Weekly Roundup 7/13: Masked Stranger Likes it Rough at Brutal Tops

Are you ready for same raunchy fun to make the weekend a messy cumfest? Get ready for some hard domination and submission from Brutal Tops, where Master Aaron and a masked stranger double team a pathetic cunt in a highly deviant toilet sex video, while Officer Steele forces a meek rentboy to choke on his cock at Busted Boys. And if you like’em dirty, Sneaky Peek has a very sexy video of a sexy, muddy football player stripping for the shower. Keep it lubed and stroke it strong my friends!

Brutal Tops — Master Aaron is having a great time humiliating this feeble cunt in a filthy public toilet, when a masked man interrupts and wants in on the action. The sniveling slave is forced to rim out the second stranger and bend over and take a hard cock up the ass while having his head dunked in the urinal.
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Busted Boys — Frightened young boy-toy Logan Reiss gets busted trying to sell his sweet white ass to undercover cops. He begs Officer Steele to show him some leniency and quickly discovers that there’s only one way to avoid the slammer; sexual submission. Seconds later the skinny little pale slut is gagging on the officers cock and getting savagely fucked like the man-whore he is. Once he’s done punishing his ass, Officer Steele blasts Logan with a big facial cumshot.
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The Casting Room — Gareth is a tough MMA fighter with an edge that gives him an air of danger and unpredictability. Will he lose his cool if someone stares at his tight asshole too long? Look at how aggressively this athlete pumps his cock! The grimace Gareth makes as he shoots a huge load is the same sort of angry look you could imagine he gives a dude as he wrestles him to the floor.
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UK Hot Jocks — Hulking Wade Steele and curious James Carter get mysterious messages to meet up at a ruined old factory. When they meet, it’s explosive — Wade drives his thick, throbbing cok into James’ willing hole. These burly fuckers love it hard, rough and sloppy!
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Straight Lads Spanked — Jason’s report card is so disgusting, his Dad has no choice but to put the teenager over his knee for a stinging spanking. The slim lad has just stepped out of the shower, so he’s in his underwear and completely embarrassed by the entire emasculating debacle.
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Strip Search Hell — This chap is no stranger to being inside. He’s a proper bad boy and well known to the police and Judges who luckily don’t take kindly to lads like him so he’s wound up in jail. The warders see how he tries to stare them out and play the hard case but he blows it all by hiding his cock behind his hands. Showing you are shy is the wrong way of going about the reception process. The warders keep him there longer than they should and is deeply embarrassed about what’s happening to him, although he tries hard to keep this hidden.
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CFNMtv — Hunky lifeguard Miguel bursts into the changing room in a foul mood. What he’s just seen by the side of the pool has infuriated him. Just because the men are naked does not make it acceptable to walk around waving their hardons about! When Sarah and Ashley return, receptionist Margaret offers a solution to the problem. One that will be acutely painful and embarrassing for poor Ashley.
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CFNM — Jack can’t help that every day in class his mind is preoccupied by thoughts about steamy dirty sex and naked people. In his imagination he’s always been the voyeur watching his teachers and female classmates naked and showing off. But suddenly he finds he’s the one starkers while these women all gawk at the boner he can’t hide!
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Sneaky Peek — This very muscular jock has just endured a grueling match and he walks into the locker room covered in mud and dirt. If you like your studs filthy, get a good look at this macho stud stripping naked and taking his mud-caked physique to the shower for a wash down.
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