgin anuses penetrated and their tender cocks teased. And it’s not over yet.
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CFNM — Any sense of pride Liam felt at the girls all desiring his naked body has totally been swept away with the humiliating way they’ve taken his ass! The stirring sensation he felt of his cock growing while they stimulated him has shaken him. He doesn’t know how he can walk down the school halls now with everyone pointing at him and saying that Liam likes to take it up the bum.
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Sneaky Peek — This good-looking young guy is a real treat for Sneaky Peek fans. Innocent and handsome, he has no idea a load of us creeps are perving on his illicitly obtained locker room video.
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