Weekly Roundup 6/2: Tattooed Lad gets Wanked at CMNM

This week in the roundup there’s so much hot gay porn — Luke and Darren’s misadventure at CMNM hits its apex, while Lee and Aaron show no sigh of hitting bottom in their cruel and sadistic spree at Brutal Tops. An CFNMtv features longtime fan favourite Billy Ruebens getting manipulated and mistreated by a flinty bitch . So much cruelty and debauchery on display for you for the weekend. Keep it UP!

CMNM.net — Luke and Darren’s ordeal at Falashatti Ink hits its climax in this update. Luke lays on his back and lets Adrian probe his ass while Dave jerks his cock. Darren gets his hole fingered and his balls squeezed and twisted. In the end, they both end up with the worst jailhouse-style tattoos as an eternal reminder of their molesting at CMNM.net.
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Brutal Tops — Lee and Aaron are back and double teaming their dirty sex slave with the callous sadism of a pair of psychopath schoolboys. They force the hulking old man to squat on a massive dildo and fuck himself until he’s dropping from exhaustion. Like a rented mule, they whip him with leather belts to keep him moving until he collapses. Generously, they offer him some refreshment, but lee and Aaron being the fucking sick bastards they are, you can guess where they’re getting the liquid refreshment from.
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The Casting Room — The Casting Room features a throwback from the old Groping Hands site and an update featuring squat, muscular Adrian getting fingered and dildo fucked while he nervously bends over a table. The macho straight guy tries to be so stoic, but getting a thick dildo rammed up his hole makes him feel so queer!
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CFNMtv — Bobby and Toby never expected to become so intimately acquainted with each other’s private parts. Rose briefed them to do whatever the women demand but it doesn’t make it any easier to go through with it. Although the senior of the two, Bobby in particular is finding contact with male body parts difficult. He’s determined to meet Rose’s exacting standards however – no matter what the personal cost.
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CFNM — Billy Reubens thought that it would be amusing to keep the attractive woman around to give him massages and be at his beck and call. But the type of massage Laura has in mind is something altogether more humiliating. Having allowed her to get the upper hand the young lad is now totally at her mercy and can do nothing but beg her to stop. His pleas fall on deaf ears however as the scorned woman is determined to make him suffer.
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Sneaky Peek — This thick athletic black dude has no idea he’s being filmed while naked in the locker room, drying himself off. His thick, dark cock bounces up and down while he works the towel over his ebony skin. Could he ever suspect he was the lusty object of desire for thousands of internet perverts?
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Strip Search Hell — As a rule it is a good idea to have at least one whore on the wing. A boy who willingly takes cock from whoever wants to use him. There are few problems of bullying to deal with as the whore likes his place whether on his knees in the toilets or biting a pillow in a cell. Provided the whore doesn’t have obvious favourites and offers his arse to all on a fair basis then it can calm the lags.
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