Weekly Roundup 7/14: Fresh Lad Billy is Ready to Pump a Load of Cum for You

Welcome back to the Straight Hell Videos weekly roundup, where we give you a taste of the raunch and kink that’s getting us horny from the O&C Network. Leading the charge this week is Billy, and new face at the Casting Room, ready to get hard and show off his impressive ejaculation talents. Bad boy Kirk is continuing his relentless schedule, now showing up in the new CMNM prison series. The hard-bodied stud is groped by the guards in a humiliating fashion. And CFNM is revealing an alternate universe version of Daniel Johnson’s first Straight Hell appearance. The young husband is being given training to service his wife, courtesy of natty sadists Adrian and Dave. It’s the CMNM/CFNM crossover you always wanted!

The Casting Room — Billy is another small town guy who went crazy after he moved to London — sex and hookups 24/7, and he’s no stranger to shooting amateur porn either. He’s had a hankering to appear in raunchy fetish videos and he knows the Casting Room is the gateway to the raunchiest gay sex made for the internet. He’s already planning his BreederFuckers debut!
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CMNM.net — Biracial stud Kirk is under the close watch of the guards on the cellblock, who have taken note of his swagger on the street, but they are determined to make him their bitch once he’s in lockup. His long cock might be his pride and glory, but it’s that round muscular ass that will get him the most attention from the convicts and the screws on the inside.
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CFNMtv — It’s taken all Martin’s determination to remove his clothing and cycle naked through crowds of cheering spectators. The thought of seeing the object of his desires – Vivien Rebus – has kept him going despite his instinct to run away and hide. Now he’s run into his college friends and there’s no escape. The giggling girls have seen him and he has no choice but to stop and face them. It’s Martin’s worst nightmare come true.
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CFNM — Daniel thinks things can’t get any worse now that he’s been broken and made to serve his wife’s every request. Now when she spreads her legs he must crawl to her while stark naked and give her pleasure. He thinks this servile role is degrading enough, but to drive in the humiliation he’s now simultaneously being fucked from behind. He’s about to find out just how low he’s sunk…
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Sneaky Peek — Another strapping builder gets caught on the hidden locker room camera. Invade his privacy and ogle his beefy body and uncut cock like a digital peeping Tom!
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Strip Search Hell — Some men see kindness as a weakness. This was never more true than in prison where men have foolishly thought that law-abiding citizens are too dumb to do anything when they have a criminal in their midst. Harsh punishment is meted out for their naiveity. Yet the guards do have it in them to have a softer side when they see a young and vulnerable kid thrown in jail. More importantly they don’t necessarily want another case to add to the statistics of a badly run institution.
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Straight Lads Spanked — The new video from Straight Lads Spanked features chronic miscreant Chris getting a sizzling bare bum spanking from his landlord over non-payment of rent. These videos always feature such colourful dialogue to go along with the authoritative daddy spanking. Plus, they’re offering an amazing membership offer: $16.50 for a full month’s membership!
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