Weekly Roundup 6/8: Teen Lads in Hot Water at CMNM

God help us, we made it through another week, and it’s time to let our freaky fetish flag fly! CMNM goes back to the mall to catch up on the sexual humiliation of schoolboys Damien and Andreas, while the Casting Room features straight dude Leo getting warmed up to take his first cock. And if you are looking for rough trade, Jax gets picked up on a lonely road, only to be brutally face-fucked by a horny stranger at Helpless Boys. If times are hard, keep your cock harder!

CMNM.net — Gagged and pinned naked against the wall Andreas watches aghast as the boy he most admires is stripped and made to crawl on the floor buck naked worshipping the guards’ shoes like a mutt. He sees an opportunity to curry favour with popular handsome Damien and tries to come to his rescue, but the guards don’t take kindly to him interfering with their perverse punishments. Now he’s really in hot water!
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The Casting Room — Leo is used to only getting off while laying down so he has to splay his legs out rigidly while wanking. This will be convenient if he ever consents to making his first video getting fucked by a man. It’s easy to imagine this muscle boy being plowed hard and given the orgasm of his life.
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Helpless Boys — Gorgeous blonde out of towner Jax has gotten lost trying to grandma’s place. Fortunately local stocky southern stud Austin happens by in his white van and has pity for the exhausted boy traveler. When Jax reveals that he has no way to repay him for his kindness, Austin shows him one; sexual submission. The desperate blonde soon finds himself bound, gagging on cock and even getting his head dunked in a container of water! As Austin’s sexual domination continues Jax is manhandled and brutally ass-fucked in several humiliating positions then blasted with a huge facial cumshot.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Muscle man Marco is trying to relax in the bath and try to forget the humiliation of his previous punishment at the hands of Mr. X. But he’s not getting a moment of peace from his past or his humiliation, because here comes his roommate, tired of his selfishness. The bulky man is forced to bend over another man’s knee in the nude and take his spanking without complaint.
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Strip Search Hell — This intimidating beefy guy towers above the officer barking orders at him and ordering him about, but he doesn’t shrink from taking full control of him. The guard practically needs to snarl at him to gain respect from him. He could be a builder with his muscular body. But rather than be out making the most of his strong body, he’s in this shitty little prison exercising naked and pulling his arse cheeks apart before pervy old men.
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CFNMtv — Bound, gagged and stark naked, Luke lies on his back with his arse exposed and vulnerable. The two men have been out-played by the clever businesswomen and instead of getting the money they were after, they’ve been used and exploited. Now they are the ones paying a high price for their gullibility.
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CFNM — Ikraam always dreamed of being the sort of brother who can mentor his younger sibling and be a guiding influence so that Hasip will lead a wholesome life he can be proud of. What sort of inspiration can he provide now that his exposed arse is up in the air being plowed by this malicious beautiful model? And what can he do to stop his little brother from experiencing the same fate?!
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Sneaky Peek — Young builder with a bulging cock in the shower after work. Wouldn’t he be humiliated to find out that his naked pictures were being gawked at all over the internet.
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